Digital marketing course for marketing students

Learn online Marketing tactics in depth with easy modules and become a Digital Marketer
Digital marketing course for marketing students
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Abhijeet sarkar


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Published 12/2022



Digital marketing course for marketing students

What you’ll learn

You will learn Digital marketing Fundamental’s
how to do Social Media Optimization & Marketing with Automation
how ca we perform Search Engine Optimization using advance Method (SEO)
Lean to Write Ads copies, graphics design & editing using Advance Tools
Lean Google Ads with easy methodlogies
how can you build a Brand using trend technic & content planning
How to automate your marketing for growth
Learn to run social Media advertisement
What are Marketing strategies and how to execute in real time

Digital marketing course for marketing students


No Coding Experienced needed , Stable network connection
Student’s need to have basic understanding of operating computer ‘s
You must be willing practice after watching the sessions
You shouldn’t hurry to watch in fast forwarded modules
Willing to accept and start learning from beginning
Students at least passed their board exams to learn this course
Student must have basic understanding of English language


Advance ModulesCanvaSearch engine Optimization Creatives & designing using free & paid toolsBlogPaid & organic Marketing’sUnderstanding of different Algorithm Depth knowledge of SEO & Analytics Tools Creating custom goals with Google AdsStrategy to gain maximum conversionAutomation Budget & Bid Strategies Digital Marketing StrategiesDigital marketing Awareness  To sale product &services  ² Inform customer about product & services ² Offer & discounts ² Create brand value ² Existing followers or buyer ² information ² Direct sales without additional information ² More knowledgeable less Sales oriented . In order to become successful what you need is practical knowledge keeping that in our mind we have implemented exactly practical based learning so that it not only become theoretical for you.  We have also provide some assignment along with quizzes to check your knowledge in each section the course module.I am an  Investor, Digital Marketing Trainer , Author and Motivational Speaker. I have published more than 3 Books on Digital Marketing, career guidance & Basic of Investments. I am here in digital Marketing industry for more than 6 years exploring & Learning every depth of it. I always try to come out with some practical & result driven courses for students. Once your complete the course you rill be able to learn basic & advance depth of online marketing world. How we should use DM strategies to get maximum conversion and grow our business or earn a handsome amount with freelancing skills. Today we need more creators than jobseeker’s after gaining required experience in this industry you will be able to give employment by building your own team.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Graphics & Creatives Designing

Lecture 3 Search Engine Optimization & Local SEO

Lecture 4 Search Engine Optimization Part 2

Lecture 5 Google Search Console

Lecture 6 Google search Console 2

Lecture 7 Google Analytic

Lecture 8 Social Media Intro and optimization

Lecture 9 Creating Fan pages and Communities

Lecture 10 Social Media advertisement

Lecture 11 Getting started with Ads

Lecture 12 LinkedIn Ads

Lecture 13 Google Ads

Lecture 14 Automation & Strategies

Section 2: Knowledge check on Advertisement /Paid Ads

Beginner, Intermediate & Experts anyone can enroll in the course,Student’s who are marketing professionals , Small Businesses owners or content creators,Student who are currently unemployed and looking for skill based course,Housewife’s want to learn skills but don’t have time to attend offline classes,Employee or freelancer’s who are looking to add extra skills for better growth

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Udemy | English | 5h 28m | 2.74 GB
Created by: Abhijeet sarkar

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