Earn 45k or more in Clinical Research NHS

Develop a career in Clinical Research and succeed in running Clinical Trials in the NHS.
Earn 45k or more in Clinical Research NHS
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Abiola Ojuade


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Earn 45k or more in Clinical Research NHS

What you’ll learn

To develop an understanding of the structure of clinical research within the NHS
Identify and acquire optimal skills and experience to begin a career in clinical research
Career progression and development in clinical research
Navigate job search, intentional positioning, and the application process that should at least guarantee you an interview
Free training and access to resources that will make you stand out from other applicants

Earn 45k or more in Clinical Research NHS


This is an entry-level course in pursuing a career within clinical research or developing an existing clinical research role within the NHS. There are no skills or experience required as this course will equip you with the relevant information.
You do NOT need a degree in Life Sciences, Nursing or Medicine to pursue a career in Clinical Research. Whilst this is desirable, this is not essential.


This course is all about how to acquire the optimal knowledge and skills to pursue a rewarding career in clinical research within the National Health Service (NHS). This course covers what clinical research is, why it is important, how clinical research in structured in the NHS, and navigating available clinical research jobs in the NHS. It also provides access to free training and resources that you can begin to use to upskill and progress your career. Finishing this course brings you a step closer to your dream clinical research role. A role earning £45,000 or more is very possible with the right coaching, experience, and determination. This course prepares you for making this a reality.Jobs in science are sometimes obscure. As a student, graduate or individual seeking a career change, a career in running clinical trials could be the option for you. The standard set by the International Conference on Harmonisation for Good Clinical Practice (ICH GCP) ensures that clinical trials produce credible and reliable data, and most importantly that the rights and wellbeing of trial patients or participants are protected. Clinical Research guidance has evolved over decades and so have the opportunities to take up clinical and operational roles. Clinical Research continues to grow and expand and the opportunities for job progression grow as well. This course opens you up to the clinical research job space in the NHS. It opens you up to the job routes that you can begin to explore, and most importantly it equips you with the preparation and process knowledge of securing a role in clinical research within the NHS.Disclaimer: This course content on Udemy reflects my personal views and does not necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of any NHS Trusts or NHS England. Credits: Presentation images were created by storyset Course image was created by ArtPhoto_studio


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Lecture 2 Learning Objectives

Lecture 3 Who is This Course For?

Lecture 4 About the Instructor

Lecture 5 Finding Clinical Research Jobs within the NHS

Section 2: Clinical Research in the NHS

Lecture 6 Introduction to Section 2

Lecture 7 What is Clinical Research?

Lecture 8 Types of Clinical Research?

Lecture 9 Key Stakeholders in a Clinical Research Study

Lecture 10 Why is Clinical Research Important?

Section 3: Pursuing a Career in Clinical Research

Lecture 11 Introduction to Section 3

Lecture 12 The Structure of Clinical Research (NHS)

Lecture 13 Research and Development Organisation

Lecture 14 Route 1 (Research Set Up)

Lecture 15 Route 2 (Research Delivery)

Lecture 16 Route 3 (Quality Assurance)

Lecture 17 Route 4 (Other Research Delivery Roles)

Section 4: Clinical Research training

Lecture 18 Introduction to Section 4

Lecture 19 Requirements to Consider

Lecture 20 Clinical Research Courses – NIHR

Lecture 21 NIHR Learn – Register and Self-enrol

Lecture 22 The Learning Management System – Health Research Authority

Lecture 23 University Clinical Research Courses

Section 5: Navigating Job Applications

Lecture 24 Introduction to Section 5

Lecture 25 Key Considerations before Applying for a Job

Lecture 26 Secure a Job Interview

Lecture 27 Succeed at a Clinical Research Job Interview

Lecture 28 Bonus Lecture

Students, graduates or professionals seeking to build a career in clinical research within the NHS,Individuals seeking to change career paths to pursue a career in clinical research within the NHS,Students at any year of their university study,Graduates of any discipline or area of study,Existing clinical research professionals seeking to earn more and gain work satisfaction from contributing to quality patient care in the NHS

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