Docker for NET Apps on Linux and Windows

Learn how to build, run and design .NET apps using Docker – with Windows for .NET Framework apps and Linux for .NET Core
Docker for NET Apps on Linux and Windows
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Docker for NET Apps on Linux and Windows

What you’ll learn

Core Docker concepts: containers, images and registries
Building and running .NET Framework apps in Windows containers
Building and running .NET Core apps in Linux and Windows containers
Defining and running multi-container apps with Docker Compose
Breaking up monolithic apps into a distributed architecture
How to prepare Dockerized .NET apps for production
How to run containers at scale using Docker Swarm

Docker for NET Apps on Linux and Windows


Familiarity with .NET apps – from a dev, ops or architecture background
Access to a Windows 10 machine to follow along with the exercises


Docker is a platform for running applications in lightweight units of compute called containers. You can take pretty much any app and run it in a container, and this course will teach you how to do that – with 100% focus on .NET applications and real-world skills. You’ll learn how to run .NET Framework applications in Windows containers, and .NET Core applications in Windows and Linux containers. Then you’ll see how to run new and old components in a distributed architecture with Docker Compose. Finally you’ll learn what you need to do to get your Dockerized .NET apps ready for production, and how it looks to run apps at scale in Docker Swarm.The learning journey in this course is honed from many years of teaching – you don’t need to have any existing Docker knowledge, you’ll start with the basics and add more knowledge with every lesson. And the content is honed from many years of consulting projects, helping organizations to move .NET apps to Docker and run them successfully in production. That can be the first step to modernizing monolithic applications, or for migrating on-premises applications to the cloud.Your instructor, Elton Stoneman, is a Docker Captain and a Microsoft MVP – and he’s been running containers in production since 2015.


Section 1: Understanding Docker on Windows and Linux

Lecture 1 Understanding Docker on Windows and Linux

Lecture 2 Installing Docker and Setting Up Your Environment

Lecture 3 Windows Container Basics

Lecture 4 Linux Container Basics

Lecture 5 Dockerfiles and Docker Images

Lecture 6 Docker Images, Tags and Registries

Lecture 7 .NET Base Images

Lecture 8 Section Recap

Section 2: Building and Running .NET Apps in Containers

Lecture 9 Building and Running .NET Apps in Containers

Lecture 10 Packaging Pre-built Applications

Lecture 11 Compiling and Packaging .NET Framework Apps

Lecture 12 Running Multi-container Applications

Lecture 13 Compiling and Packaging .NET Core Apps

Lecture 14 Integrating .NET Apps with the Docker Platform

Lecture 15 Section Recap

Section 3: Designing a Distributed Architecture

Lecture 16 Designing a Distributed Architecture

Lecture 17 Modelling Apps with Docker Compose

Lecture 18 Modernizing .NET Framework Apps

Lecture 19 Managing HTTP Traffic with a Reverse Proxy

Lecture 20 Using a Message Queue for Async Communication

Lecture 21 Adding Features with Message Handlers

Lecture 22 Running Cross Platform Distributed Apps

Lecture 23 Section Recap

Section 4: Preparing for Production

Lecture 24 Preparing for Production

Lecture 25 Logging Revisited

Lecture 26 Health and Readiness Checks

Lecture 27 Monitoring .NET Runtime Metrics

Lecture 28 Monitoring Application Metrics

Lecture 29 Persisting Data for Stateful Apps

Lecture 30 Persisting Data in SQL Server Containers

Lecture 31 Section Recap

Section 5: Running at Scale in a Container Platform

Lecture 32 Running at Scale with a Container Platform

Lecture 33 Creating a Docker Swarm Cluster

Lecture 34 Deploying Application Stacks

Lecture 35 High-availability and Scale

Lecture 36 Centralizing Log Collection

Lecture 37 Monitoring Dashboards

Lecture 38 Section Recap

.NET developers who want to build and run apps with Docker,.NET admins who want to deploy and manage apps with Docker,Docker users who want to run Windows workloads in containers,.NET architects who want to remodel monolithic applications,.NET users who want to migrate apps to the cloud

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 33m | 9.78 GB
Created by: Elton Stoneman

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