Digital Marketing Mastery for Real Estate Agents

Learn how to leverage online marketing to get more leads for your real estate business.
Digital Marketing Mastery for Real Estate Agents
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Digital Marketing Mastery for Real Estate Agents

What you’ll learn

Understand the importance of digital marketing and how to use it to gain more real estate leads.
Learn how to brand yourself online through social media, Google Business profiles, and real estate review websites.
Understand the importance of having a website and how to use it to attract potential clients.
Learn the various forms of content marketing and how to apply them, including blogging, using eBooks, videos, infographics, and more.
How to use email marketing to get more clients into your sales funnel, including welcome emails and clickfunnels.
Master using social media as a form of online marketing, including best practices for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LikedIn.

Digital Marketing Mastery for Real Estate Agents


Regardless of your knowledge or experience with digital marketing, this course will help improve your skills so you can take full advantage of what online marketing has to offer.


Tired of cold calls? Even more tired of knocking on doors or handing out flyers? Then you need to dive deep into the world of digital marketing. In a 2022 survey, real estate agents reported receiving more than 60 percent of their real estate leads through social media. That’s right, 60 percent. And this is only ONE FORM OF DIGITAL MARKETING. In additional to social media marketing, this course will teach you:The importance of using digital marketing as a real estate agent. How to brand yourself online through social media and review websites.Why you need to have a website (including how to choose a domain name, webhost, and creation of a website).The basics of content marketing and how to use it to your advantage (including content writing, eBooks, how-to-guides, infographics, videos, and podcasting). How to leverage public relations to increase your brand presence. The ins and outs of email marketing and how to integrate it with social media to create high-converting sales funnels. Social media marketing best practices including how to use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok to get more leads.How to advertise through social media and Google Ads.Find out how your colleagues are getting all these leads without cold calling. By implementing the principles taught in this course, you can increase your leads and revenue as a real estate agent.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 How to Use This Course

Section 2: Website Creation

Lecture 3 Why Your Own Website?

Lecture 4 Choosing a Domain Name

Lecture 5 Website Hosting

Lecture 6 Easy Website Creation

Section 3: Claim Your Brand

Lecture 7 Social Media

Lecture 8 Google Business Profile

Lecture 9 Review Websites

Section 4: Content Marketing

Lecture 10 What is Content Marketing

Lecture 11 Paid, Owned, Earned Media

Lecture 12 Blog Posts on Website

Lecture 13 eBooks

Lecture 14 How-to-Guides / Case Studies

Lecture 15 Infographics

Lecture 16 Videos

Section 5: Public Relations

Lecture 17 Press Releases

Lecture 18 Press Quotes

Section 6: Email Marketing

Lecture 19 Why Collect Emails

Lecture 20 Email Databases and Email Collection

Lecture 21 Email Marketing Campaign

Lecture 22 Emails from Sales Funnels

Lecture 23 Email Marketing Best Practices

Section 7: Social Media Marketing

Lecture 24 Social Media Marketing Overview – Why Use It?

Lecture 25 Organic Versus Paid SMM

Lecture 26 Instagram Best Practices

Lecture 27 Facebook Best Practices

Lecture 28 LinkedIn Best Practices

Lecture 29 TikTok Best Practices

Lecture 30 YouTube Best Practices

Section 8: Advertising

Lecture 31 Google Ads and PPC

Lecture 32 Social Media Advertising

Section 9: Additional Lessons

Lecture 33 THANK YOU!!!

Lecture 34 Create Multiple Content from a Single Source

Lecture 35 Graphic Design with NO Experience – How to Do it Yourself

Lecture 36 Backlinks

Beginners with no prior knowledge of digital marketing.,Anyone with basic knowledge of digital marketing.,Advance users who want to maximize their digital marketing efforts.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 3m | 6.57 GB
Created by: Mike Wood

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