Decision Making with Problem Solving Critical Thinking

Leveraging the Power of Critical and Strategic Thinking for Better Problem Solving and Effective Decision Making
Decision Making with Problem Solving Critical Thinking
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Diogo Alves de Resende


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Decision Making with Problem Solving Critical Thinking

What you’ll learn

Analyze complex problems to develop effective problem-solving skills.
Apply analytical thinking to develop strategic planning processes.
Assess the impact of cognitive biases on decision making.
Develop critical thinking skills to identify potential issues and implement solutions.
Formulate strategies for approaching complex problems and making decisions.
Identify and utilize analytical tools to enhance problem-solving skills.
Implement effective problem-solving skills in real-world scenarios.
Improve decision-making skills through critical thinking exercises.
Synthesize critical thinking, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills for enhanced decision-making.
Develop a framework for making strategic decisions based on analytical thinking and problem-solving techniques.

Decision Making with Problem Solving Critical Thinking




Welcome to “Decision Making with Problem Solving & Critical Thinking,” an immersive course designed to arm you with the techniques, principles, and tools to make sound decisions and solve complex problems in both professional and personal settings.Dive Deep into the Art & Science of Decision MakingOur journey begins with a captivating real-world story in “Overcoming Luck: The Baltimore Stockbroker,” setting the stage for our deep dive into the art and science of decision-making. From understanding cognitive processes to examining our inherent biases, we’ll unravel the secrets behind how we make decisions, and more importantly, how we can make them better.Unlock Key Techniques for Decision MakingIn this course, you will learn how to:Understand and avoid common decision-making pitfalls like narrow framing and uncertainty aversion.Apply key techniques like the ROI approach, Expected Value, and the use of a Decision Making Matrix in real-world scenarios.Recognize and overcome cognitive biases like confirmation bias and anchoring bias.Effectively utilize Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics in your decision-making process.Learn by Doing with Real-World ScenariosPractical exercises, such as deciding on an investment in a new Amazon warehouse, will complement the theoretical learning, allowing you to put these techniques to the test. You’ll get the chance to grapple with real-world scenarios that bring these concepts to life, allowing you to master them effectively.Overcome Cognitive BiasesThis course is structured in five comprehensive sections, each diving into crucial aspects of decision-making and problem-solving. You’ll journey from understanding the core of how we make decisions, through exploring key techniques, and uncovering our cognitive biases, finally landing on actionable strategies for becoming a better decision-maker.Your Personal Guide: Combining Academic Knowledge with Industry ExperienceYour guide on this journey is an experienced instructor with a rich background in decision sciences, bringing not just academic knowledge, but also industry experience to the table. I’ll weave in examples from my own experiences, helping you see these principles in action.Join the Journey to Master Decision MakingJoin me on this journey to master decision-making and problem-solving and unlock a vital skill set that’s indispensable in today’s complex world. By the end of this course, you’ll be well-equipped with a range of techniques and tools, ready to make sound decisions and solve problems efficiently and effectively. Let’s start this journey together. Enroll today!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Materials

Lecture 3 Overcoming luck: the Baltimore Stockbroker

Section 2: How to we make decisions?

Lecture 4 Game Plan for Decision Making

Lecture 5 Narrow Framing Effect

Lecture 6 Loss Aversion

Lecture 7 Uncertainty Aversion

Lecture 8 System 1 and 2

Lecture 9 The Halo Effect

Lecture 10 Utility

Lecture 11 CASE STUDY: How Netflix Reinvented HR

Lecture 12 Your feedback is valuable

Section 3: Key techniques for Decision Making and Problem Solving

Lecture 13 Game Plan for Decision Making Techniques

Lecture 14 Return on Investment (ROI)

Lecture 15 EXERCISE: Coffee Shop

Lecture 16 Expected Value

Lecture 17 EXERCISE: Candy Store

Lecture 18 Compounding

Lecture 19 EXERCISE: Savings Plan

Lecture 20 Net Present Value

Lecture 21 Excel – Should Amazon Build a Warehouse in Antarctica?

Lecture 22 The Limitations of NPV and how to Improve Investment Decisions

Lecture 23 Decision Making Matrix

Lecture 24 EXERCISE: Picking My Next Online Course

Lecture 25 CASE STUDY: Utility, Not Dollars

Lecture 26 CASE STUDY: Machine Learning Knows Your Family Better Than You

Lecture 27 Gambler’s falacy and Regression to the Mean: The Triumph of Mediocrity

Section 4: Cognitive Biases

Lecture 28 Game Plan for Cognitive Biases

Lecture 29 Confirmation Bias: Reading The Newspaper

Lecture 30 Anchoring Bias: Getting More From Negotiations

Lecture 31 Linear Bias: We will be obese. Wait, what?

Lecture 32 Survivorship Bias: Mutual Funds Assessment

Lecture 33 Selection Bias: Ivy League Students

Lecture 34 Mutual Causality Bias: Police and Crime Rate Case Study

Section 5: How to Become a Better Decision-Maker

Lecture 35 Game Plan to Become a Better Decision-Maker

Lecture 36 Don’t Judge a Decision By Its Outcome: Hindsight Bias

Lecture 37 Keep It Simple, Sherlock: Zeno’s Paradox

Lecture 38 Wall-E Is Your Friend: Decision Making in the Age of AI

Lecture 39 Go For Colors: Avoid Group Thinking

Section 6: Bonus Section

Lecture 40 Bonus Lecture

Business professionals who want to enhance their problem-solving and decision-making skills to improve their performance in their current roles.,Entrepreneurs who want to develop strategies for identifying and solving problems in their businesses.,Project managers who want to develop strategic thinking skills to improve project outcomes.,Leaders who want to learn how to make strategic decisions to drive organizational growth and impact.,Consultants who want to develop problem-solving and decision-making skills to better serve their clients.

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Created by: Diogo Alves de Resende

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