Discharge Body and Emotion MemoriesDischarge Habit Sabotage

Liberate you from you and your current life situations.
Discharge Body and Emotion MemoriesDischarge Habit Sabotage
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Robert Wilson


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Discharge Body and Emotion MemoriesDischarge Habit Sabotage

What you’ll learn

Stop Healing the past and liberate you now expanding out of past in your present moment experiences and events.
Developing a fresh vocabulary that quiets the thinking knowing mind opens a enterprising wisdom to xpand of your desired life style.
Discharging habit sabotage of your subconscious mind frozen time representations liberating you from you.
Pure Liberation awakens your sovereign xpansion, politically incorrect inspiration to unsheathe your imagination, innovation and unique talents.
Stop being a servant to your past
The body is the subconscious mind
Life occurs for you now
Expand out of yesterday energize today’s trailblazer optimism to xperience the lifestyle you desire.
My responsibilities is to answer your questions and be available to make sure your life xpanding xperience is fun and dynamic for you.

Discharge Body and Emotion MemoriesDischarge Habit Sabotage


The requirements for this course is listen for the wisdom, insight and understanding that energizes you uncover and discover your unique trailblazing talents.
Listening to the audios and writing to fill out the PDF’s to xpand your life.


Discharging Body and Emotion memories and Discharging Habit Sabotage liberates you from you and your opinions, viewpoints, beliefs, childhood, parents and ancestors way of life. Discharging body emotions and habit sabotage stops you from blaming outside sources and feeling the shame of what other people.The body is the subconscious mind so to discharge your past the body and emotions memories to stop being a servant to your past.  Your thinking knowing memory mind is controlled by your subconscious, unconscious, body and emotions are silent controllers of your daily life and your reactions to your daily life events, experiences and events.Fear is never false experiences appearing real is a fallacy. Fear is memory from the past that controls your reactions and the way you interact with your daily experiences.  This course for student, so with this course, you’ll learn how to identify patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you and replace them with healthier, more empowering ones. You’ll also learn how to use proven techniques for discharging body and emotion memories, and how to create healthier habits and behaviors that will help you reach your goals.Sovereign expansion awakens inner sovereign wherewithal that energizes your inner wealth and exhilarates your venturers abilities to expand out of the past energizing today enterprising your desired lifestyle experiencing your life of leisure.  Forever being in the flow of letting go electrifying your glow of genuine liminal optimistic wisdom energizing your imagination to expand through all life experiences trusting your trendsetter talents loving life. Liberation over heal calms your inner landscape rising your into your liminal lingo to rise above your current life situations.By the end of the course, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how your emotions, memories, and habits are connected and how to use this knowledge to improve your life.


Section 1: Discharge Habit Sabotage

Lecture 1 Discharge Habit Sabotage

Section 2: Discharge Body and Emotion Memories

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 7 Gifts of Liberation

Lecture 4 7 Ways You are the Hero of Your Now

Lecture 5 Entertain the Brain

Section 3: Inspirations Color your Accomplished Scenarios

Lecture 6 Inspirations Colors Your Accomplished Scenarios

Section 4: 7 Emancipation Expressions

Lecture 7 7 Emancipating xpressions

Section 5: Discharging Habit Sabotage

Lecture 8 Discharging Habit Sabotage

Section 6: Discharging Body and Emotions Memories

Lecture 9 Discharging Body and Emotions Memories

Section 7: FO FT Attitude

Lecture 10 FO FT Attitude

Lecture 11 7 Emancipating Xpressions

Section 8: 7 Ways to Calm the Communication between the Brain and Subconscious

Lecture 12 7 Ways to Calm the Communication between the Brain and Subconscious

Section 9: 7 Ways I AM the Unmanipulator of My Life.

Lecture 13 7 Ways I AM the Unmanipulator of My Life.

This course Pure Liberation to awaken you to appreciate you for who you are realizing and admitting your are a success what where you are. So now you understand you begin as a success xpanding of wisdom to appreciate your wealth now.,I am showing you the way I xpanded my life and rouse above my limitations to enjoy my lif.e

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 6m | 7.98 GB
Created by: Robert Wilson

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