Digital Marketing 101 Available in 11 Languages

More than 80,000 business owners have taken this class (Available in 11 Languages)
Digital Marketing 101 Available in 11 Languages
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Digital Marketing 101 Available in 11 Languages

What you’ll learn

Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Digital Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Point of Sale

Digital Marketing 101 Available in 11 Languages


Access to a computer with Internet connection


In this beginner’s course (11 Language Subtitles Available), you’ll learn how to generate more traffic to your businesses’s website, increase your ranking on Google, generate compelling content that will drive interest and sales, create social media posts that people will want to share, and learn how to keep customers coming back. This course is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and working professionals.After you complete this introductory course, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deeper into each subject in specialized courses in the following areas: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and How to Build a Website.This is the most popular Digital Marketing course taught in NYC. Since 2014, Steven Matt has taught the material in this course to over 80,000 small business owners in person in downtown Manhattan. Steven has lectured at Baruch University, the General Assembly, and for  New York City Business Solutions.Steven has been helping business owners, entrepreneurs and Fortune 1,000 companies since 1995. As a former business owner and former Vice President of Digital Marketing at JPMorgan Chase, Steven has the experience and insight to help anyone succeed with digital marketing.Learn from the most influential digital marketer in the industry and transform your business or career today.I am proud to announce that subtitles are available for 11 languages in my course. In total, my courses have the potential to reach 5.2 billion people worldwide—that’s 65% of the world’s 8 billion population:English is spoken by 1.2 billion people.Mandarin Chinese is spoken by 1.1 billion people.Hindi is spoken by 698 million people in India. Although many Chinese are picking up the language as trade between those two countries increase.Spanish is spoken by 512 million people.French is spoken by 284 million people.Bengali is spoken by 265 million people mostly in Bangladesh and West Bengal.Russian is spoken by 258 million people.Portuguese is spoken by 234 million people in Brazil and Portugal.Indonesian is spoken by 200 million people in Indonesia and some parts of Malaysia.Urdu is spoken by 170 million people mostly in Pakistan although is also commonly spoken in norther India.Japanese is spoken by 150 million people.


Section 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

Lecture 1 Introduction to Digital Marketing

Lecture 2 The Hub & Spoke Model

Lecture 3 The Conversion Probability Matrix

Section 2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Lecture 4 Search Ranking Factors

Lecture 5 Why People Search

Lecture 6 Identifying Keywords and Optimizing Your Website

Lecture 7 Broken Links

Lecture 8 Page Load Speed

Lecture 9 Sitemaps

Lecture 10 Backlink Building

Section 3: Content Marketing

Lecture 11 Repurposing Content

Lecture 12 How to Write Content that Your Customers want to Read

Section 4: Directories

Lecture 13 Increase Discoverability with Directories

Section 5: Social Media

Lecture 14 Facebook

Section 6: Improving the Customers’ Shopping Experience

Lecture 15 Improving the Customer’s Shopping Experience

Business owners that want to grow,Working professionals that want to learn digital marketing,Entrepreneurs that want to do the digital marketing themselves

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Created by: Steven Matt

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