DRAWING MANGA How to draw faces

Learn basic techniques to draw manga faces
DRAWING MANGA How to draw faces
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Damien Barban


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DRAWING MANGA How to draw faces

What you’ll learn

To draw manga
To draw manga faces
To learn basic drawing techniques
To learn more about drawing in general

DRAWING MANGA How to draw faces


To have a pen and papers


Have you ever had difficulties to draw manga faces ? Or may be you never really try? This course is done for you ! In these videos, you are going to be shown different techniques, tips and demonstrations about how to draw manga faces. All the basic steps are going to be discussed. From the very rough sketch to the final step of the inking, all the parts mentioned in these videos will help you to learn how to draw manga faces.These basics options are really needed if you want to draw these faces properly. And you will see that, with some drill, little by little, you should reach a very good level.No matter if you are a beginner or a more expert cartoonist, you will enjoy this cours as it could ocver different levels. You will review in each videos the different main step to remind when you are working on drawing manga characters.One of the best advice I can give you is to keep all your sketches in a chronological order. You can see that, after several days / weeks / months, you will be able to observe by yourself the improvement, and I can tell you that your drawing skill is going to improve !


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Drawing faces

Lecture 2 Character pose

Lecture 3 A FairyTale face

Lecture 4 A face in profile

Lecture 5 Low angle view

Lecture 6 View from the top

Lecture 7 Another face

Section 3: Drawing faces part 2

Lecture 8 Drawing and inking the manga face

Lecture 9 Adding screentones and using chin ink

Lecture 10 Applying screentone with digital tool

All of the people who want to draw manga faces

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Created by: Damien Barban

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