DevOps Certified Jenkins Engineer

Jenkins CI/CD Code Pipeline, Jenkins integrations with tools like Docker, Ansible, AWS, GIT & More, Code Pipeline DSLs
DevOps Certified Jenkins Engineer
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DevOps Certified Jenkins Engineer

What you’ll learn

Understand the concepts of DevOps Continuous Inspection, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Deployment, and the difference between them.
Create a multi-stage Jenkins job and visualize the complicated Jenkins build pipeline with Jenkins build pipeline plugin.
Key concepts of DevOps and a Jenkins Continuous Delivery pipeline
Use Jenkins Pipeline and JenkinsFile, the new concept of CI as code
Explore Jenkins Pipeline to build, test, and deploy projects
Work with Docker containers in a Jenkins context

DevOps Certified Jenkins Engineer


Basic knowledge about software development processes
Knowledge of Java will be helpful but not necessary to take this course
Desire to learn something new.
Knowledge of Git, Maven, Linux will be preferred but NOT required.
A computer running Windows, OSX or Linux.


If you’ve heard of DevOps and seen the words: CI/CD, Pipelines and automation, then more than likely, the tool being used is Jenkins.Where most courses go wrong is they teach you the tool in the web interface. Then as soon as you start the job, you’re presented with “Jenkinsfiles” as everything is done in code.This course will show you how to do everything you need to do in Jenkins exclusively in the code format – why? Because that is what is used in Business!Do I need programming experience?No, you don’t. It’s easy to get started and no scripting experience required.Sign up now and get started with learning the most popular CI/CD tool on the market!Having spent hundreds of dollars on training and getting up to speed with Jenkins when I was a contractor for Deloitte, I found that I had wasted loads of time and resources on courses that didn’t prepare me for what I would need to do on the job.They will teach you how to use the web interface…REALITY CHECK: ALL THE PIPELINES ARE SCRIPTED IN Jenkinsfiles!The web interface WAS NEVER used to set up the jobs like I had been taught to do in the courses.I remember when I was in your shoes, TIME WAS EVERYTHING! I had to have this skill “yesterday” so if I had even just an hour to study it was crucial! Now imagine having spent that limited and invaluable time on JUST the installation! Like many of these courses do.This fueled me to create this course out of spite because I wanted to SAVE YOU the PAIN, TIME, and MONEY that this mistake cost me.This led to the birth of this course to teach you Jenkins and how it’s used in industry so you’re ready to go, immediately after you finish watching it!In this course, you’re going to learn about:Jenkins Pipelines: What they are and how they are usedParameterized jobs: Pass information between the different jobs. You’ll be using these all the time at workIntegration with GitHub: Jenkins and GitHub go hand-in-hand which is why I’ll show you how to leverage both with this courseA full breakdown of how to use Jenkinsfiles: From the ground up and for a complete beginner, by the end of the course you’ll know exactly how to create, use and update JenkinsfilesTrains you to use Jenkins the RIGHT way! Get used to and familiarised with Jenkinsfiles and Declarative Pipelines so that you can hit the ground running at workScripting your CI/CD solution You’ll be surprised how often you’ll be asked to do this in your DevOps role and you’ll know exactly what you need to do to implement itHow to use functions in your Jenkins pipelinesTake advantage of functions to save yourself time instead of repeating big blocks of codeMultistage Pipelines in Code These are one of the MOST POWERFUL FEATURES of Jenkins and now you’ll not only learn about them, you’ll know how to create them in codeHow to use Declarative Pipeline Language The bread and butter of Jenkinsfiles, learn it here and learn it nowSounds like a lot to take in right? I remember having to learn this on the job thinking “Where do I start?!”.I’ve gone through the PAIN so YOU DON’T HAVE TO!The course has been expertly organised to maximise your learning efficiency!Following the Warp 9 mantra of mastering everything you need to know to get hired tomorrow, TODAY!In just over 2 hours from now, you will go from googling: “what is Jenkins” to being on the same level as a DevOps pro!All the fluff, filler, mistakes, corrections, and unscripted blunders are REMOVED!Everything you need to master Jenkins is packaged where YOUR Time is The Most Important Factor!I’ve shown this course to some of my former colleagues asking them what they thought…They all loved it! Wished they had something this concise and quick to teach them when they were starting out!Now to the question you’re asking yourself…“Well that’s great, but how much does this cost?”Normally considering the time, research, professional know-how from REAL EXPERIENCE, and effort put in, I’d have charged MORE! A lot of my former associates who know the value of an expertly crafted course would have happily signed up early.But I know recent events have been challenging for us all, and I wanted to do my part in helping you become the engineer I know you can be!Who this course is for:DevelopersDevOps EngineersSys AdminsTechnical Support EngineersAnyone Who Wants To Master Jenkins


