Earthquake Disaster Preparedness

How to survive an earthquake, How to survive an earthquake in your car, Developing resistant structures for earthquake.
Earthquake Disaster Preparedness
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Earthquake Disaster Preparedness

What you’ll learn

How to prepare your family for an earthquake
How to protect your home during an earthquake
How to deal with being indoors during an earthquake
How to survive an earthquake in your car
How to ac after an earthquake
How to protect yourself during an earthquake if you are a disabled
How to react during an earthquake
How to prepare for an earthquake
How to survive an earthquake
Developing resistant structures for an earthquake

Earthquake Disaster Preparedness


People who want to gain knowledge on earthquake
People conscious of their protection and their love once
Understanding what to do during earthquake


Earthquake is one of the natural disasters that happens to mankind on this earth, its impact always have implications that negatively affect the families,  communities and the nation at large. This shaking of the surface of the earth resulting from sudden release of energy in the earth’s lithosphere that creates seismic waves. Currently when we all think about the earthquake in turkey, the implication of the earthquake has really affected the country, even in terms of business and the effect to the dead family and the living. Now l think that the best way to reduce the impact on earthquake and other disasters is to develop a unique global learning platform so that at the early stage even children will learn about the prevention side of any disaster before they occurs. There is a great responsibilities on governments across board to ensure that estate developers and builders are well supervised so that they can build credible homes and dams etc. that can stand the text of time, and meet international standards.   There are so many earthquake happening yearly but we all must understand that the energy released is a critical factor in the kind of impact and devastation that it will have on buildings, schools and infrastructure in general. A very high magnitude earthquake can easily take thousands of life immediately. Governments should invest more on equipment’s and machines so that the impact of the earthquake will not be too much irrespective of the magnitude. All families must educate their young children on earthquake especially in an earthquake prone locations so that they can prevent themselves from harm or injury.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Introduction to earthquake

Lecture 3 Earthquake fault types

Lecture 4 Energy release

Lecture 5 Earthquake clusters

Lecture 6 Intensity and magnitude of earthquake

Lecture 7 Frequency of occurrence

Lecture 8 Induce seismicity

Lecture 9 Measuring and locating earthquake

Lecture 10 Effect of earthquake

Lecture 11 Major earthquake

Lecture 12 In culture

Lecture 13 Developing resistant structures

Section 2: How To Survive An Earthquake

Lecture 14 Taking advantage of warning

Lecture 15 Taking cover indoors

Lecture 16 Riding it out in a vehicle

Lecture 17 Staying safe outdoors

Lecture 18 Preparing for an earthquake

Section 3: How To Prepare For An Earthquake

Lecture 19 Preparing emergency plan

Lecture 20 Preparing an emergency earthquake kit

Lecture 21 Preparing your home to minimize damage

Section 4: How To React During An Earthquake

Lecture 22 Dropping taking cover and holding on (indoors)

Lecture 23 Forming the triangle of life (indoors)

Lecture 24 Surviving earthquakes outdoors

Section 5: How To Protect Yourself During An Earthquake If You Are Disabled

Lecture 25 Dropping and covering your body

Lecture 26 Adapting to your situation

Lecture 27 Reacting after the earthquake

Lecture 28 Creating a disaster plan

Section 6: How To Act After An Earthquake

Lecture 29 Checking for injuries and seeking help

Lecture 30 Getting to a safe location

Lecture 31 Checking for damage and eliminating hazards

Section 7: How To Survive An Earthquake In Your Car

Lecture 32 Parking your car

Lecture 33 Waiting for the earthquake to end

Lecture 34 Creating an earthquake survive kit

Section 8: How To Deal With Being Indoors During An Earthquake

Lecture 35 Staying safe indoors during an earthquake

Lecture 36 Dealing with the after math

Lecture 37 Preparing your home for an earthquake

Section 9: How To Protect Your Home During An Earthquake

Lecture 38 Preventing damage to your home

Lecture 39 Reviewing damage after the earthquake

Lecture 40 Preparing for an earthquake

Section 10: How To Prepare Your Family For An Earthquake

Lecture 41 Making an emergency plan

Lecture 42 Practicing for a quake situation

Lecture 43 Quake – proofing your home environment

Lecture 44 Putting together a quake preparedness kit

Section 11: Conclusion

Lecture 45 Three questions

Parents, students, teachers, disaster management authorities, hospitals, consultants, businessmen, companies, consultant, fire officers, CEO, directors, managers, supervisors, everybody etc.

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