Digital Marketing Fundamentals Social Media Strategy

Learn the basics of a successful Social Media Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Fundamentals Social Media Strategy
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Digital Marketing Fundamentals Social Media Strategy

What you’ll learn

Learn about Social Proof and how to build a community on Social Networkds
Understand the fundamentals of Social Media Marketing
The difference between Earned, Owned and Paid Media
How to create Personas
Branding Fundamentals
SMART Goalsetting on Social Media

Digital Marketing Fundamentals Social Media Strategy


You should have a basic understanding of traditional marketing


This crash course is based on the best-selling german Social Media Marketing course of all time and will teach you all you need to know about creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy.After learning the fundamentals, we’ll take a deep dive into Social Proof, which allows you to gain more trust with your customers and prospect. After I teach you this essential concept, we’ll look at how you can create more of it for your company or yourself.This course will help you set the right goals for your social media marketing campaign by teaching you about SMART Goals and the importance of tracking the right metrics to know if your efforts are working.You will also learn how to do a competitive analysis on Social media to know who your competition is and how you can learn from their mistakes and incorporate their learnings into your strategy.Finally, we’ll talk about the different types of media on social networks and how we can efficiently use different kinds of content. This is where we get to know the difference between earned, owned and paid media.This course is meant for everyone that wants to learn the basics of successful social media marketing and is based on our best-selling german marketing courses, which have sold more than 50.000 times. So if you want to learn how social media marketing works while avoiding rookie mistakes, then this course is the right one.


Section 1: Einführung

Lecture 1 Intro and welcome to the course!

Section 2: Social Media Marketing Basics

Lecture 2 Social Media vs Traditional Media

Lecture 3 Social Media Landscape Overview

Lecture 4 Social Media from a User’s point of view

Lecture 5 Social Listening – understanding our target audience

Lecture 6 Finding your Competition and learn from their mistakes

Lecture 7 Creating Personas to help you with content creation

Section 3: Setting Goals for Social Media Marketing

Lecture 8 Common goals for Social Media Marketing

Lecture 9 S.M.A.R.T. Goals in Social Media Marketing

Lecture 10 Identifying the right Numbers and Metrics to track

Section 4: Creating Content and building a community

Lecture 11 Understanding the different types of media – Owned, Earned and Paid

Lecture 12 Social Proof – creating credibility

Lecture 13 Social Proof – how to get more authentic reviews and people to vouch for us

Lecture 14 How to build a community

Lecture 15 What should you post on Facebook and Instagram?

Lecture 16 What should you post on Twitter and LinkedIn

Lecture 17 What should you post on YouTube and TikTok

Lecture 18 Creating a long term strategy

Section 5: Branding 101

Lecture 19 Why Branding is essential on Social Media

Lecture 20 How to become a Brand

Lecture 21 Finding the right tone of voice

This course is aimed at marketing beginners who want to learn more about Social Media Marketing

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Udemy | English | 2h 15m | 1.62 GB
Created by: Timothy Meixner

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