Dynamo for Beginners

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Dynamo for Beginners
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Niko Gamsakhurdiya


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Dynamo for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Logic of Dynamo

Dynamo for Beginners


You can start learn dynamo without any special skills


This course it’s designed for teaching you how to  Dynamo on Autodesk Revit 2020.In this course, you will see all the fundamentals things in Dynamo. I will show you how you can manipulate with data, how you can place geometry and filter it! Are you tired of taking courses that go to fast with a lot of content? Don’t worry go at your own pace, jump between sections for certain topics, the access is for a lifetime.Also, we have a direct response to any topic listed, so we can improve the content.Be the first to know of future courses regarding BIM, take advantage of all the opportunities that may appear and use it to improve your work performance and get better job positions.join me, Niko G.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Where you can Get Dynamo?

Lecture 2 How to Load Dynamo?

Lecture 3 pre-Set up the Dynamo

Lecture 4 How to Create your first script

Section 2: Explore Dynamo Nodes 1

Lecture 5 How to Connect.Workflows

Lecture 6 Math

Lecture 7 Math 2

Lecture 8 Code blocks. Math and String

Lecture 9 Operators

Section 3: Explore Dynamo Nodes 2

Lecture 10 Revit Elements

Lecture 11 Set Parameters

Lecture 12 Multiple Selection

Lecture 13 Logic and Elements

Lecture 14 List

Section 4: Geometry

Lecture 15 Points

Lecture 16 Lines

Lecture 17 Curves

Lecture 18 Curves and Geometry

Lecture 19 Plan by Dynamo

Architects who want learn Dynamo and better understand it.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 57m | 1.22 GB
Created by: Niko Gamsakhurdiya

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