Digital Marketing Strategy Profitable Sales Funnel Mastery

Learn to build a profitable sales funnel through captivating free offers, sales pages and email marketing sequences.
Digital Marketing Strategy Profitable Sales Funnel Mastery
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Maggie Stara


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Digital Marketing Strategy Profitable Sales Funnel Mastery

What you’ll learn

The anatomy of profitable sales funnels
The different ways in which a business can grow
How to increase sales for your business by presenting offers at different price points
How to develop a solid digital marketing strategy for any business
How to effectively catering your content to your buyer’s journey
How to leverage sales and marketing funnels to grow business revenue
How to create effective and profitable emails, landing pages and sales pages
How to leverage social proof from past customers to increase future sales
How to measure the success of your marketing efforts and the basics of conversion rate optimisation

Digital Marketing Strategy Profitable Sales Funnel Mastery


A curiosity to learn the successful sales strategies of some of the world’s biggest brands
Access to a laptop as most of the course is not completely suitable for people looking to follow along on a smaller screen


You might be surprised to learn that there are really only three ways to use digital marketing strategies to grow your business:Increase the number of customersIncrease the average transaction value per customerIncrease the number of transactions per customerAnd in this course, you’re going to learn how to execute on each one of these.We will go through all of the ins and outs of creating profitable sales funnels that can help scale your business on autopilot while also giving your target audience an authentic and personalised experience throughout.But I’ve often found that people don’t end up succeeding with their sales funnel because they’re trying to do too much too fast.So in this course, I want to overcome this problem by presenting the lessons in the following sections, slowly increasing the level of difficulty:Within the theory and understanding section you will learn:How to identify who your target audience is and how to sell to them in a non-salesy wayWhy sales funnels are the key to your business growth and where a lot of businesses go wrongWhat your strategy should be at the top (or beginning) of your sales funnelWhat your strategy should be in the middle of your sales funnelWhat your strategy should be at the bottom (or end) of your sales funnelHow to cater your strategy to the mindset of your audience to create a positive customer experience at every stageHow to use metrics to optimise the profitability of your sales funnel and what to look forWithin the planning and set up sections you will learn:How to leverage different pricing levels of your offers to get more value out of each customerHow to map out your profitable sales funnel and execute on your tailored digital marketing strategyWhat tools and offers you need to have in place in order to create a sales funnel that is actually designed to make you money.How to launch a sales funnel and even begin making money from it even if you don’t have anything to sell yet or an audience to sell to.In the building and execution section you will learn:How to write, design and build profitable landing pages, sales pages and email sequences for your customers using a tool called GetResponse.Finally, in the advanced section of the course you will learn:How to go even further with your sales funnel by taking you through techniques for creating additional paid offers within your funnel and optimising for your best performing assets.How to use additional free tools within your funnel to help you handle customer objections and increase social proof on your sales pages.Some marketers (including me) have been through years of trial and error to master the elements you will be able to master in just a few short hours in this class.Are you ready to learn the exact sales and marketing strategies used by some of the biggest brands in the world?I can’t wait to see you on the inside!


Section 1: Understanding Sales Funnels

Lecture 1 What You Can Expect to Learn

Lecture 2 Strategy vs Implementation

Lecture 3 Establish Your Goals

Lecture 4 Identify Your Ideal Customer Avatars

Lecture 5 Why Funnels are the Key to Your Success

Lecture 6 Your Top of the Funnel Strategy

Lecture 7 Additional Top of the Funnel Strategies

Lecture 8 Your Middle of the Funnel Strategy

Lecture 9 Your Bottom of the Funnel Strategy

Lecture 10 Cater to the Buyer’s Journey

Lecture 11 Use Metrics to Build Profitability

Lecture 12 Become a Tripwire Marketing Master

Section 2: Plan Out Your Funnel

Lecture 13 Plan Out Your Funnel Overview

Lecture 14 Embrace Customer Value Optimisation

Lecture 15 Select Your Traffic Source and Free Offer

Lecture 16 Leverage the Power of Pricing

Lecture 17 Build Out Your Profitable Strategy

Lecture 18 Assignment Introduction

Lecture 19 Get to Know Funnelytics

Section 3: Setting Up

Lecture 20 Setting Up Overview

Lecture 21 Tools to Have in Place Before You Begin

Lecture 22 Offers to Have in Place Before You Begin

Lecture 23 Create Your Free Offer in Canva

Lecture 24 Sell Before You’re Ready – Kickstarter Marketing

Lecture 25 Earn While You Learn with Affiliate Marketing

Lecture 26 Learn From Your Competitors

Section 4: Build Your Funnel

Lecture 27 Build Your Funnel Overview

Lecture 28 Set Up Your Account

Lecture 29 Set Up Your Tracking

Lecture 30 How I’ve Structured My Offer

Lecture 31 Organise Your Assets

Lecture 32 What Makes a Killer Landing Page

Lecture 33 Landing Page Examples

Lecture 34 Write Your Killer Landing Page

Lecture 35 Create Your Killer Landing Page

Lecture 36 Optimise for Mobile View

Lecture 37 Create a Privacy Policy

Lecture 38 Autofunnels Explained

Lecture 39 How to Make a Sales Page Converts

Lecture 40 Sales Page Examples

Lecture 41 Write Your Sales Page

Lecture 42 Build Your Sales Page

Lecture 43 Create Your Order Form

Lecture 44 What Makes a Perfect Email Marketing Sequence

Lecture 45 What Makes an Irresistible Email

Lecture 46 Write Your Email Sequence

Lecture 47 Publish Your Pages

Lecture 48 Build Your Email Sequence

Lecture 49 Attach a PDF to Your Emails

Lecture 50 Set Up Your Automations

Section 5: Launch and Test Your Funnel

Lecture 51 Launch and Test Overview

Lecture 52 Complete Your Launch Checklist

Lecture 53 Test Your Funnel

Lecture 54 A Look Into a Live Funnel

Lecture 55 Promote Your Funnel

Lecture 56 Create a Custom Entry Point for Affiliates

Lecture 57 Measure Your Success

Section 6: Advanced Tips and Tricks

Lecture 58 Advanced Lessons Overview

Lecture 59 Integrate Multiple Payment Processors

Lecture 60 Optimise For Your Best Performers

Lecture 61 Increase Your Revenue Per Customer

Lecture 62 Set Up Your Tripwire

Lecture 63 Live Chat and Social Proof Overview

Lecture 64 Get Personal With a Live Chat

Lecture 65 Leverage Social Proof in Real Time

Lecture 66 Get to Know Google Tag Manager

Lecture 67 Track User Behaviour Through Heatmaps

Lecture 68 Nail Your Negotiation Skills

Lecture 69 Deliver Your Paid Offer with Zapier

Lecture 70 Send Newsletters and Test Subject Lines

Lecture 71 Thank You So Much

Section 7: Course Resources

Lecture 72 Bonus Materials

Existing or aspiring digital marketers wanting to build sales funnels for clients,Business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to build sales funnels for their own business

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Created by: Maggie Stara

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