Drawing Academy Creative Drawing Illustration Sketching

Learn Drawing, Sketching, Pencil Drawing, Illustration, Pen Drawing, Watercolor and much more in a single Course.
Drawing Academy Creative Drawing Illustration Sketching
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Andres Brachetta


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Drawing Academy Creative Drawing Illustration Sketching

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn the fundamentals of drawing & Sketching
How to draw & sketch
How to manage line weight
Shading techniques
An easy system for drawing
How to Draw to a Professional Level
Draw basic lines and shapes
Axonometric Drawing
Perspective Drawing
Flat Drawing

Drawing Academy Creative Drawing Illustration Sketching


No prior knowledge is necessary.
No previous drawing experience is necessary!


In this Drawing Course you will learn everything you need to know about drawing. Let me explain why!There are two main ways in which drawing is taught to students:Artistic Drawing(Portrait Drawing, Figure Drawing, Pencil Drawing, Landscape Drawing, Urban Drawing)Technical Drawing(Drawing of plans, Technical Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Perspectives with method)Each of these ways of teaching has its own particular characteristics, but they all focus on a unique way of understanding and teaching Drawing.However, in this course we will approach the Drawing in a much larger way, since regardless of what you want to express, the drawing is a language of communication and is much more powerful than what you have been told. Thus, we will not concentrate only on one type of drawing or the other, but we will address the bases in order you can master any type of drawing, whether you want to draw faces, cars, landscapes or a new product that you are developing.Drawing is the main language for:• Artists• Designers (graphic, industrial, apparel, automotive)• Architects• and all those who work with form and spaceIn this course I concentrate my whole experience of more than 6 years in teaching of Drawing at the University of Architecture in my city. This experience has allowed me to connect the knowledge of the best books of the artistic branch of Drawing (as Betty Edwards and Andrew Loomis) with those of the technical branch (as Frank Ching and Juhani Pallasmaa). From the connection of all this knowledge this course was born, which has a much broader look than a simple Drawing Course.I currently teach on the Internet everything I have learned over the years, and today more than 76,900 students from 120 countries learn with me, both in Spanish and English. Besides, 5 of my courses have been listed as Best Sellers!


Section 1: Introducción

Lecture 1 Introduction to Drawing

Lecture 2 Drawing Course Curriculum

Lecture 3 Before continuing

Lecture 4 Perceptual and Creative Drawing

Lecture 5 Drawing Course Materiales

Lecture 6 Drawing Fundamentals

Lecture 7 Drawing Operations

Section 2: Drawing Stages

Lecture 8 Drawing Stages – Sketch

Lecture 9 Drawing Stages – Sketch – Practice with an Illustration

Lecture 10 Drawing Stages – Sketch – Practice 2 with an Illustration

Lecture 11 Drawing Stages – Lines

Lecture 12 Drawing Stages – Lines – Practice

Lecture 13 Drawing Stages – Lines – Practice Forms

Lecture 14 Drawing Stages – Lines – Practice Forms 2

Lecture 15 Drawing Stages – Value

Lecture 16 Drawing Stages – Value – Practice 1

Lecture 17 Drawing Stages – Value – Practice 2

Lecture 18 Drawing Stages – Color

Lecture 19 Drawing Stages – Color – Practice 1

Lecture 20 Drawing Stages – Color – Practice 2

Section 3: Spatial Systems

Lecture 21 Spatial Systems Evolution

Lecture 22 Spatial Systems Evolution 2

Lecture 23 Spatial Systems Representation

Lecture 24 Flat Drawing – Blueprints – 2D Drawings

Lecture 25 2D Drawings – Practice Arch of Triumph

Lecture 26 Spatial Systems – Axonometries – 3D Drawings

Lecture 27 Spatial Systems – Axonometries – Practice

Lecture 28 Spatial System – Perspective – 3D Drawing

Lecture 29 Spatial Systems – Perspective – Practice

Lecture 30 Axonometrie or Perspective?

Section 4: Sketching Stage

Lecture 31 Sketching Composition

Lecture 32 Sketching – Objects Structures

Lecture 33 Sketching – Proportions and Scale

Lecture 34 Sketching – Concept

Lecture 35 Sketching Craative – Practice Trees

Section 5: Line Stage

Lecture 36 Line – Forms

Lecture 37 Line – Forms – Excercise

Lecture 38 Line – Tree Practice

Lecture 39 Line – Space

Lecture 40 Line – Space – Exercise

Lecture 41 Line – Perimeters and Edges

Section 6: Value Stage

Lecture 42 Value – Value Scale – Greyscale

Lecture 43 Value – Tree Practice

Lecture 44 Value – Light and Shadow

Lecture 45 Value – Light and Shadow – Artificial Light Practice

Lecture 46 Value – Light and Shadow – Natural Light Practice

Lecture 47 Value – Light and Shadow – 2 Objects Practice with an illustration

Lecture 48 Value – Contrast

Lecture 49 Value – Value ≠ Saturation

Section 7: Color Stage

Lecture 50 Color – Hue

Lecture 51 Color – Saturation

Lecture 52 Color – Color Combinations

Lecture 53 Color – Color Psychology

Section 8: Conclusions

Lecture 54 Conclusions

Illustrators,Cartoonists,Artists,designers,architects,Anyone interested in learning to draw

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 1m | 8.30 GB
Created by: Andres Brachetta

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