Design Thinking Crash Course From Beginner to Practitioner

Solve your design thinking challenge in class | Real workshop example | Practical templates & methods | With certificate
Design Thinking Crash Course From Beginner to Practitioner
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Design Thinking Crash Course From Beginner to Practitioner

What you’ll learn

Learning the 5 Design Thinking steps and their application in practice
Learn Design Thinking by working through YOUR OWN challenge
Learn Design Thinking in a very structured and efficient way

Design Thinking Crash Course From Beginner to Practitioner


No previous Design Thinking knowledge required.
Active engagement with and completition of the course assignments is required to earn the personally signed Design Thinking Certificate.


Take part in the Design Thinking crash course since 2018. This is the brand new English version, based on many years of participants’ feedback and the experiences of our live crash courses in Berlin.Spend around 3 hours to get your certificate*:85min core video content (theory lessons + working through an example challenge)Additional 105min homework to work through your own Design Thinking Challenge (in parallel to the course) if you want to acquire the Design Thinking Certificate from Responsive Strategy. This is a step-by-step guide of how to use the Design Thinking approach to solve your challenge in the area of product, service, business, organization or corporate strategy. You will also learn how to facilitate a Design Thinking workshop. You can work on your own challenge parallel to the course or just listen to everything and learn how Design Thinking works using our example challenge.———————————————————————————————————————The Crash Course includes:1.5 hours of videos including insights into an example Design Thinking ChallengeTemplates to use for your Design Thinking challenge at home, at work or during a workshop (with our permission for continued use)A step by step “homework” for working on your own challenge (optional)Quizzes to check your learning progressTemplates that can be downloaded as word or powerpoint – for continued use after the courseA pdf handout at the end of the course that summarizes your learnings and as a backup for your own workshop or projectDownload the following templates with the permission to use it after the course:Market / situation analysis questionsInterview templateEmpathy mapDefine templateDisney methods templateNow-wow-how matrixPrototype templateFeedback template* Upon explicit request, you will receive a certificate of participation from Responsive Strategy for this course.———————————————————————————————————————This is the Udemy course based on the teaching concept used in Design Thinking Crash Course Meetup in Berlin with already more than 1,500 members. This group was founded by Julia Lettinger in 2018 and is now the German chapter of the worldwide Design Thinking Association. The learning concept has been tried and tested many times. The Design Thinking Crash Course is based on:Many years feedback from Udemy course participants (the German version of this course is live since 2018)Julia Lettinger’s practical experience from numerous design thinking workshops and trainingsThe application of design thinking in Responsive Strategy’s national and international consulting projects in the field of strategy and innovationJulia Lettinger’s teaching experience as a lecturer of strategy methods at the Berlin School of Economics and LawWhy should you buy the course from me?I’m Julia Lettinger, the founder of Responsive Strategy, a strategy and digital transformation consultancy in Berlin. I’ve been using Design Thinking for my customers for many years and I’m a big fan. That’s why I’ve been teaching Design Thinking since 2017 through the Design Thinking & Agile Crash Courses Meetup Group I founded in Berlin, as a lecturer in Strategic Management at the HWR Berlin and on Udemy. In addition, I have been a Design Thinking Facilitator at the Silicon Valley Design Thinking Club and the LISA LEAD Startup Incubator at Stanford University since 2021, and I head the Berlin chapter of the international Design Thinking Association.Go ahead and get the course, I look forward to welcoming you to my videos.Best, JuliaPS: If you don’t like the course, you can get a refund within 30 days, of course! So just try it.


Section 1: Welcome and Course Structure

Lecture 1 Welcome and Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Structure

Section 2: Introduction to Design Thinking

Lecture 3 Application of Design Thinking and Mindset

Lecture 4 Download your Course Handout

Lecture 5 The Design Thinking Principles

Lecture 6 The Design Thinking Challenge

Lecture 7 The Design Thinking Process

Section 3: EMPATHIZE – Understand the Problem (Step 1)

Lecture 8 Empathize Phase – Step by Step Guide (incl. templates)

Lecture 9 Live Example from a Design Thinking Workshop

Section 4: DEFINE: (Re)define the Problem (Step 2)

Lecture 10 Define Phase – Step by Step Guide (incl. templates)

Lecture 11 Live Example from a Design Thinking Workshop

Section 5: IDEATE – Generate Ideas and Select the Best Ones (Step 3)

Lecture 12 Ideate Phase Part 1 – Generate Ideas (Step-by-Step Guide)

Lecture 13 Ideate Phase Part 2 – Select & Filter (Step-by-Step Guide)

Lecture 14 Live Example from a Design Thinking Workshop

Section 6: PROTOTYPE – Develop a prototype (Step 4)

Lecture 15 Prototype Phase – Step by Step Guide (incl. templates)

Lecture 16 Live Example from a Design Thinking Workshop

Section 7: TEST – Test your Prototype (Step 5)

Lecture 17 Test Phase: Step by Step Guide (incl. templates)

Lecture 18 Live Example from a Design Thinking Workshop

Section 8: Final Test and Congratulations

Lecture 19 Congratulations

Section 9: Certificate and More

Lecture 20 Interested in Additional Courses?

Lecture 21 Vouchers for our Course Portfolio

Lecture 22 Your Personal Certificate

Lecture 23 Apply Here for Your Certificate

Anyone who wants to develop innovative concepts, products and services using the Design Thinking method.,Innovators,Employees,Entrepreneurs,Startups,Designers

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Udemy | English | 1h 38m | 1.98 GB
Created by: Julia Lettinger

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