Dressing to Win in the Workplace

How to ‘Dress for Success’ to ensure confidence and excel in your career.
Dressing to Win in the Workplace
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Kimberly Law


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Dressing to Win in the Workplace

What you’ll learn

Appear professional to clients and co-workers
Choose your clothing and accessories to dress confidently and excel in the workplace.
Select appropriate clothing and accessories to dress effectively in formal to casual work environments.
Appear professional in any work environment
Evaluate your personal appearance to spot image mistakes that may undermine your professional image.
Immediate access to business dress know-how’s that help you win in the workplace.
Shop for clothing and accessories that will add credibility to your professional appearance.
Download 26 page, PDF study guide “Dressing to Win in the Workplace ~ the personal impact guide to IITTI Level 1 Standard: Personal Appearance”

Dressing to Win in the Workplace


Interest in looking professional while at work
Desire to succeed
Willingness to evaluate yourself and make changes that will enhance your credibility in the workplace.
Aspiration to stand-out as a professional


Confused about how to ‘Dress for Success’? If you are a job seeker or a promotion seeker, knowing how to dress professionally and avoid image blunders at work, can provide the competitive edge you are looking for. This course is designed to increase professionalism by taking the confusion out of, “what to wear to work”.    Gain knowledge and skills to stand out as a professional, by dressing more effectively in business casual to business formal environments.       You will:  Identify professional guidelines for Formal to Informal business attire.Determine what to wear to look authoritative, credible, approachable or relaxed.Discover the power of colour and how to wear it effectively.Recognize ‘image-makers’ and how to incorporate them into your business wardrobe.Spot ‘Image-Breakers’ – those costly faux pas that undermine your effectiveness at work.  The term ‘Dress for Success’ was coined in the 1970’s, by author John Molloy.  However, the rules for business dress have changed. Since the dawn of ‘business casual’ dressing in the 1990’s, companies continue to shift their requirements on what to wear at work to dress for success. Some have established dress codes with specific guidelines, while others leave it open for their employees to determine what’s appropriate. Without defined guidelines, dressing for work can be very confusing.      This course answers the questions, “What to wear? How to wear it? When to where it?” It will help you dress more effectively and feel more confident about workplace attire in today’s global environment.          Content and Overview        This course is fast paced and fluff free. Through 31 lectures, the 26 page ‘Dressing to Win in the Workplace’ study guide, loads of examples as well as supplemental articles & resources, this course provides easy strategies to select the right work clothes and make your work clothes work for you. It also includes a lecture dedicated to hygiene and grooming. Each section offers a short test to evaluate your learning progress.      ‘Dressing to Win in the Corporate Arena’ is designed for personal and professional development based on corporate seminars Kimberly Law has been presenting since 1999.    Here is what people are saying about Kimberly’s presentations:          “The info was presented in a very non-judgemental, informative way. Good, simple, effective tips. I will apply them in my daily life for business dress and will feel more confident.” ~ S. Buse      “Kimberly gave very practical advice and examples for business dress.” ~ C. Tam      “I really liked the applicability of the information.” T. Pappas      “Important details everyone needs to know.” ~ T. Mobayen      “A picture is worth a thousand words! Good illustration!” ~ R. Zhang          This course is suitable for job seekers, promotion seekers or anyone who feels they need a refresher on how to dress appropriately for the interview, at the office or business mixers.          This lecture, along with self-study of the complementary study guide and supplemental materials provide the basics that will fast track you, to a more professional you. It will also prepare participants on the IITTI track, to write the ‘Personal Appearance’ component of the IITTI Level 1 Certification exam through the Institute of Image Training and Testing International.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Lecture 2 Course Outline

Lecture 3 Course Materials

Lecture 4 Dressing to Win in the Workplace – Study Guide

Lecture 5 Conclusion

Section 2: Why Image Matters

Lecture 6 What is Image?

Lecture 7 The Power of Personal Appearance

Lecture 8 Conclusion ~ Why Image Matters

Section 3: Components of Professional Attire

Lecture 9 Business Wardrobe Trends

Lecture 10 Categories of Business Attire

Lecture 11 Formal v.s. Informal Business Attire

Lecture 12 Why Dress Formally at Work?

Lecture 13 When to Dress Informally at Work

Lecture 14 What is Semi-Formal Business Attire?

Lecture 15 When to Wear Semi-Formal Business Attire

Lecture 16 Conclusion ~ Components of Professional Attire

Section 4: The Power of Colour

Lecture 17 Introduction to Colour

Lecture 18 Serious Colour

Lecture 19 Credible Colour

Lecture 20 Calming Colour

Lecture 21 Energizing Colour

Lecture 22 Prints & Patterns

Lecture 23 Conclusion

Section 5: Image Makers!

Lecture 24 A Good Fit

Lecture 25 Tailoring for Men

Lecture 26 Accessories ~ The Good! The Bad! The Ugly!

Lecture 27 Conclusion ~ Image Makers

Section 6: Image Breakers!

Lecture 28 Wardrobe Mistakes

Lecture 29 Hygiene & Grooming – How to Get it Right!

Lecture 30 Conclusion ~ Image Breakers

Section 7: Final Steps

Lecture 31 Conclusion

Section 8: Final Thoughts & Resources

Lecture 32 Bonus Lecture

Men and Women,Job seekers,Promotion Seekers,School graduates,Those who want a refresher on how to “dress for success”.,Employers who want to implement business dress code strategies

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Created by: Kimberly Law

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