Design Sprint Create a Great Product Prototype in 5 days

Learn how to successfully execute a Google framework with Big tech’s Senior Product Manager!
Design Sprint Create a Great Product Prototype in 5 days
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Dr Bart Jaworski


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Design Sprint Create a Great Product Prototype in 5 days

What you’ll learn

What a Design Sprint is
How to prepare for it
How to correctly run it
Who should participate
What are the pros and cons of this framework
What each of the Design Sprint days will bring
How to do to get the best out of each of those days
How to spark creativity with your participants
What is a HEART (H.E.A.R.T.) framework
…and many more!

Design Sprint Create a Great Product Prototype in 5 days


Passion for creating IT products


Hi, I’m Dr Bart, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, working in the Skype team and I’d like to be your Design Sprint/Product Management teacher! Every great product starts with an idea. However, you don’t know whether you found something that will ultimately be successful. How to make sure you can quickly validate any Product pitch?Enter, Google designed framework: Design Sprint! This is a methodology that will help you in deciding, building, and testing a Product Prototype in just 5 days! This will work for any new Product, feature, or simply Product increment. Using this framework you will be able to get something tangible and testable in a very short amount of time.With this, you will be able to save time and resources by not pursuing bad ideas or quickly obtaining data that you are on the right track to developing something great! You will be able to make a very educated call with the full support of all key stakeholders, that you will hopefully invite to this very special sprint. With this course you will learn:What a Design Sprint isHow to prepare for itHow to correctly run itWho should participateWhat are the pros and cons of this frameworkWhat each of the Design Sprint days will bringHow to do to get the best out of each of those daysHow to spark creativity in the participantsWhat is a HEART (H.E.A.R.T.) framework…and many more!With this course, you will easily be able to run a very successful, dynamic, and engaging design sprint! Looking forward to seeing you in class 🙂


Section 1: Core of the course

Lecture 1 What is a Design Sprint?

Lecture 2 Course notes

Lecture 3 When should you run a Design Sprint?

Lecture 4 The roles in a Design Sprint

Lecture 5 The pros and cons of a Design Sprint

Lecture 6 Design Sprint: Product Manager’s perspective

Lecture 7 Prepare for the Design Sprint

Lecture 8 Day 1: Understand

Lecture 9 The H.E.A.R.T framework

Lecture 10 Day 2: Ideate

Lecture 11 A great brainstorming warm-up exercise!

Lecture 12 Day 3: Decide

Lecture 13 Day 4: Prototype

Lecture 14 Day 5: Test

Lecture 15 The decision!

Lecture 16 Project proposals: Run your own Design Sprint!

Lecture 17 How to get in touch – Discord sever and my LinkedIn profile

Lecture 18 Summary

Section 2: Additional Learnings

Lecture 19 What are these additional classes?

Lecture 20 SWOT

Lecture 21 What is an MVP?

Lecture 22 MVP types

Lecture 23 Product task document / PRD

Product Managers,UX designers,Design Managers,Scrum Masters,UX managers,Start-up owners,Professionals tasked with creating a quick Product prototype

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Udemy | English | 1h 25m | 2.74 GB
Created by: Dr Bart Jaworski

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