Design stunning Social Media Marketing Images with Photoshop

Learn how to design + 17 stunning social media images with Photoshop CC for your Social Networks. For Beginners.
Design stunning Social Media Marketing Images with Photoshop
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Design stunning Social Media Marketing Images with Photoshop

What you’ll learn

Design stunning social media images with Adobe Photoshop, achieving attractive designs and with visual impact to share on your social networks.
Easely create well balanced designs with the correct combination of text, images, shapes and colors, making the design to stand out over poorly made designs.
Dominate the basics of Photoshop and design concepts, making this course the perfect starting point to learn digital design with Photoshop.

Design stunning Social Media Marketing Images with Photoshop


You should have installed Adobe Photoshop CC o CS6 on your PC or Mac


This online course will teach you how to use Adobe Photoshop CC to DESIGN SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING projects for your business or brand.Do you want to create your own graphics for social media or the internet, but don’t know where to begin?You’re in the right place! I know it can be frustrating and time consuming to create artwork for your business. Outsourcing the work can be an even bigger challenge just to find the right candidate to do what you need done, and expensive!Photohop is an incredible software full of tools to create almost whatever you can imagine, but it could be a bit overwelming to start with.That’s why I created this course, so people like you can learn how to create awesome social media designs with Ptohoshop.Have fun while learning! Learn by actually doing!After enrolling in this course, you’ll create step by step more than 17 projects for social media, designing and practicing while learning!You’ll be able to download all the project files, fonts and images to follow along and practice.The best part about this course is that you are going to learn one tool at a time, and then create a social media design applying what you’ve just learned, so you’re going to be designing and sharing your designs from be beginning of this course.During the “Design Stunning Social Media images with Photoshop” course you’ll learn:Where to find information about updated social media sizes required.How to create documents and explore all the main areas in Photoshop.How to work with colors and gradients.Where to find colors and gradients ready to use for your designs.How to work with images, and where to find free HD image resources for your social media designs.How to work with masks and create awesome effects.How to work with selections to create custom masks.How to draw customs shapes and how to use the pen tool.How to use Adjustment layers to change the colors of the images.How to use Smart Objects to easily replace and transform images.And as I’ve said… with every tool you learn you’ll create a social media design applying it.I’ll guide you step by step all the way to make sure you succeed in your ventures. I’m always available to answer any messages, discussions, questions or feedback that you have.With our 30-Day 100% money back guarantee, there’s no reason hesitate!ENROLL NOW!


Section 1: Welcome to the course

Lecture 1 Welcome aboard and creating the first design

Section 2: Meet Photoshop

Lecture 2 What are you going to learn?

Lecture 3 Create your first document

Lecture 4 Exploring Photoshop main areas

Lecture 5 Moving inside the Canvas

Lecture 6 Working with layers

Lecture 7 How to go back in time (Undo)

Lecture 8 Save and Export your design

Lecture 9 Let’s recap what we’ve learned

Section 3: Working with colors and fonts

Lecture 10 What are you going to learn?

Lecture 11 Starting your first inspirational quote design

Lecture 12 Finding colors and gradients for my designs

Lecture 13 Free font resources

Lecture 14 Finishing your first inspirational quote design

Lecture 15 Project Be Bold. Applying background gradients.

Lecture 16 Aligning elements.

Section 4: Working with images

Lecture 17 What are you going to learn?

Lecture 18 How to import images.

Lecture 19 Finding free HD image resources.

Lecture 20 Project: Build your future.

Lecture 21 The Free Transform Tool. How to resize and transform an image.

Lecture 22 Project: Fashion for Men.

Lecture 23 Share your work

Section 5: Working with masks.

Lecture 24 What are you going to learn?

Lecture 25 What is a mask and what is it for?

Lecture 26 Creating simple selections.

Lecture 27 Creating masks from simple selections.

Lecture 28 Project: Coffee (part 1)

Lecture 29 Project: Coffee (part 2)

Lecture 30 Project: Followers.

Lecture 31 What are the Clipping Masks?

Lecture 32 Project: New York.

Lecture 33 Project: Shoes Sale.

Lecture 34 Time to design and share your work

Section 6: Working with Selections

Lecture 35 What are you going to learn?

Lecture 36 Basic selection tools.

Lecture 37 Masking Pyramids exercise.

Lecture 38 Brushes: basic concepts.

Lecture 39 Project: SkyDive School. Using the Quick Selection tool.

Lecture 40 Project: Egypt Adventure (part 1)

Lecture 41 Project: Egypt Adventure (part 2)

Lecture 42 Project: Happy Friday.

Lecture 43 Time to design and share your work

Section 7: Drawing Shapes

Lecture 44 What are you going to learn?

Lecture 45 Shapes: Vector vs. Bitmap.

Lecture 46 Drawing basic shapes.

Lecture 47 Edit shapes with the Direct Selection Tool

Lecture 48 Project: Pizza House.

Lecture 49 Drawing shapes with the Pen Tool.

Lecture 50 Project: Sydney.

Lecture 51 Project: Fresh Pasta Restaurant.

Lecture 52 Time to design and share your work

Section 8: Adjustment Layers: how to change image colors.

Lecture 53 What are you going to learn?

Lecture 54 Changing colors with adjustment layers.

Lecture 55 Project: Modern Fashion

Lecture 56 Project: Ballet

Lecture 57 Time to design and share your work

Section 9: Smart Objects

Lecture 58 What is a Smart Object?

Lecture 59 Project: Mobile Game

Lecture 60 Time to design and share your work

Section 10: The end

Lecture 61 This is just the beginning…

Lecture 62 Bonus lecture

This course is for entrepreneurs who do not have previous experience in designing with Photoshop and want to design images to sell their products or services through social networks.,It is also aimed at people who manage the social networks of a company and want to learn how to design images to improve communication and commitment of their audience in social networks.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 45m | 4.32 GB
Created by: Juan Pernot

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