Double your Gmail productivity in just over one hour

If you ever struggled keeping up with email this course will save your life
Double your Gmail productivity in just over one hour
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Double your Gmail productivity in just over one hour

What you’ll learn

Manage your inbox like a pro
Learn how to automate up to 70% of email related tasks
Reach inbox zero daily

Double your Gmail productivity in just over one hour


All you need is a Gmail account and the desire to be in control of your inbox


Did you know with Gmail you can automate up to 70% of all your email tasks?In this course I’ll teach you the exact habits and workflows I’ve been using to reach inbox zero daily for 5 years in a row.You will learn:How to set up Gmail more maximum efficiencyThe 10 step workflow that will double the speed at which you process emailHow to reduce the amount of junk email that clutters your inbox to almost zeroHow to automate the most tedious and repetitive email tasksThe best practices to outsource your inbox to a virtual assistantThe exact methodology I’ve used to hire the best possible virtual assistantIf you are like me checking your email is not only a daily chore, you could say it’s even an addiction that consumes hundreds of valuable hours of our time every year.The thing is as much as I hate email, dealing with it is a necessity in order to run my business. I used to struggle keeping up with it. My inbox was a mess with hundreds of emails that would go unread for weeks and sometime forever.Eventually I had enough and decided to take control and find an effective way to manage my inbox. It took me a while to develop the right habits and figure things out but eventually I did and for the last 5 years I’ve been able to reach inbox zero every single day except for two trips (one to Machu Picchu and one to the Amazon jungle). Is this course for you? If any of the following statements is true for you then the answer is yes.- My inbox is a mess- I have hundreds of unread emails- I don’t know how to automate anything in Gmail- I don’t know how to use labels- I am constantly checking my email- I don’t know how to stop getting tons of junk mail- I keep missing important messages- I forget to reply to emailsAre you ready to finally take control over your inbox and show Gmail who is the boss?Zero Risk –  Like all Udemy courses remember this course also comes with 30-Day refund policy.  It’s time to Dominate Gmail!!!


Section 1: It’s Time To Dominate Gmail!

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Inbox Zero Formula

Section 2: Gmail Inbox Processing Workflow

Lecture 3 The Complete Gmail Domination Blueprint

Lecture 4 Gmail Processing Workflow Diagram

Lecture 5 How to apply the Gmail Processing Workflow

Section 3: The RAD Framework: REDUCE

Lecture 6 How to unclutter your inbox

Lecture 7 How to unsubscribe from Newsletters systematically

Lecture 8 Turn Notifications Off

Section 4: The RAD Framework: AUTOMATE

Lecture 9 How to use Filters to automate 70% of your inbox

Lecture 10 How to speed up replies with canned responses

Lecture 11 How to create auto responders in Gmail

Section 5: The RAD Framework: DELEGATE

Lecture 12 How to forward bills to your bookkeeper automatically

Lecture 13 How to document your inbox procedures

Lecture 14 The importance of setting clear communication guidelines

Lecture 15 5 recommended Virtual Assistant services

Lecture 16 Should you hire a virtual assistant via a platform or directly?

Section 6: Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Help You Manage Your Inbox

Lecture 17 How to hire a great Virtual Assistant step-by-step

Lecture 18 How to design a fail proof job application process

Lecture 19 How to craft a task challenge to test the skills of your future Virtual Assitant

Section 7: Additional Resources, Bonus, and more Grumo Courses!

Lecture 20 6 Gmail Add-ons that will take your productivity to the next level

Lecture 21 What is next? Additional Resources

Lecture 22 Bonus Lecture!

Lecture 23 More Grumo Courses and Discount Coupon

This course is meant for Gmail users that struggle with keeping up with email or that have been using Gmail for a while and are looking for solid strategies to manage their inbox more efficiently.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 34m | 1.11 GB
Created by: Miguel Hernandez

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