Double your business Marketing blueprintpricing strategy

Market research, positioning, sales funnels, pricing, advertising strategies… create your own marketing plan
Double your business Marketing blueprintpricing strategy
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Double your business Marketing blueprintpricing strategy

What you’ll learn

Get a clear marketing plan
Double your sales with a simple strategy
Double your leads using only one marketing tool
Double your profits with a single step

Double your business Marketing blueprintpricing strategy


Own a business
Have a product, or something you sell
Thinking of starting a business


I ‘m challenging you to double your sales, no matter what business you own.
Are you up for it? If so, you won’t go at it alone.
I have a marketing strategy that can double leads, double sales and double profit.
I will show you the biggest marketing secret that a marketing plan cannot be without. You can create your own in an afternoon with this step-by-step market research guide.You will exactly know who are your ideal customers, and how to create the perfect marketing message.You will position your business to articulate your main benefits to your targeted customers, and set you apart from your competitor. You just have to answer 4 simple question and you will got the formula.I will show you an easy sales funnel that can double your sales, if you integrate in your business. Copy and paste and use it with your products.I will teach you one simple trick what you can use in your ads to get more visible and double your leads. This is a working formula that you can use over and over.And we will talk about how to make the customer spend more that they originally wanted to. You just have to integrate this one simple step in the path to purchase.
Everybody who sells something, needs marketing. But not everybody knows how to do it. This course will teach you a basic marketing plan and every important elements of it. It’s a step-by-step marketing strategy that can be implemented in any business – simple as a child can do it.

*Note that it’s not a presentation of how to use marketing software or how to build a website. I am talking about the marketing fundamentals, pricing strategy and advertisement content writing. You can use your own website builder and autoresponder and build this knowledge in your business.
People who took this course say:
“Great information to get started in marketing your business and understanding your audience and how to reach them. The visual presentation is good and engaging, with lots of helpful information presented in easy-to-understand terms. – Earl Peters”
” I liked this course because the instructor goes straight to the point when explaining the strategies to help me grow my business. I particularly found interesting the section on ads with its tips on what works and what doesn’t, and I’ll use these tips for promoting my business. – Nadia G
“Hi Krisztina, thank you for taking the time to put together this excellent course on marketing. It is definitely a 10 star course. Easily the best marketing course around. I would and will recommend it to anyone to obtain strategies on marketing. If you are interested would you like to be one of my marketing consultants as I am looking to start a company. Many thanks Adam – Adam Green””Excellent tutorial to understand and leverage the best practices in marketing. The course is very practical and the instructor goes straight to the point. – Shaif Khan”
“Very detailed yet easy to follow & understand. Great information that will help me as a person that is new in this field. – Mina”
” I have learned a lot of marketing strategies for my products thanks to the teacher – Daniel Arturo Salinas Verduzco””Krisztina has done such a remarkable job with this course, it’s amazing what people can give for free. This course is a ‘must’ for beginners in the small business industry. It cut’s off a lot of busy work to a more result-oriented approach. You’d have no idea the things you do that are just a waste of time. Kristina does a great job at helping you to avoid wasting your very precious time and energy as a small business owner to the real core of marketing. Thank you Krisztina! – Victor C. Onochie”


Section 1: Who are your customers

Lecture 1 Finding a niche

Lecture 2 Who are your customers

Lecture 3 The ideal customer image

Section 2: Positioning

Lecture 4 Identify yourself

Lecture 5 Create your positioning statement

Lecture 6 5 steps for market positioning

Section 3: Lead generating

Lecture 7 What is a Lead Magnet

Lecture 8 Create your Lead Magnet

Lecture 9 Lead Magnet examples

Section 4: Pricing strategy for maximum profit

Lecture 10 The “popcorn-test”

Lecture 11 Create a “Starter Product” (Tripwire)

Lecture 12 Tripwire examples

Lecture 13 Create a “Core Product”

Lecture 14 Upsell/Cross-sell

Section 5: Re-write your ads

Lecture 15 Ads that don’t work

Lecture 16 Don’t advertise your product! Use this instead

Lecture 17 Your compelling offer

Lecture 18 The call to action

Section 6: My gift for you

Lecture 19 BONUS Lecture

Entrepreneurs,Small Business Owners

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