Section 1: Getting Started Jenkins Course

Lecture 1 Jenkins Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Code Base & Discussion Forum Links

Section 2: Why Jenkins & Installation

Lecture 3 Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

Lecture 4 What & Why Jenkins

Lecture 5 My Motivation Factor

Lecture 6 Jenkins Installation Part 1

Lecture 7 $200 Digital Ocean Referral Link

Lecture 8 Jenkins Installation Part 2

Lecture 9 Commands : SetUp Machine & Install Jenkins

Lecture 10 Jenkins Architecture

Section 3: Jenkins Installation (Obsolete)

Lecture 11 Download and Configure Jenkins on Windows

Lecture 12 Text Direction : Download and Configure Jenkins on Windows

Lecture 13 Download and Configure Jenkins on MAC OS

Lecture 14 Text Direction : Download and Configure Jenkins on MAC OS

Section 4: What you should know about Jenkins

Lecture 15 What is Job | Create & Execute

Lecture 16 Explore Job Configuration

Lecture 17 Execute Script from Jenkins

Lecture 18 Bonus : Google Cloud Architect Course

Lecture 19 Add Parameter in Jenkins Job

Lecture 20 Logical Input in Jenkins Job

Section 5: Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Lecture 21 Jenkins Integration with GIT & GITHUB

Lecture 22 Install Maven on Jenkin’s Host Machine

Lecture 23 Text Direction : Install Maven on Windows

Lecture 24 Configure Jenkins with GIT & Maven

Lecture 25 Create our First Maven-based Jenkins Job

Lecture 26 TroubleShooting : Create our First Maven-based Jenkins Job

Lecture 27 Source Code Polling in Jenkins

Lecture 28 Your Reviews are Important!

Lecture 29 Text Direction : Add SSH Key in Local from GitHUB

Lecture 30 Remote Build Trigger in Jenkins

Lecture 31 Deploy Your Jar Locally

Lecture 32 Publish Test Results in Job

Lecture 33 Archive Last Successful Artifact

Section 6: Continuous Delivery with Jenkins

Lecture 34 Install & Configure Tomcat in Staging Environment

Lecture 35 Text Direction : Install & Configure Tomcat in Staging Environment

Lecture 36 Text Direction : Install Tomcat on Windows

Lecture 37 Deploy Staging Environment

Lecture 38 My Motivation Factor

Lecture 39 Bonus : Docker and Docker Swarm MasterClass

Lecture 40 Build Pipeline Plugin

Lecture 41 Deploy to Production

Lecture 42 Trouble Shooting: Deploy to Production

Section 7: Infrastructure as Code

Lecture 43 Infrastructure as Code

Section 8: Jenkins Job DSL

Lecture 44 Introduction to JENKINS Job DSL

Lecture 45 Demo: Jenkins Job DSL with Maven Project

Lecture 46 Note : Global User Name Error in Above Executed Job

Section 9: Jenkins as a Code Pipeline (DSL)

