Do your own UK Tax Return

Everything you need to know to submit your own UK self assessment tax return online with HMRC
Do your own UK Tax Return
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Do your own UK Tax Return

What you’ll learn

* Learn how to submit your own UK self assessment tax return online to HMRC *
How to get organised for doing your own tax return
How to access and login to the HMRC website
How to find your way around the HMRC website
How to input your employment figures – including where to find the information
How to input your self employment figures – you need to already know your income and expenses!
How to input other income – including where to find the information
How to add your allowances and reliefs
How to answer the HMRC questions that are hard to understand when you’re not an accountant
How to complete your tax return

Do your own UK Tax Return


You will need internet access


In this “How to do your own tax return” I will show you step-by-step how to submit your own UK self assessment tax return online with HMRC.If you are a UK based small business owner with a straightforward business or an individual who needs to submit a tax return you can easily do it by yourself.You will save on accountants fees and you will be in control of when your tax return is submitted.I will cover what you need to include on your tax return, explain where you can find the information and then show you how to input on the HMRC website.It’s not an accounting course, so you will need to know your self employment income and expenses to include on your return.It’s also not meant for complex businesses, where I would still recommend using an accountant.If you have capital gains or foreign income, please be aware that I haven’t covered these.  But for most people, these sections will not be required.At the end of the course, you will realise that completing your own UK tax return is not as scary as you think.  You can do it, and next year you will find it even easier!The examples I show you are for the 2017-2018 tax year, but can still be used to help you complete your current year tax return.


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Welcome to the course

Section 2: About Tax Returns

Lecture 2 About this section

Lecture 3 Who needs to do a tax return?

Lecture 4 Why do your own tax return?

Lecture 5 Tax return deadlines

Lecture 6 Payments on account

Section 3: Personal Information

Lecture 7 About this section

Lecture 8 National Insurance number

Lecture 9 Government Gateway login

Lecture 10 Unique Tax Reference (UTR)

Section 4: Being Organised

Lecture 11 About this section

Lecture 12 Why being organised is good!

Lecture 13 Creating a paper filing system

Lecture 14 Creating an online filing system

Section 5: Your HMRC Account

Lecture 15 About this section

Lecture 16 Logging in to your HMRC account

Lecture 17 Adding your personal details

Lecture 18 Tailoring your return

Lecture 19 Filling in your tax return

Section 6: UK Income – Employment

Lecture 20 About this section

Lecture 21 Earnings and tax

Lecture 22 Employee benefits and expenses

Section 7: UK Income – Self Employment

Lecture 23 About this section

Lecture 24 Accounting options

Lecture 25 Self employment information needed

Lecture 26 Entering self employment income

Lecture 27 National insurance contributions

Section 8: Other Income

Lecture 28 About this section

Lecture 29 Property income

Lecture 30 Interest income

Lecture 31 Dividend income

Lecture 32 Pension and benefit income

Section 9: Allowances and Reliefs

Lecture 33 About this section

Lecture 34 Pension payments

Lecture 35 Charitable giving

Lecture 36 Under and over payments

Section 10: Completing your Tax Return

Lecture 37 About this section

Lecture 38 Checking your return

Lecture 39 Viewing and checking your calculation

Lecture 40 Saving and submitting your return

Lecture 41 Making payment

Lecture 42 Bonus lecture

UK small business owners,UK individuals who need to submit a self assessment tax return,If you’re tax return is not complicated, with my help you can do it by yourself!

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Created by: Marion Thomson

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