Design Printable Greeting Cards With Canva for Etsy

Create User-Friendly Printable Cards and Grow an Online Design Business
Design Printable Greeting Cards With Canva for Etsy
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Design Printable Greeting Cards With Canva for Etsy

What you’ll learn

Understand more about the greeting card industry
Identify card niches and design styles
Design a printable card in Canva
Learn tips for listing this type of product on Etsy

Design Printable Greeting Cards With Canva for Etsy


No prior experience needed, just a free Canva account (and an Etsy store if you plan to sell your designs).


Greeting cards are big business, and there is a huge shift in consumer behaviour towards printable greeting cards for special occasions. Let’s hop into this niche and learn how to strategize, design, and sell printable greeting cards on Etsy using Canva as our design tool.This class is great for both artists and non-artists alike. You can create greeting cards with your own illustrations, or use licensed artwork from Canva’s library (or other options I’ll cover in the class).In this class, we will cover:an overview of the greeting card marketstyles and occasions of card you can createhow to set up your file in Canvahow to design the exterior of the cardhow to create an optional card interiortips for listing printable cards on Etsyadvice on how to grow your business beyond Etsy printablesThis class will help if you’ve never had an Etsy store before, or if you’re looking to add greeting cards to your existing collection.I have other more general courses on building your Etsy digital product store if you need more in-depth guidance on setting up your shop, creating attractive listings, picking keywords, etc.!By the end of this course, you should have a Canva file that you can duplicate and customize to create a large range of printable cards that are easy for your customers to print and love!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: The World of Greeting Cards

Lecture 2 Market Overview

Lecture 3 Styles and Occasions

Section 3: Designing Your Printable Card

Lecture 4 Setting up your basic file

Lecture 5 Designing your card exterior

Lecture 6 Designing an optional interior

Section 4: The Business of Selling Printable Cards

Lecture 7 Listing Tips for Etsy

Lecture 8 Growing Your Business Further

Digital product designers who want to create a new product for Etsy or a similar platform

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Created by: Rebecca Wilson

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