DevOps CICDContinuous IntegrationDelivery for Beginners

Learn about CI CD & DevOps & the concepts of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery / Deployment, DevOps & pipeline
DevOps CICDContinuous IntegrationDelivery for Beginners
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DevOps CICDContinuous IntegrationDelivery for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Learn the basic concepts of Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment (CD), and DevOps.
Understand the pain points in the traditional Software Development Life Cycle which paved the way for CI / CD/ DevOps.
Learn how business revenue and time-to-market are greatly improved by bringing in CI/CD/Devops.
Learn how CI / CD / DevOps evolved step by step. This will help build a solid foundation to learn more about the implementation part and the tools involved.
Learn using illustrations, animations and cartoons. About 90% of the course is illustrated, the remaining 10% consists of crisp bullet point slides.

DevOps CICDContinuous IntegrationDelivery for Beginners


You only need to know the basic software development lifecycle, just beginner level.


CI, CD and DevOps have taken over the software development world by storm. Most companies today realize that the practices of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) will yield tremendous benefits like increased business revenue and faster time-to-market. The demand for these skills has been steadily rising over the last few years.There are a plethora of tools available in the CI/CD/DevOps landscape today. Implementing continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment with these tools and frameworks can help us immensely in modernizing our software development lifecycle. It catches us bugs early and increases the quality of our software products. This, in turn, reduces the overall cost for software development in startups and enterprise alike.But before getting into tools and frameworks, it is important that you get a holistic picture of CI / CD and DevOps. For this, you need to understand where we started from – the old school traditional software development cycle. We will pick holes in the old model, identify pain points and learn how CI / CD and DevOps evolved, one step at a time. Once you build a rock solid foundation using this course, you can move on to more specific tool oriented courses.If you are thinking about moving on to CI/CD/DevOps from your old school software development model, this course is for you. Well illustrated with animations to help you grasp a clear understanding of the underlying principles. Once you complete this course, you can take on bigger challenges related to implementation. The demand for professionals who have experience with CI/CD/DevOps has been growing steadily over the last few years. The salaries for these skills have gone through the roof and are only bound to go up as the demand for these skills increases. Professionals with CI / CD / DevOps skill set can demand as much as $150K as their yearly compensation as per latest US job and salary surveys. And this is where you start!


Section 1: The Basics – CI, CD and DevOps

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 The Old School Software Development Life Cycle

Lecture 3 Old School Integration – Pain Points

Lecture 4 Bringing in Continuous Integration

Lecture 5 Continuous Integration – Solving the pain points

Lecture 6 Pipelines Explained

Lecture 7 Before Continuous Delivery came in – Old School Operations

Lecture 8 Old School Operations – Pain Points

Lecture 9 Bringing in Continuous Delivery

Lecture 10 Continuous Delivery – Solving the pain points

Lecture 11 Maturing to Continuous Deployment

Lecture 12 Finally, DevOps!

Lecture 13 Thank You!

Beginners in CI, CD and DevOps world, interested in building a strong foundation on the basic concepts.,Developers, Ops, Analysts who have started to dabble in CI, CD and DevOps, but are unable to get a holistic picture.,Managers of teams who have started moving/recently moved from old school to a CI / CD / DevOps model.,Folks who prefer crisp explanations of a new concept using illustrations and animations, rather than boring and verbose slides.,Software Architects new to CI / CD / DevOps.,People who have heard a lot about CI / CD / Devops, but are overwhelmed by the breadth of information available, and simply don’t know where to start!

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Created by: John Honai

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