Disciplined Dreaming Lead Breakthrough Creativity at Work

Use Josh Linkner’s Disciplined Dreaming system to learn how to use creativity & innovation to drive results
Disciplined Dreaming Lead Breakthrough Creativity at Work
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Disciplined Dreaming Lead Breakthrough Creativity at Work

What you’ll learn

Build a system for expanding your creative capacity, fueling competitive advantage, and producing personal and professional growth.
Launch your leadership as a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, creative mind!
Understand the power of creativity related to engagement, empowerment and employee retention.
Practice the Disciplined Dreaming process and develop creative solutions to a current challenge.

Disciplined Dreaming Lead Breakthrough Creativity at Work


Desire for building one’s creativity muscle.
Interest in growing your leadership role through nimbleness, grit and creativity!
Folks ready to rediscover their inner, innate creative nature.


In today’s highly competitive world, leaders and organizations will only enjoy sustainable success if they build and harness a culture of innovation. Innovation is the most powerful force to fuel growth, develop competitive advantage, and build personal and professional growth. This interactive training workshop is designed to systematically unlock the creative potential of the student to solve complex problems, seize opportunities and realize profound economic success. This system is based on 5-time tech entrepreneur Josh Linkner’s New York Times bestseller, Disciplined Dreaming. Now translated into 13 languages and regarded as the best new approach to driving breakthrough creativity worldwide, Disciplined Dreaming illustrates a flexible system that can be deployed to solve any challenge, big or small. This course will take you step by step through the process of unlocking your full creative potential. Fluid enough to enable transformational thinking, yet structured enough to offer a clear process for all levels and roles, this systematic approach will help leaders gain competitive advantage, drive efficiencies, create new products and services, and fuel employee engagement.As you embark on understanding and leveraging Josh’s method, you will:Understand the 5-step Disciplined Dreaming process.Reconnect with your creative abilities.Embrace a systematic approach to conquer challenges and seize opportunities.Identify and overcome myths and blockers of innovation.Master unorthodox, yet surprisingly powerful and fun, brainstorming techniques.Explore best practice approaches to idea selection and executing on innovation.Internalize the core principles of building a sustainable culture of innovation.This workshop is for individuals and teams energized to drive change, but struggling to get started.What if you could:Build a systematic approach to developing creative problem-solvingLearn critical skills to dramatically improve your innovation capacityTackle significant real-world opportunities and challenges with easeJoin Josh on this Disciplined Dreaming journey today and learn how!


Section 1: Setting The Stage

Lecture 1 Introduction to Josh Linkner & Disciplined Dreaming, A Proven System to Drive

Lecture 2 Getting the Most out of Disciplined Dreaming

Lecture 3 The Case for Creativity

Lecture 4 Take the Creativity Assessment

Lecture 5 Understanding Your Score

Section 2: Disciplined Dreaming – A Proven Framework to Drive Breakthrough Creativity

Lecture 6 Introduction to Disciplined Dreaming

Lecture 7 Everyone is Hard Wired for Creativity

Section 3: Step 1: ASK

Lecture 8 Introduction to Step 1 – ASK

Lecture 9 Beware of the Pike Syndrome

Lecture 10 Introduction to the Creativity Brief

Lecture 11 Further Defining your Creativity Challenge

Section 4: Step 2: PREPARE

Lecture 12 Introduction to Step 2 – PREPARE

Lecture 13 The Importance of Preparation

Lecture 14 Warming Up Your Mind

Lecture 15 Get in the Right Environment

Lecture 16 Beware of Creativity Killers

Section 5: Step 3: DISCOVER

Lecture 17 Introduction to Step 3 – DISCOVER

Lecture 18 Recognizing Inflection Points and Patterns

Lecture 19 The Borrowed Idea

Section 6: Step 4: IGNITE

Lecture 20 Introduction to Step 4 – IGNITE

Lecture 21 The Bad Idea Technique

Lecture 22 SCAMPER Technique

Lecture 23 The Judo Flip Technique

Lecture 24 Role Storming Technique

Lecture 25 Invent Your Enemy Technique

Section 7: Step 5: LAUNCH

Lecture 26 Overview of Step 5 – LAUNCH

Lecture 27 Selecting Your Best Ideas

Lecture 28 Testing Your Idea

Lecture 29 Building Your Action Plan

Section 8: Wrap Up

Lecture 30 You Can Do It – The Top 6 Creativity Myths

Lecture 31 Recap of the Disciplined Dreaming Process

Lecture 32 How Can We Help?

Anyone interested in raising the bar on their creativity.,Business leaders or aspiring leaders hoping to create change.,Those interested in taking responsible risks to create growth for themselves and their organization.,Anyone interested in connecting in a deeper way with their clients/customer/target audience.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 41m | 2.16 GB
Created by: Josh Linkner

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