Digital TransformationA Practical Integrated ApproachIII

PART – III, Architecting and Designing Digital Transformation Systems
Digital TransformationA Practical Integrated ApproachIII
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Dr. Issam Wadi


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Digital TransformationA Practical Integrated ApproachIII

What you’ll learn

Understand the basic concepts of Digital solutions and Transformation
Understand the prerequisites to start a successful Digital Transformation project
Learn (high level in this part) the basic architecture and layers of Digital solutions hierarchy
Learn about the main pillars and components of IR4.0 and Digital Transformation
Learn the challenges in such projects
Learn the benefits of Digital solutions
Learn the relation of Digital Transformation to IR4.0
Introduction to best practice used in estimating costs, budgets and managing risks (details of all these in next parts of the course)

Digital TransformationA Practical Integrated ApproachIII


User of IT systems, no programming or deep knowledge of IT systems needed.
Good understanding of English and basic education (high school, college or university).


This part of the “Digital Technology & Transformation course”, is part III (Architecting & Designing Digital Transformation projects & Systems”, which is the technical and design part, intended for IT professional, engineers and technical managers, who want to know more about the technical, design, engineering and technology aspects of Digital Technology, solutions and projects. It follows parts I & II,  which covered; introduction to this technology & projects, and  covered its applications in over twelve sectors. This part shall help participants in understanding the underlying technology, design methods, challenges, architecting, integration requirements and techniques of such complex and advanced solutions. It covers over thirteen lessons, each ends by a quiz. This part also explains the difference between the “engineering” way vs “IT” way in designing and delivering these projects and the characteristics, pros and cons of each. It also discusses; design optimization, QA/QC issues, testing and site works. At the end, it gives brief explanation of real Digital Transformation projects and examples, which were done or led by the instructor in different sectors. The course discusses also risks and challenges, gives very important tips for the success of these projects, based on over forty years of experience in automation, IT and Digitization, beside teaching this technology in the academia.Part IV, “Managing Digital Transformation projects”, for those who want to learn how to manage such projects, will follow soon.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Digital Transformation – Part III

Section 2: Digital Transformation, Lesson – 1

Lecture 2 Background & History

Section 3: Digital Transformation, Lesson – 2

Lecture 3 Design & Architecting Prerequisites

Section 4: Digital Transformation, Lesson – 3

Lecture 4 Current IT&A systems C/Cs & practice

Section 5: Digital Transformation, Lesson – 4

Lecture 5 DT, Applications & Technologies involved

Section 6: Digital Transformation, Lesson – 5

Lecture 6 DT Systems Design & Architecting

Section 7: Digital Transformation, Lesson – 6

Lecture 7 DT Project Deliverables

Section 8: Digital Transformation, Lesson – 7

Lecture 8 Impact of existing systems & projects

Section 9: Digital Transformation, Lesson – 8

Lecture 9 Technical Solution & Design Approach-Tips

Section 10: Digital Transformation, Lesson – 9

Lecture 10 Integration Techniques & Tools

Section 11: Digital Transformation, Lesson – 10

Lecture 11 Testing, Planning, Types & Methods

Section 12: Digital Transformation, Lesson – 11

Lecture 12 QA/QC

Section 13: Digital Transformation, Lesson – 12

Lecture 13 Site Work & Support

Section 14: Digital Transformation, Lesson – 13

Lecture 14 Real DT cases from projects in different sectors

Section 15: Digital Transformation, Bonus Lecture

Lecture 15 Bonus Lecture

User of IT systems

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Created by: Dr. Issam Wadi

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