Design Mobile Apps in Adobe XD Android iOS UIUX

The Complete Course to Designing Apps in Adobe XD! Create interactive prototypes WITHOUT any coding!
Design Mobile Apps in Adobe XD Android iOS UIUX
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Cristian Doru Barin


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Design Mobile Apps in Adobe XD Android iOS UIUX

What you’ll learn

Create beautiful apps in Adobe XD
Create interactive prototypes that make the app look like it’s coded
Design according to the Material Design principles
Increase your speed through tips, tricks, and special techniques

Design Mobile Apps in Adobe XD Android iOS UIUX


Minimal Adobe XD knowledge – know the hotkeys, tools, and you’ve used it at least 14 days combined in the last 6 months
Patience & commitment – the journey will be difficult at times!


Learn to design outstanding mobile apps! Impressive prototypes that look like the real deal but without any coding. This course is a masterclass – a comprehensive approach to mobile app designing. I’ll teach you everything you need to know, from A to Z. We’ll use Adobe XD. I’ve taught over 250.000 students on Udemy and I’m a best-selling instructor!You’ll learn about Material Design, the principles of color, spacing, and typography, tips and tricks, how to get design resources, and much much more. Get a life skill that’s high in demand in today’s job market, all for the price of a fancy coffee. Create beautiful apps, interactive prototypes, and supercharge your career.You’ll learn to:Design beautiful mobile apps;Create interactive prototypes without any previous knowledge;Use Adobe XD for mobile app design;The principles of Material Design;Learn Adobe XD from scratch;Prepare all the files for developers through a special program called Zeplin;How to size elements correctly on ALL phone types and sizes;Typography best practices;Where to get design resources like icons, custom graphics, photos, and more;FAQ:Will I learn how to code them? Kotlin, Java, Swift, Android Studio, Xcode?No, that’s not covered. However, I do teach you how to talk to developers and prepare everything. You won’t have to slice or manually export your assets. I’ll show you all my secrets as the CEO of my own Mobile App Design company.What will we design?We have a few projects, but there’s a flagship app that’s as real as they get. Over 70 screens in the final prototype – beautiful, sleek, interactive, modern. All the cutting edge techniques and best practices are used.Final, personal note: I can honestly say there isn’t anything like this anywhere out on the market. Believe me, I’ve looked long and hard. The course is PACKED full of knowledge I would have loved to have at the beginning of my career as a mobile app designer. I believe it’s going to help a lot of people get a fantastic life skill. By far, this is the best course I’ve ever created. I hope you’ll feel the same way.


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Design your first app screen

Lecture 2 The most important thing about designing apps

Lecture 3 Join Our Community

Lecture 4 Adobe XD vs Sketch vs Photoshop vs Figma

Lecture 5 My honest opinion about animations and no-code

Lecture 6 Let’s improve our speed

Lecture 7 Here’s how apps work and what you need to provide

Lecture 8 Don’t design any mobile app without this!

Lecture 9 Fix this app design

Lecture 10 How much $ should you charge?

Lecture 11 Don’t design in a bubble – use your phone!

Lecture 12 Android vs iOS – should you care?

Section 2: Learn about Material Design 2 & 3 from Google

Lecture 13 This is Material Design

Lecture 14 Android interface components overview

Lecture 15 Here’s the best artboard size for your apps

Lecture 16 Size in pixels: here’s why people argue

Lecture 17 Learn to design the action bar (top bar)

Lecture 18 Everything you need to know about tabs

Lecture 19 Displaying content in cards

Lecture 20 Beautiful and effective buttons on Android

Lecture 21 Work with text like a pro

Lecture 22 FREE size guide for Android components

Section 3: Introduction to Adobe XD

Lecture 23 Introduction to Adobe XD

Lecture 24 Learning XD and setting your expectations

Lecture 25 An overview of XD’s interface

Lecture 26 Getting around in Adobe XD

Lecture 27 Selecting layers in XD

Lecture 28 Shape fundamentals in Adobe XD

Lecture 29 Editing shapes in Adobe XD

Lecture 30 Text fundamentals in XD

Lecture 31 Grid and smart guides

Lecture 32 Pen tool

Lecture 33 Working with photos and masks

Section 4: Supercharge your work in Adobe XD

Lecture 34 Create real-life mockups in just a few clicks

Lecture 35 Lightning speed with the Assets panel

Lecture 36 Linked symbols

Lecture 37 Preview and device preview

Lecture 38 Prototyping overview and sharing your design

Lecture 39 Create interactive prototypes

Lecture 40 Prototyping tips and tricks

Lecture 41 Make your app prototype seem real

Lecture 42 The incredible auto-animate and drag

Lecture 43 The Libraries panel

Section 5: From brief and wireframe to a complete app design – Part 1

Lecture 44 Introduction to this section

Lecture 45 Download all the resources here

Lecture 46 Understanding the brief and the client’s wishes

Lecture 47 Analyze the app’s competitors – Part 1

Lecture 48 Analyze the app’s competitors – Part 2

Lecture 49 Set the layout for the first two screens

Lecture 50 Design the most important screen in the app

Lecture 51 The restaurant details – dishes

Lecture 52 How to make great design choices

Lecture 53 Create different versions for the first screen

Lecture 54 Explore different ideas for the restaurant’s page

Lecture 55 Set up the status bar and the action bar

Lecture 56 Quickly create another version – the easy way

Lecture 57 More variations for the card

Lecture 58 Explore one final layout

Lecture 59 Creatie variations for the action bar

Lecture 60 Design concepts for the restaurant details (3) screen

Lecture 61 Variation for the restaurant details

Lecture 62 Choosing the best typeface

Lecture 63 Define and refine our app’s style

Lecture 64 Practice your speed

Lecture 65 Finish the first screen

Lecture 66 A new style of button to have a great flow

Lecture 67 Section overview

Section 6: Learn design principles for mobile apps

Lecture 68 Section introduction

Lecture 69 What do you want to be? A designer or a problem-solver?

