DWDM Networks Tutorial

Fundamentals of DWDM Network and its components i.e. transponders,muxponders, switchponders,Amps,mux/demux, ROADM
DWDM Networks Tutorial
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DWDM Networks Tutorial

What you’ll learn

This course is for students and professional keen in learning DWDM network and it components. This course is useful for basic to advanced level.
Basic of optical fiber communication, signal impairments i.e. absorption, scattering, dispersions, Kerr effect. We also cover different subsystems in photonics and their fundamentals.

DWDM Networks Tutorial


Basic understanding of networking and optical transport system


This course is devised for professionals and students who wanted to understand DWDM network architecture. We start our journey by understanding our signal carrier that is light. We learn which particular band of light is used for fiber communication and why. We learn about DWDM technology. We also learn about all the different types of impairments in fiber optics communications. We have one complete section devoted to all the components used in DWDM. We talk about ROADM its architecture and types in great detail. We also touch on flex and fix grid technologies.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Internet and Network architecture

Lecture 3 WDM/CWDM/DWDM Technology introuction

Lecture 4 Why do we need WDM system

Lecture 5 XWDM/CWDM/DWDM introduction

Lecture 6 Brief introduction to DWDM components

Section 2: Electromagnetic Waves as Career Signal in DWDM Networks

Lecture 7 Learning about properties of light and EM spectrum.

Lecture 8 Introduction to communication bands

Section 3: Optical Fiber in DWDM system

Lecture 9 Optical fiber introduction

Section 4: Signal Impairments in Optical Fiber communication

Lecture 10 Signal impairments in optical fiber – introduction

Lecture 11 Linear Signal impairments

Lecture 12 Different types of attenuations i.e. Absorption and scatterings

Lecture 13 Linear scattering losses in fiber communication

Lecture 14 Non Linear Scattering losses – SBS and SRS

Lecture 15 Amplified Spontaneous Emission Noise in fiber

Lecture 16 Dispersion – Modal, Chromatic and PMD

Lecture 17 Non Linear Impairments in fiber

Section 5: Components of DWDM system

Lecture 18 Recap of section 1 to 4

Lecture 19 Long haul system and Transponders

Lecture 20 Transmitter section of transponder component

Lecture 21 Receiver section of optical transponder

Lecture 22 Optical Mux Demux component of DWDM

Lecture 23 Optical Amplifiers Introduction

Lecture 24 Semiconductor Optical Amplifier SOA

Lecture 25 EDFA Based Amplifier

Lecture 26 RAMAN Amplifier-princple

Lecture 27 RAMAN Amplifier-working

Section 6: Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexer

Lecture 28 Introduction

Lecture 29 ROADM-What is it?

Lecture 30 A typical ROADM example

Lecture 31 Why ROADM and working principle

Lecture 32 MEMS and LCOS Technology introduction

Lecture 33 ROADM Function, types and architecture

Lecture 34 Colorless Direction less Contentionless ROADM and Flex grid

Lecture 35 Optical Supervisory Channel (OSC)

Lecture 36 Optical Performance Monitor(OPM) and OTDR

Section 7: Elastic Optical Network/Flex Grid

Lecture 37 Introduction to Flex Grid or EON

Lecture 38 Fixed Grid Vs Flexible Grid understanding

Lecture 39 Elastic Optical Network Characteristics

Lecture 40 Why do we need Flex Grid

Lecture 41 Challenges in Fix grid and Flex grid networks

Beginner to advanced learners about Optical transport, DWDM network and basic of photonics

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Created by: Arvind Kumar

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