DaVinci Resolve Color Grading Masterclass Video Editing

Color Grading in DaVinci Resolve | Make Your Videos Stunning with DaVinci Resolve Color Grading & Color Correction
DaVinci Resolve Color Grading Masterclass Video Editing
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DaVinci Resolve Color Grading Masterclass Video Editing

What you’ll learn

Learn the entire color correction & grading process from beginning to end
Learn how to make your videos look stunning with better color grading techniques
Be confident using DaVinci Resolve to color correct & grade video footage from any camera to look amazing
Learn the basics: organizing footage, making color correction fixes, matching shots
Learn advanced skills: using nodes, color masks, keying, tracking, skin tone adjustments, and more
Learn how to apply LUTs
Learn how to properly delivery final video files

DaVinci Resolve Color Grading Masterclass Video Editing


You should have DaVinci Resolve installed on your computer to follow along, and practice using the available video files we share in the course
DaVinci Resolve is free, and we’ll should you which version to use
You do NOT need color grading experience
You do NOT need to know how to edit with DaVinci Resolve, but any experience will be helpful
Basic understanding of video file types, formats, and video editing principles will help


Do you want to make your videos stand out with professional color correction & grading?The way you color can dramatically change the way viewers see your videos – giving more & different emotions, adding style, and ultimately making your videos more enjoyable to watch.DaVinci Resolve is one of the most powerful applications to color grade & correct video, and it’s absolutely free!And this is the perfect course for you to learn how to professionally color your own videos!You’ll learn the color correction & grading process including:Downloading & installing DaVinci Resolve for freeOrganizing your footageMaking basic color correction fixesMatching shots so your entire video has the same styleUsing color correction creativelyApplying LUTs to your footageDelivering your final projectsAnd so much moreWhile this course is great for beginners, it covers all the important advanced skills too – like:Using nodesColor masksKeyingTracking color to moving peopleCreating shallow depth of fieldSkin tone adjustmentsand more!Who is this DaVinci Resolve Coloring course for?Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, a YouTuber, a video editor looking to expand your skills, or want to break into the film industry – this course was made for complete beginners. It’s also perfect if you’re coming from another editing app like Premiere Pro or Final Cut. We’ll cover the basics of DaVinci Resolve if you’re brand new. And if you’re already a DaVinci editor, you can jump into the more advanced lessons.Color grading & color correction is great for anyone who makes videos. If you’re putting it on YouTube, on an Instagram Reel, or on the big screen, it’s important to make your videos look amazing. No matter where you plan to distribute your videos, if you want them to look better and have more impact with your audience, this is a really great skill to have.Get instant access to: Easy-to-watch video lessonsDownloadable practice filesPremium support if you ever get stuckLifetime access to the course & any updatesWho is your instructor?This course is a partnership between Phil Ebiner of Video School, who has created some of the top video & design courses on Udemy taken by millions of happy students, and Viola Kanka Malaspina. Viola is a professional filmmaker, color artist with an expertise in DaVinci Resolve. We’re so excited that you’re interested in this color grading & correction course. We can’t wait to help you make better videos!If you want to learn professional color in DaVinci Resolve – we truly believe this is the right course for you!See you in lesson 1.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to the DaVinci Resolve Color Grading & Correction Class

Lecture 2 Download Your Project Files

Lecture 3 What will the course structure be like?

Lecture 4 How to Download DaVinci Resolve

Lecture 5 Ready to Start!

Section 2: Understanding the DaVinci Resolve Interface

Lecture 6 Understanding the Interface

Lecture 7 DaVinci Interface: The Color Page

Lecture 8 Creating Your first Project

Lecture 9 How to set Project Backups

Lecture 10 How to Start With Your First Project!

Section 3: Starting With Your First Project!

Lecture 11 How to organize your clips

Lecture 12 How To Autodetect Cuts

Lecture 13 Conforming with an XML

Lecture 14 Final Project! Import the files with the XML file and organize the clips

Section 4: The Scopes

Lecture 15 Understanding Highlights, Midtones and Shadows

Lecture 16 Types of Scopes: The Waveform

Lecture 17 Types of Scopes: The Histogram

Lecture 18 Types of Scopes: The Vectorscope

Lecture 19 Types of Scopes: The Parade

Section 5: Balancing

Lecture 20 Understanding The Color Grading Workflow

Lecture 21 How To Start Balancing?

Lecture 22 How To Set Up For Normalizing

Lecture 23 Balancing With Technical LUTs

Lecture 24 Setting Up: Balancing With Scopes

Lecture 25 Balancing With Color Wheels

Lecture 26 Balancing With Curves

Lecture 27 Balancing With Curves And Considering The Context

Lecture 28 Balancing Log: Using Color Profile

Lecture 29 Using a Color Chart

Lecture 30 White Balancing: Automatic and Manual

Lecture 31 Normalizing and Balancing: Putting All Together

Lecture 32 Start with The Final Project! Part 1: Balancing

Lecture 33 Final Project! Balancing Second Part

Lecture 34 How to start with Color Continuity

Section 6: Color Continuity

Lecture 35 Understanding the Nodes: Serial Nodes

Lecture 36 Parallel Nodes, Layer Nodes and Group Nodes

Lecture 37 Color Matching: First Steps

Lecture 38 Color Matching With Stills

Lecture 39 Manual Color Matching

Lecture 40 Final Project! Part 2: Matching

Lecture 41 Final Project: Matching Second Part

Lecture 42 How to Start with Secondary Color Correction?

Section 7: Secondary Color Correction

Lecture 43 Secondary Color Correction: The Curves

Lecture 44 Secondary Color Correction: Qualifier

Lecture 45 How To Use The Color Warper

Lecture 46 The Power Window

Lecture 47 How To Create A Mask

Lecture 48 Advanced Tracking

Lecture 49 Advanced Feature: Magic Mask

Lecture 50 How To Start With Advanced Techniques?

Section 8: Creative Color Correction

Lecture 51 Understanding the Keyframe Editor

Lecture 52 How to Use Local Versions

Lecture 53 Skin Tone: Face Refinement Tool

Lecture 54 Skin Tone: Manual Adjustment

Lecture 55 Creating a Shallow Depth of Field

Lecture 56 Advance Technique: Noise Reduction

Lecture 57 How to Use Creative LUTs and Shared Nodes

Lecture 58 Advanced Technique: Patch Replacement Tool

Lecture 59 How To Start With Creating Look?

Section 9: Creating Looks

Lecture 60 Glow Effect & Black and White

Lecture 61 Bleach Bypass

Lecture 62 Day For Night

Lecture 63 Orange And Teal

Lecture 64 Final Project Part 3: Creative Grading

Lecture 65 Final Project: Creative Grading Second Part

Lecture 66 How to Export Your Project

Section 10: Export Your Project

Lecture 67 Checking Your Project: The Lightbox

Lecture 68 Export Your Project: Export Settings

Lecture 69 Congratulations!

Video editors,Filmmakers,YouTubers,Any video content creator

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 43m | 7.22 GB
Created by: Phil Ebiner

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