Lecture 47 Jenkins Code Pipeline Overview

Lecture 48 Demo: Code Pipeline

Lecture 49 Text Direction : Demo Code Pipeline

Lecture 50 Automate Existing Maven Project Pipeline

Lecture 51 Text Direction: Automate Existing Maven Project Pipeline

Section 10: Distributed Builds in Jenkins

Lecture 52 Distributed Builds Concept

Lecture 53 Create and Configure Jenkins Slave

Lecture 54 Text Direction : Create and Configure Jenkins Slave

Lecture 55 Label Nodes & Concurrent Builds

Section 11: Jenkins Integration with Docker

Lecture 56 Available Docker Editions

Lecture 57 Install Docker on Linux Machine

Lecture 58 Docker Basics & Run Container

Lecture 59 Docker File Basics | Introduction

Lecture 60 Docker File Instructions | Construction Commands

Lecture 61 Create Docker File of Our Project

Lecture 62 Text Direction : Create Docker File of Our Project

Lecture 63 Build and Tag Project Docker Image

Lecture 64 Trouble Shooting: Build Docker Image

Lecture 65 Execute Project in Docker

Lecture 66 Docker Help

Section 12: Jenkins Security Aspects

Lecture 67 Enable/Disable Login Jenkins

Lecture 68 Allow User to Sign-Up Jenkins

Lecture 69 Install Powerful Security Plugin

Lecture 70 How to Create Users in Jenkins

Lecture 71 Create & Assign Roles to Users

Section 13: More on Jenkins

Lecture 72 About Global Env Variable in Jenkins

Lecture 73 Create Custom Environment Variables

Section 14: AWS Delivery Code Pipeline : Introduction

Lecture 74 Jenkins AWS Code Pipeline Introduction

Lecture 75 Your Reviews are Important!

Lecture 76 Software Build and Release Process

Lecture 77 SetUp AWS Cloud Account

Lecture 78 Create AWS KeyPairs For Cloud Instances

Section 15: Introduction to AWS Code Deploy & Code Pipeline

Lecture 79 Introduction: AWS Code Deploy

Lecture 80 Introduction: AWS Code Pipeline

Section 16: AWS CodeDeploy and AWS CodePipeline

Lecture 81 AWS Code Pipeline

Lecture 82 How AWS Code Pipeline Works

Lecture 83 AWS CodeDeploy & It’s Function

Lecture 84 Deployment with AWS CodeDeploy

Lecture 85 Continuous Delivery Workflow

Section 17: Get Start with Project

Lecture 86 SetUp Demo Project

Lecture 87 Database & CI Flow

Lecture 88 SetUp DataBase in AWS RDS

Lecture 89 Manage AWS RDS Security Group

Lecture 90 Restore Database Dump on AWS RDS

Lecture 91 Text Direction: Restore Database Dump on AWS RDS

Lecture 92 SetUp Node JS Application

Lecture 93 SetUp Node JS Application 2

Lecture 94 Text Direction : SetUp Node JS Application

Lecture 95 Demo Application GitHub Code Location

Section 18: AWS CI CD Pipeline

Lecture 96 About this Section

Lecture 97 Create AWS Instance Service

Lecture 98 what is the difference between a role and an instance profile

Lecture 99 Install Jenkins on AWS Cloud

Lecture 100 Text Direction : Install Jenkins on AWS Cloud

Lecture 101 Install AWS Code Deploy Agent on EC2

Lecture 102 TroubleShooting Guide: Install AWS Code Deploy Agent

Lecture 103 Create AWS Code Deploy Application

Lecture 104 Create & Review App Specification File

Lecture 105 Bonus : Selenium UI Automation MasterClass

Lecture 106 SetUp Jenkins Job for AWS Code Pipeline

Lecture 107 SetUp AWS CI-CD Pipeline

Lecture 108 Text Direction : AWS Code Pipeline

Section 19: Project Build Tool : MAVEN (Optional)

Lecture 109 Maven Introduction

Lecture 110 Configure Maven on Windows Machine

Lecture 111 Configure Maven on Windows Machine : Text Direction

Lecture 112 Project Code Location

Lecture 113 Configure Maven on Mac Machine

Lecture 114 Generate First Maven Project From Maven CLI

Lecture 115 Maven Build Life Cycle

Lecture 116 POM.xml File in Maven Project

Anyone who want to fully understand how Jenkins works and learn how Jenkins is being used in the field.,DevOps, developers or IT admins who want to advance their career by improving their DevOps skills.,Anyone who want to implement or improve their continuous integration/continuous deployment workflow at their company

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 12h 7m | 6.08 GB
Created by: LevelUp360° DevOps | Selenium | GCP | Terraform | Kubernetes | Ansible

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