Lecture 70 Discover the one thing that ruins all your designs

Lecture 71 UI Icons in apps that help the user!

Lecture 72 Create a dashboard panel

Lecture 73 Beautiful Icons: Case studies

Lecture 74 A guide for app design inspiration

Lecture 75 Target audience and the app’s story

Lecture 76 Create a mood board

Lecture 77 Discover what makes an app beautiful

Section 7: This is how you choose colors for beautiful mobile apps

Lecture 78 Discover the principles of color use

Lecture 79 How to use color appropriately

Lecture 80 The principle of color contrast

Lecture 81 The best color schemes from top apps

Lecture 82 Tools for awesome color schemes

Lecture 83 How to implement a color scheme

Section 8: Use THESE fonts for a great looking app

Lecture 84 Android typography fundamentals

Lecture 85 7 rules for easy-to-read text

Lecture 86 Typography: what the biggest apps are doing

Lecture 87 How to make lots of text look great

Lecture 88 How to pair fonts correctly

Section 9: Discover iOS best practices that produce solid results!

Lecture 89 iOS apps – Overview

Lecture 90 1x, 2x, 3x, PPI, notch?! iOS artboard size guide

Lecture 91 App design comparison: iOS vs Android

Lecture 92 Official UI Kit – good or bad?

Lecture 93 iOS status bar (with/wo Notch)

Lecture 94 iOS Navigation bar

Lecture 95 iOS Tab bar

Lecture 96 iOS Text Fields

Lecture 97 iOS Controls

Lecture 98 Running Android apps on Mac OS

Lecture 99 The official iOS typeface – should you use it?

Lecture 100 iOS conclusions

Section 10: Complete app project – Part 2

Lecture 101 Download all the resources

Lecture 102 Section introduction

Lecture 103 Create the registration form

Lecture 104 How to create beautiful text fields

Lecture 105 Create a variation for the register form

Lecture 106 Design a beautiful left menu

Lecture 107 How to use component toggles in Adobe XD

Lecture 108 Create interactive filters

Lecture 109 Design 3 screens fast and easy

Lecture 110 Make a gorgeous credit card design from scratch

Lecture 111 This is the screen where sales are not (unexpected)

Lecture 112 How to style content based on importance

Lecture 113 Create a checkout screen that sells

Lecture 114 Add details that add loads of value

Lecture 115 Create the contact us page and finish things up

Lecture 116 An overview of our progress

Section 11: How to Work with Mobile App Developers

Lecture 117 Introduction to Zeplin

Lecture 118 What the coder gets out of Zeplin

Lecture 119 From Photoshop to Zeplin to Android Developers

Lecture 120 Anything is possible in Android! Make clients & coders love you

Lecture 121 Design specs through XD

Lecture 122 Exporting from XD

Lecture 123 The best way to work with coders in Zeplin

Section 12: Designing & Prototyping in Adobe XD

Lecture 124 Introduction

Lecture 125 Import and fix the PSD in Adobe XD

Lecture 126 Setting up the prototype

Lecture 127 Prototyping the login and register screens

Lecture 128 Dealing with the City dropdown

Lecture 129 Creating the map interaction

Lecture 130 Finishing the initial screen interactions

Lecture 131 Analyzing our progress

Lecture 132 Recover password and create an account

Lecture 133 Recreate the restaurant listing in Adobe XD

Lecture 134 Creating a search bar

Section 13: Advanced Techniques in Adobe XD

Lecture 135 Connecting the left menu

Lecture 136 Connecting the filters

Lecture 137 Creating an animated tab system for the dish listing

Lecture 138 Creating the app’s routes – difficult!

Lecture 139 Continuing route 1: user registers at the beginning

Lecture 140 Route 2: user registers during checkout

Lecture 141 Route 3: user already has an account

Lecture 142 Restaurant information and reviews

Lecture 143 Fine-tuning and project analysis

Lecture 144 Preparing to export to Zeplin

Lecture 145 Export to Zeplin

Section 14: Final Thoughts from Chris

Lecture 146 Do this before you start freelancing

Lecture 147 Final Thoughts & What’s Next

Anybody that wants a dependable life skill that can bring a solid income,Designers who want to know more about Material Design, creating apps, and interactive prototypes,Anyone who wants to launch their own mobile apps,Developers who want to expand their skill set,Photoshop users that are looking for an alternative tool – Adobe XD

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 13h 21m | 11.85 GB
Created by: Cristian Doru Barin

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