Digital Marketing Mastery

End the confusion surrounding digital marketing once and for all and confidently create marketing that delivers results.
Digital Marketing Mastery
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Digital Marketing Mastery

What you’ll learn

Design a marketing funnel and assign relevant KPI’s
Create 8 different pieces of content marketing to overcome each potential customer object
Write a 3-part email indoctrination series to welcome people to your email list and business
Determine the best marketing strategy for the business objective (search vs discovery)
Identify and locate their ideal customers online and create a plan to engage with them there

Digital Marketing Mastery


This is not a “start a business from scratch” course. They should already have a business idea, experience, or case study in mind.


Digital Marketing Mastery will give you the skills, strategy, and resources that will allow you to confidently create marketing that drives results and the ability to grow ANY business.You’ll discover the proven principles that all great marketing campaigns are built on and learn how to create killer campaigns of your very own.Learn how to tap into a neverending supply of content ideas and create high converting content that makes sales without sounding “salesy” and the secret to overcoming objections in advance.Identify and target your perfect market online and create the most effective social media marketing campaigns using today’s most popular platforms.Design and build your own automatic customer-generating marketing funnel and discover the simple strategy that guarantees profitability right from the very first click.Email marketing is one of the most effective and profitable tools available to today’s modern digital marketer. This will show you exactly how to make email your email list your most valuable asset. Ever.Data is what separates the amateurs from the pros. Discover the most important digital marketing metrics to track and create your very own digital marketing metrics tracking sheet.Above all else…Digital Marketing Mastery will give you the skills, strategy, and resources that will allow you to confidently create marketing that drives results and the ability to grow ANY business.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduce instructor and background, course overview

Lecture 2 Activity – Reflection activity: What do you want to get out of this course

Section 2: Section 2: Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Lecture 3 Lecture 3: Digital Marketing 101

Lecture 4 Lecture 4 Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning and Differentiation

Lecture 5 Lecture 5: 80/20 Marketing

Lecture 6 Lecture 6: Ideal Customer Avatar (demo, geo, psycho)

Lecture 7 Lecture 7: Activity – Identifying your ideal customer (Ideal Avatar Worksheet)

Lecture 8 Lecture 8 Business Model Optimization (offers, tiers, retention)

Lecture 9 Lecture 9 Market Research

Section 3: Section 3: Content Marketing (5 lectures)

Lecture 10 Lecture 10 How to make sales with your business’s story

Lecture 11 Lecture 11: Activity – Write a story using these guidelines

Lecture 12 Lecture 12: The 8 Types Of Effective Content

Lecture 13 Lecture 13: Activity – Create 8 different pieces of content marketing

Lecture 14 Lecture 14 How to overcome the 7 most common buying objections

Lecture 15 Lecture 15 The Content Multiplier Formula (How to turn 1 into 12)

Lecture 16 Lecture 16 – SEO (How To Optimize Your Content)

Section 4: Section 4: Social Media Marketing (7 lectures) – Keep it shorter

Lecture 17 Lecture 17 -Intro to social media – focus on video

Lecture 18 Lecture 18- Facebook

Lecture 19 Lecture 19 – Instagram

Lecture 20 Lecture 20 -YouTube

Lecture 21 Lecture 21 – LinkedIn

Lecture 22 Lecture 22 -Twitter

Lecture 23 Lecture 23-TikTok

Lecture 24 Lecture 24: Activity – Identify and locate their ideal customers online

Section 5: Section 5: The Marketing Funnel (i.e. Customer Journey) (3 lectures)

Lecture 25 Lecture 25 – How to create a customer generating marketing funnel

Lecture 26 Lecture 26 – Digital Marketing Math (funnel math)

Lecture 27 Lecture 27: Activity – Design a marketing funnel and assign relevant KPI’s

Section 6: Section 6: Email Marketing (5 lectures)

Lecture 28 Lecture 28 – The 10 Key Elements To All High Performing Emails

Lecture 29 Lecture 29 – 7 Proven Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

Lecture 30 Lecture 30 – 10 Email Marketing Tips To Make More Sales

Lecture 31 Lecture 31 – Email Marketing Automation

Lecture 32 Lecture 32: Activity – Write a 3-part email indoctrination series

Section 7: Section 7: Data & Analytics ( 3 lectures)

Lecture 33 Lecture 33 – Digital Marketing Metrics

Lecture 34 Lecture 34: Activity – Creating a Digital Marketing Tracking Sheet

Lecture 35 Lecture 35 – What’s Next?

A marketer, marketing director, marketing manager, or CMO who wants to make sure that they understand their field and position and important points and concepts that aren’t taught in business school.,They are responsible for overseeing the businesses marketing strategy and need to know what’s important and what’s not, where to focus their efforts, attention, and budget, and how to measure and manage their campaigns. They have a basic understanding of marketing but are often unable to apply theoretical knowledge

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Udemy | English | 1h 45m | 2.76 GB
Created by: Adam Erhart

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