Designing an LD Strategy to power Digital Transformations

Learn the key ingredients to design a learning & development strategy that successfully enables digital transformations
Designing an LD Strategy to power Digital Transformations
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Aparna Gupta


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Designing an LD Strategy to power Digital Transformations

What you’ll learn

1) What is a digital transformation and how does it impact the role of L&D?
2) What is the start line for L&D in a transformation context?
3) How to accomplish Role Analysis & Competency mapping in a digitally evolving organization?
4) What is the 70-20-10 learning framework and its significance in a digital transformation?
5) What are the current learning tech solutions that can be utilized to stitch a blended 70-20-10 strategy to power digital transformations?
6) How can I add wings to my L&D strategy ? (Special bonus segment!)

Designing an LD Strategy to power Digital Transformations




This course will help L&D professionals gain insights on the digital context, introduce or reorient them to fundamental learning frameworks, agile development techniques and relevant learning technology, all of which are key ingredients for successful L&D delivery in a digital landscape. Participants will walk away with a starter kit of downloadable resources and job aids that they can begin to use immediately to craft learning & development strategies that power digital transformations.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Do You Know?

Lecture 2 Course Introduction

Lecture 3 What You’ll Learn

Section 2: Digital Transformations and the role of L&D

Lecture 4 Digital Transformation Defined

Lecture 5 The Business Ask from L&D

Section 3: The Start Line for L&D

Lecture 6 What’s the L&D Goal?

Lecture 7 Role Analysis & Competency Mapping – the 1st Step

Lecture 8 Role Analysis & Competency Mapping – An Overview

Lecture 9 Role Analysis – Part I Procedure

Lecture 10 Competency Mapping – Part II Procedure

Lecture 11 Putting into Action & Post Course Support

Lecture 12 The Next Step

Section 4: The 70-20-10 Learning Framework

Lecture 13 Introduction

Lecture 14 The 70-20-10 Model of Learning

Lecture 15 Defining a 70-20-10 Learning Strategy

Lecture 16 Strategies & Learning Tech to Empower 70-20-10

Lecture 17 Putting into Action & Post Course Support

Section 5: Add Wings to your L&D Strategy

Lecture 18 Introduction

Lecture 19 Bonus Lecture

Instructional Designers,Learning Strategists,All L&D professionals looking to upskill or raise their game in the digital landscape.

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Created by: Aparna Gupta

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