Digital Product Management Build effective DigitalProducts

Learn hypothesis & experimentation based, data & metrics driven product management to build great Digital Products
Digital Product Management Build effective DigitalProducts
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Digital Product Management Build effective DigitalProducts

What you’ll learn

Digital Value Proposition
Digital Product Management Thinking
Prioritization in Digital Products
Portfolio of Metrics – Business metrics, Customer metrics, Product metrics
Product Lifecycle Stages, A Framework for North Star and supporting metrics
Performing Product Analytics
A/B Testing
Industry Case Studies and Applications
Understand & Create Digital Business Models
Create Data Driven Roadmaps
Leverage Product Analytics for decision making
A framework to identify the focus metric and supporting metrics for any digital product

Digital Product Management Build effective DigitalProducts


No previous experience required – course will teach you everything you need to know


LEARN & LEVERAGE DIGITAL PRODUCT MANAGEMENT THINKING, TOOLS, METRICS TO BUILD MODERN USER FOCUSED DIGITAL PRODUCTSLearn experimentation, hypothesis-driven development, data & metrics informed decision making in creating digital products.The explosion of the SaaS model in recent years has been monumental in changing the technological landscape, and this shift to the cloud, naturally, has had a major impact on the product space and how product managers and teams – whether old or new – perform their job. In this course you will learn the key aspects that are required from a Digital and SaaS Product manager. You will gain insights into all the important tools and skills that are required for being a successful SaaS Product Manager.What will you Learn?Digital Value PropositionDigital Product Management ThinkingPrioritization in Digital ProductsPortfolio of Metrics – Business metrics, Customer metrics, Product metricsProduct Lifecycle Stages, A Framework for North Star and supporting metricsPerforming Product AnalyticsA/B Testing   Industry Case Studies and ApplicationsTop skills you will learnUnderstand & Create Digital Business ModelsCreate Data Driven RoadmapsLeverage Product Analytics for decision makingA framework to identify the focus metric and supporting metrics for any digital productIdeal ForEngineers or those in other functional roles who are considering a transition into Product/ Digital Product Management roles. Product Managers looking to learn a structured approach to digital product management thinking.


Section 1: Course Overview

Lecture 1 Setting the Context

Lecture 2 Course Overview

Lecture 3 Learning Outcomes

Section 2: Chapter 2 – The Digital Value Proposition

Lecture 4 Digital Technologies and Value Proposition

Lecture 5 Constant Experimentation

Lecture 6 Digital Product Management Thinking

Section 3: Chapter 3 – Digital Business Models

Lecture 7 Understanding Business Models

Lecture 8 Digital Business Models

Section 4: Chapter 4 – Day in the life of a DPM

Lecture 9 Projects, Features in different stages

Lecture 10 Working with cross functional teams

Section 5: Chapter 5 – Prioritization in Digital Products

Lecture 11 Prioritization overview

Lecture 12 Popular Prioritization Frameworks

Section 6: Chapter 6 – Data Driven Road maps

Lecture 13 Road map and its Components

Lecture 14 How to use Product Road maps

Lecture 15 Data Driven Road map

Section 7: Chapter 7 – Portfolio of Metrics

Lecture 16 Why Metrics Matter

Lecture 17 Product Metrics

Lecture 18 Business Metrics

Lecture 19 Customer Metrics

Lecture 20 Goals driven Metrics

Section 8: Chapter 8 – Framework for Metrics That Matter

Lecture 21 Product Lifecycle Stages, GAME Framework & North Star Metric

Lecture 22 GAME for Problem Discovery & Validation

Lecture 23 GAME for Problem-Solution Fit

Lecture 24 GAME for Product-Market Fit

Lecture 25 GAME for Business Model Fit & Scale

Section 9: Chapter 9 – Product Analytics & Analytics Platforms

Lecture 26 Product Analytics Basics

Lecture 27 Users and Events

Lecture 28 Performing Product Analytics

Lecture 29 Product Analytics Platforms & Capabilities

Section 10: Chapter 10 – Experimentation and Hypothesis Testing

Lecture 30 Experimentation in Digital products – Overview

Lecture 31 Build-Measure-Learn Feedback loop

Lecture 32 A/B Testing

Section 11: Chapter 11 – AARRR – Pirate Metrics

Lecture 33 AARRR Framework

Lecture 34 Acquisition

Lecture 35 Activation

Lecture 36 Retention and Engagement

Lecture 37 Referral

Lecture 38 Revenue

Section 12: Chapter 12 -Industry Case Studies

Lecture 39 Hypothesis Testing – AirBnB

Lecture 40 Retention Case Study – Calm

Lecture 41 Referral Case Study – Dropbox

Section 13: Chapter 13 – Summary

Lecture 42 Summary

Product Managers,Aspiring Digital Product Managers,Product Growth Managers,Product Developers,Product Marketing Managers,Engineers,Anyone working in the digital products field who wishes to more fully understand the value and values of the Product Management Role.

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Created by: Institute of Product Leadership

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