Dependency Injection in NET 5 NET Core

Learn the basic foundation of Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core / .NET 5 web applications.
Dependency Injection in NET 5 NET Core
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Dependency Injection in NET 5 NET Core

What you’ll learn

Dependency Injection in .NET 5 (.NET Core)
Need for Dependency Injection
Service Lifetime for Dependency Injection
Injecting services in Middleware
Injecting services in Views
Injecting services in Controller/Actions
Different ways to register services
Registering interface multiple times
Adding, removing and replacing service registration
Register multiple implementations
Framework services like ILogger
Custom repository pattern

Dependency Injection in NET 5 NET Core


Fundamentals of ASP NET Core MVC
Basics of SQL Server
Basic HTML/CSS knowledge


Dependency Injection is one of those terms that are used very often and are not understood most of the time.This course will teach you everything you need to know about using dependency injection in ASP.NET Core. The skills you will learn will help you to build and architect complex ASP.NET Core applications that make full use of dependency injection. We will start with the basics of Dependency Injection and then we would dive into advanced concepts.In old times we had to use third-party libraries for dependency injection but with .NET Core / .NET 5, dependency injection has been an integrated part of the .NET and it has great capabilities!We will learn about all the topics that are needed to master Dependency Injection. By the end of the course, you will be fluent with all questions when it comes to dependency injection.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to course

Lecture 2 Topics covered

Lecture 3 Project Resources (Github)

Lecture 4 Dependency Injection Intro 1

Lecture 5 Dependency Injection Intro 2

Lecture 6 Tools Needed

Lecture 7 Create Project

Section 2: Registering First Service

Lecture 8 Setting up Non DI Scenario Part 1

Lecture 9 Setting up Non DI Scenario Part 2

Lecture 10 Issues without Dependency Injection

Lecture 11 Extract to Interface

Lecture 12 Constructor Dependency Injection

Lecture 13 Registering Service in Container

Lecture 14 Framework Services

Section 3: Framework Services & Lifetime

Lecture 15 AppSettings Setup

Lecture 16 Configure AppSettings Keys to Container

Lecture 17 IOptions Injection

Lecture 18 Clean Up Startup Class file

Lecture 19 Service Lifetimes

Lecture 20 Create Lifetime Classes

Lecture 21 Custom Middleware

Lecture 22 Lifetime Controller

Lecture 23 Service Lifetime Demo

Lecture 24 Reviews

Section 4: Service Injections

Lecture 25 Constructor and Action Injection

Lecture 26 View Injection

Lecture 27 Middleware Injection

Lecture 28 Different ways to register service

Section 5: Advance Concepts

Lecture 29 Advantages of Try Add

Lecture 30 Register service multiple times

Lecture 31 Replace or Remove Registrations

Lecture 32 Project Setup Part 1

Lecture 33 Project Setup Part 2

Lecture 34 Validation Checker Service

Lecture 35 Credit Validator Interface to use multiple services

Lecture 36 Credit Validator Implementation

Lecture 37 Demo – Multiple Service Implementations

Lecture 38 DbContext Dependency

Lecture 39 Improving multiple implementations

Lecture 40 Conditional Implementation

Lecture 41 Demo – Conditional Implementation

Lecture 42 ILogger

Lecture 43 Code Cleanup

Lecture 44 Bonus – Implement Repository Pattern

Lecture 45 Bonus – Repository Demo

Lecture 46 Service Dependencies

Lecture 47 Bonus Content

C# Developers,Anyone interested in learning Dependency Injection in .NET Core / .NET 5

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 57m | 1.98 GB
Created by: Bhrugen Patel

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