DevSecOps with Jenkins Kubernetes Terraform AWS

Implement SAST, SCA & DAST in Jenkins DevSecOps Pipeline from scratch and setup infra using Terraform, Kubernetes in AWS
DevSecOps with Jenkins Kubernetes Terraform AWS
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DevSecOps with Jenkins Kubernetes Terraform AWS

What you’ll learn

Learn to create AWS Infrastructure to implement DevSecOps with Terraform
Learn DevSecOps implementation with Jenkins
Learn SAST Integration with Jenkins
Learn to deploy web application on Kubernetes cluster (EKS) with Jenkins
Learn SCA Integration with Jenkins
Learn DAST Integration with Jenkins
Learn to deploy Jenkins on EC2 instance using Terraform

DevSecOps with Jenkins Kubernetes Terraform AWS


Basic computer knowledge
Good to have some AWS Knowledge


v 1.0 – June 2022Updated course with newer videos on Cleanup Resources in AWS in Section 10——————————————————————————————————————————–Who shall take this course?This “DevOps & DevSecOps with Jenkins, Kubernetes, Terraform & AWS” course is designed for Security Engineers, DevOps Engineers, SRE, QA Professionals and Freshers looking to find a job in the field of security. This is a focused DevOps/DevSecOps course with a special focus on integrating SAST/SCA/DAST tools in Jenkins pipeline with infrastructure created with Terraform and K8S.Learn and implement security in DevOps pipeline, get Hands On experience in using Security tools & technologies. This course is for:DevelopersDevOpsSecurity EngineersAspiring professional in the Security domainQuality Assurance EngineersInfoSec/AppSec Professional DevSecOps being the hot skill, will help you to secure a high-salaried job and stay informed on the latest market trends. Why purchase this course?This is only practical hands-on course available on the internet till now.DevSecOps enables rapid application development with agility, at the same time it secures your application with automated security checks integrated within the pipeline. It helps to increase productivity and security by integrating security stages in the pipeline.Also, we have included practical examples to implement security in the DevOps pipeline through various tools.By the end of the course, you will be able to successfully implement DevOps or DevSecOps pipeline and lead initiatives to create, build and maintain security pipelines in your project.No Action required before taking this course. For any question or concerns, Please post your comments on discussions tabDisclaimer: English subtitles are auto-generated so please ignore any grammar mistakes


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction and Course Agenda

Lecture 2 About the Course

Lecture 3 Understand End to End Case Study that will be implemented in this course

Section 2: Basics about DevSecOps and Security

Lecture 4 What is DevSecOps?

Lecture 5 Tools used for DevSecOps

Lecture 6 Basic Security Terms used in this course

Section 3: Install Terraform and AWS CLI on Windows Machine

Lecture 7 Download Terraform on Windows Machine and Configure PATH in windows machine

Lecture 8 Create AWS Free Tier Account

Lecture 9 Create AWS Admin User

Lecture 10 Install AWS CLI and Authenticate with AWS

Lecture 11 Install Visual Studio Code on Windows Machine

Section 4: Work with Terraform to create DevSecOps Infrastructure in AWS

Lecture 12 Clone Terraform Repo On Local System

Lecture 13 Open the Terraform Repo in Visual Studio Code

Lecture 14 Understand Terraform Script to create AWS Infrastructure for DevSecOps

Lecture 15 Understand shell script to install softwares on EC2 instance using Terraform

Lecture 16 Understand variables file in TF and create AWS Key pair to create EC2 using TF

Lecture 17 Run Terraform Script to create AWS Infrastructure for DevSecOps

Section 5: DevSecOps with Jenkins on AWS EC2 instance – Integrate SAST in DevSecOps

Lecture 18 Find Jenkins Password and Complete Jenkins Setup

Lecture 19 Configure Maven in Jenkins

Lecture 20 Install Required Plugins in Jenkins

Lecture 21 What is SonarCloud and its benefits?

Lecture 22 Create an account with SonarCloud

Lecture 23 Integrate SonarCloud in Jenkins Pipeline

Section 6: Integrate SCA scan in Jenkins DevSecOps pipeline

Lecture 24 What is Snyk and its benefits?

Lecture 25 Create an account with Snyk

Lecture 26 Integrate and run SCA scan in DevSecOps pipeline using Jenkins

Section 7: Build and Push Docker image to AWS ECR before Kubernetes deployment

Lecture 27 Understand docker image Build and Push Code and create docker login in Jenkins

Lecture 28 Create AWS ECR and create AWS credentials in Jenkins credential manager

Lecture 29 Build and Push docker image to AWS ECR

Section 8: Deployment to Kubernetes cluster (EKS) in AWS

Lecture 30 Create Kubernetes Cluster (EKS) using EKSCTL utility

Lecture 31 Add Kubernetes deployment stage in DevSecOps pipeline and add kube login

Lecture 32 Deploy Buggy web application on Kubernetes (EKS) using DevSecOps pipeline

Section 9: Integrate DAST scan in Jenkins DevSecOps pipeline

Lecture 33 What is OWASP ZAP and its benefits?

Lecture 34 Understand code written for integrating DAST scan in DevSecOps pipeline

Lecture 35 Run DAST scan and End to End DevSecOps pipeline using Jenkins

Section 10: Clenaup all the resources created in this course

Lecture 36 Cleanup resources created in the course using eksctl and Terraform

Section 11: Report security vulnerabilities in JIRA

Lecture 37 Hands On: Create a JIRA account with Atlassian with custom JIRA site

Lecture 38 Hands On: Report SAST security issues in JIRA identified by SonarCloud

Lecture 39 Hands On: Report SCA security issues in JIRA identified by Snyk

Lecture 40 Hands On: Report DAST security issues in JIRA identified by OWASP ZAP

Section 12: Next Steps and Bonus section

Lecture 41 Optional: Application Security As a Career

Lecture 42 Sample DevSecOps Engineer CV

DevSecOps Engineers,DevOps Engineers,Information Security Engineers,Cloud Security Engineers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 54m | 1007.75 MB
Created by: A Security Guru

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