Develop Your Charismatic Personality

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Develop Your Charismatic Personality
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Develop Your Charismatic Personality

What you’ll learn

New Age Workplace Success
Create a Powerful Impact on Others
Personal & Professional Transformation
Enhanced Professional Image
Become More Self – Aware and Self – Confident

Develop Your Charismatic Personality


No prior experience / requirements needed.
Basic Understanding of English Language


Personality refers to an individual and his or her unique adaptive qualities. Personality is the self and its way of adapting to internal and external influences. In other words, it involves adaptation to both a person’s internal environment (e.g., feelings, fears, desires, hopes etc.) and their external environment (e.g., family, and social relations, workplace culture etc.)This course trains individuals on the numerous aspects of self-development. Self-development is the process of learning new things and developing new skills – skills that improve your chances of success, attaining your goals, and manifesting your ambitions.The aim of this course is to create self – awareness about the significance of soft skills in one’s professional and inter-personal communications and facilitate an all-round development of personality, to make a powerful impact.What You Will Learn:- You will be able to understand how charisma helps you to position yourself as a top performer in all walks of your life.- You will learn the ABCDEFGHI Method to develop a charismatic personality.- You will learn how to apply the ABCDEFGHI Method in your real-life situation and convert problems into opportunity to reach your highest potential.- Higher Productivity & Self – Esteem- Learn how to bridge the gap between your current state (performance, competence and goals) & desired state.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Appearance

Lecture 2 Introduction to Appearance

Lecture 3 Steps to Improve Your Appearance

Section 3: Behaviour

Lecture 4 Introduction to Behaviour

Lecture 5 Importance & Tips

Section 4: Communication

Lecture 6 Tips & Tools for Effective Communication

Section 5: Digital Presence

Lecture 7 Do’s and Don’ts of Creating an Online Presence

Section 6: Emotional Intelligence + Etiquette

Lecture 8 Emotional Intelligence

Lecture 9 Business Etiquette

Section 7: Finesse

Lecture 10 Enhance Overall Personality

Section 8: Growth Mindset

Lecture 11 Importance & Benefits of Growth Mindset

Section 9: Habits

Lecture 12 Success Habits to Adapt and Avoid

Section 10: I Care

Lecture 13 Self Care Tips

Business Owners,Working Professionals,Master’s Degree Students,New Employee,Job Seeker

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Udemy | English | 1h 55m | 2.50 GB
Created by: Ranjana Ghoshal

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