DataDriven Growth How to Grow Your Business with Data

Learn How to Adopt the Growth Mindset and Build a Successful Data-Driven Business
DataDriven Growth How to Grow Your Business with Data
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DataDriven Growth How to Grow Your Business with Data

What you’ll learn

How to adopt the data-driven growth mindset
Transform your company into a data-driven enterprise
Develop the growth mindset
Understand the 3 levels of data maturity
Diagnose the current state of affairs in your business
Uncover business value by using data
Start making data-driven decisions
Build a data-driven business
Ensure your business makes disciplined data-driven decisions
Leverage the power of A/B testing and experimentation
Acquire the necessary budget to hire talent and invest in data infrastructure
Get your business to data maturity level 3

DataDriven Growth How to Grow Your Business with Data


No prior experience is required


What is data-driven decision making?Why is it essential for your business?How to take actionable steps to apply the growth mindset framework?By the end of this course, you will be able to answer these questions and will have a clear idea of how to transform your company into a data-driven enterprise.About the authorsTina Huang is one of the most popular data YouTubers with more than 350k subscribers. She holds a Master’s degree (Computer and Information Technology) from the University of Pennsylvania and has worked as a data scientist at Meta.Davis Balaba, PhD is a data science manager with significant experience in one of the MANGA companies.Why is this course different?The authors are not consultants who want to sell abstract ideas. They are a pair of data science manager and data scientist who have actually implemented the strategies discussed in the course in their own work and seen the results. If you are a manager or a small business owner, you will know that strategy is crucial, but implementation is a whole other beast. Davis and Tina are here to help you develop the growth mindset and help you start making data-driven decisions.The growth mindset frameworkWhat is the growth mindset? Why was it such a revolution?The growth mindset manifests itself in a culture of discontent of the current state. The underlying assumption is that there is always more value to be uncovered and data is the path to unlock that value.What if our business does not have as much data as a large tech company?Growth is a mindset. Data fuels your growth thinkingYou don’t realize how much data you have until you start focusing on itThe course also provides actionable advice on how to get started on your data journey. You don’t have to have big data to be data-driven.Why is the growth mindset important?This course is an amazing collection of videos that teach you how to approach data science work with a growth mindset. This mindset can be the key lever to grow your business.The growth mindset is important for three reasons:Ensures that you always work on the most important problems firstHelps clarify what outcomes you can expectFocused on the desired end-result and encourages an execution mindsetHow will this course help you?You want to grow your company by trying to ensure it makes disciplined data-driven decisions.In the absence of prior data, the associated risk to a data science investment is assumed to be high. When the associated risk is high, decision makers’ desire to invest is lower.Where does that leave you as a data scientist, a data science team, or a data science leader that is trying to accelerate your company’s data journey?This course will show you how approaching your work with a growth mindset can help you reduce the associated risk to data investment.Davis and Tina propose low-cost ways to de-risk the decision for the budget owner. In the process, you will acquire the budget to get the talent, skills, and the tools you need to fully unlock the value hidden in your data.Does the content of this course apply to all industries and verticals?The answer is yes. In any vertical, in which you can have multiple challenges or multiple potential solutions (which is all businesses) coupled with limited resources, having a growth mindset will always help you prioritize better.How is the course structured?If this sounds a bit vague to you, no problem. Let’s be more concrete with full examples of what you can achieve at each stage of maturity.Assuming we can define three stages of data maturity (level 1, level 2, level 3), Tina and Davis will explain what the different stages look like (in case you are not sure which stage you are in) and discuss how to use the growth mindset in that stage and what you can accomplish using the data you have.Then the lessons will be hands-on and Davis would walk you through a full project, so you can see the exact steps in implementation. At the end of each section, Tina will discuss, what are the steps you need to undertake to get to the next stage of data maturity.Sounds like one of the most valuable online courses you have come across, doesn’t it?Well then what are you waiting for?Buy the course now and get started on your data-driven journey today!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to the course – meet your instructors

Section 2: The stages of data maturity

Lecture 2 The stages of data maturity and what you will see next

Lecture 3 How to go from no data to some data – Reach Level 1 (Optional)

Section 3: Data Maturity Level 1 – Project 1

Lecture 4 Data maturity Level 1

Lecture 5 Intro to Project 1

Lecture 6 Why do the analysis?

Lecture 7 Formulating an analysis plan

Lecture 8 The data we will use

Lecture 9 Exploring the data: large dataset

Lecture 10 Exploring the data: small dataset

Lecture 11 Customer journey

Lecture 12 Top of funnel opportunities

Lecture 13 Middle of funnel opportunities

Lecture 14 Bottom of funnel opportunities

Lecture 15 Test and learn

Lecture 16 Next steps

Lecture 17 How to get to data maturity Level 2

Lecture 18 How to ask for funding

Section 4: Data Maturity Level 2 – Project 2

Lecture 19 Data Maturity Level 2

Lecture 20 Intro to Project 2

Lecture 21 The Crawl stage

Lecture 22 The Walk stage

Lecture 23 The Run stage

Lecture 24 A/B testing and A/B test mechanics

Lecture 25 Statistical significance and potential outcomes

Lecture 26 The impact of sample size

Lecture 27 Test power vs. lift

Lecture 28 How to get to Data Maturity Level 3

Lecture 29 How to ask for funding

Section 5: Data Maturity Level 3

Lecture 30 Data Maturity Level 3

Section 6: Project 3

Lecture 31 Intro to Project 3

Lecture 32 Exploring the dataset

Lecture 33 Analyzing purchase rate across groups

Lecture 34 Understand the business problem and specify your objectives

Lecture 35 Explore data. Create, train, and test dataset

Lecture 36 Perform the analysis

Section 7: Beyond Data Maturity Level 3

Lecture 37 What to do to improve even further

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