Django Rest Framework

Create REST APIs using Python and Django in simple steps
Django Rest Framework
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Django Rest Framework

What you’ll learn

Learn what REST APIs are and why we need them
Create REST APIs using Function Based Views
Create REST APIs using Class Based Views
Use mixins, generics and viewsets
Configure Router and Routes for your REST APIs
Secure you REST APIs using Authentication and Authorization

Django Rest Framework


Knowledge of Python and Django
Atom or PyCharm (Installation of Atom is covered in easy setup section)


Sample of the reviews:Good Course. I like the teaching style, short videos with good focus subject coverage such that I can manage my time more effectively. – Mark MneimnehGreat Course. Good Basic Knowledge of the Framework – Gus MinorThe course is good for beginners. I looked for this type of course, short and specific. I learned from it. I got a better understanding of drf. – Fidel Rosell—Are you a python and Django developer who wants to create python rest apis while mastering Django Rest Framework(DRF)? Are you an experienced Django Developer who wants to fill in any gaps in your knowledge of creating a REST APIs using Django REST Framework then this course is for you too.DRF is the most widely used Web Application Development framework in the industry today. Django makes it super easy to create production ready web applications. You will start this course by learning what Django REST Framework is ,the different features that are a part of every Django REST application .You will be working hands on one feature at a time .You will then create a web application using all the knowledge you gain from those sections.Learn what REST APIs are and why we need themCreate REST APIs using Function Based ViewsCreate REST APIs using Class Based ViewsUse mixins, generics and ViewSetsConfigure Router and Routes for your REST APIsSecure you REST APIs using Authentication and AuthorizationWhat are the requirements?  Knowledge of Python , Atom or PyCharm (Installation of Atom is covered in easy setup section)


Section 1: Start Here

Lecture 1 Course and Instructor Introduction

Lecture 2 How to make the best of this course

Section 2: Introduction

Lecture 3 What is REST?

Lecture 4 Why REST

Lecture 5 What and Why DJango REST Framework

Section 3: Software Setup

Lecture 6 Install DJango

Lecture 7 Install DJango REST Framework

Lecture 8 Install MySql and MySql workbench

Lecture 9 Launch MySql workbench

Lecture 10 Windows Only -Install Mysql

Lecture 11 Windows Only – Install Mysql Workbench

Lecture 12 Install python mysqlclient

Lecture 13 Install ATOM

Lecture 14 Install Postman

Lecture 15 Download Completed Projects

Lecture 16 Download Slides

Section 4: REST in Action

Lecture 17 Create the Project

Lecture 18 Create a view

Lecture 19 Configure the URL and TEST

Lecture 20 Create app level urls

Lecture 21 Create a model class

Lecture 22 Configure the database and run migrations

Lecture 23 Use the model in the view and test

Section 5: Function Based Views and Serializers

Lecture 24 DRF Components

Lecture 25 Function Based Views

Lecture 26 Serializers

Lecture 27 Create the Project

Lecture 28 Create the Model

Lecture 29 Create the Serializer

Lecture 30 GET single student

Lecture 31 Create Student

Lecture 32 Use @api_view

Lecture 33 Implement Primary Key Based Operations

Lecture 34 Configure the URLs

Lecture 35 Test

Lecture 36 Test Using Postman

Section 6: Class Based Views

Lecture 37 Introduction

Lecture 38 Create the Project

Lecture 39 Implement Non Primary Key Based Operations

Lecture 40 Implement Primary Key Based Operations

Lecture 41 Configure the URLs and TEST

Section 7: Mixins

Lecture 42 Introduction

Lecture 43 Non Primary Key based operations

Lecture 44 Primary Key based operations

Lecture 45 Configure the URLs and TEST

Section 8: Generic Views

Lecture 46 Introduction

Lecture 47 Generics in action

Section 9: ViewSets

Lecture 48 Introduction

Lecture 49 Create ViewSet

Lecture 50 Configure URLs and Test

Section 10: Nested Serializers

Lecture 51 Create the project

Lecture 52 Create model

Lecture 53 Create Serializers

Lecture 54 Create REST endpoints

Lecture 55 Configure URLs

Lecture 56 Test

Section 11: Pagination

Lecture 57 Introduction

Lecture 58 Pagination in action

Lecture 59 Pagination at class level

Lecture 60 Using LimitOffsetPagination

Section 12: Filtering

Lecture 61 Introduction

Lecture 62 Install and Configure Django Filter Module

Lecture 63 Filters in action

Lecture 64 Use Search Filter

Lecture 65 More About Search Filter

Lecture 66 Use Ordering Filter

Section 13: Security

Lecture 67 Introduction

Lecture 68 Authentication in action

Lecture 69 Authorization in action

Lecture 70 Global Security

Section 14: Flight Reservation API

Lecture 71 Usecase

Lecture 72 Create the Project

Lecture 73 Create Model Classes

Lecture 74 Create Reservation Model

Lecture 75 Create Serializers

Lecture 76 Create ViewSets

Lecture 77 Configure the Router

Lecture 78 Run Migrations

Lecture 79 Initial round of testing

Lecture 80 Implement findFlights endpoint

Lecture 81 Test findFlights

Lecture 82 Implement Save Reservation

Lecture 83 Test Save Reservation

Section 15: Validations

Lecture 84 In-Built Validations

Lecture 85 Allowing Blank and Null Values

Lecture 86 Create Custom Validator

Lecture 87 Two more ways

Section 16: Token Auth

Lecture 88 Introduction

Lecture 89 Configure Token Auth

Lecture 90 Create Users and Token

Lecture 91 Token Auth in action

Lecture 92 Automate Token Creation

Section 17: Create a Angular Frontend

Lecture 93 Introduction

Lecture 94 Install Angular

Lecture 95 Install Visual Studio Code IDE

Lecture 96 Change Model Relationships

Lecture 97 Configure CORS Support

Lecture 98 Project Walk Through

Lecture 99 Create Project

Lecture 100 LoginService Part 1

Lecture 101 LoginService Part 2

Lecture 102 ReservationService Part 1

Lecture 103 ReservationService Part 2

Lecture 104 Refactor Services

Lecture 105 Configure Routes

Lecture 106 Download HTML and Model

Lecture 107 Find Flights Part 1

Lecture 108 Find Flights Part 2

Lecture 109 Bootstrap the application

Lecture 110 Test findFlights

Lecture 111 Display Flights Part 1

Lecture 112 Display Flights Part 2

Lecture 113 Passenger Details Part 1

Lecture 114 Passenger Details Part 2

Lecture 115 Test Create Reservation

Lecture 116 Implement Confirmation Reservation

Section 18: Wrap Up

Lecture 117 Bonus Lecture

Python developers who want to master Django REST Framework,Programmers who wants to develop REST APIs using Python and Django REST Framework,This course shows you how to create a REST API project from scratch,This is not for students who are looking for solutions to all real time project problems

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Udemy | English | 6h 33m | 2.73 GB
Created by: Bharath Thippireddy

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