Easy baby and toddler sleep coaching for working parents

Sleep coaching techniques in depth for young children of all age groups.
Easy baby and toddler sleep coaching for working parents
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Easy baby and toddler sleep coaching for working parents

What you’ll learn

Basics steps to sleep coaching by an MD and a certified sleep professional.
Scientific basis for sleep coaching and why it is NOT harmful as proclaimed.
Different methods of sleep coaching based on temperament and toddler age
Understanding sleep needs for your growing child and molding based on solid foundational knowledge

Easy baby and toddler sleep coaching for working parents




1. You will learn to banish your fears of sleep coaching as portrayed by media.2. You will get over your ” parent guilt ” when you choose to do sleep coaching by learning how natural the process is.3. Understanding that when work pressures and schedules overlap with parenting in our times , following your grandmother’s advice for everything including sleep isn’t the wisest way in this matter.4. Nuclear families with less support from extended family overwhelms the parenting partners or the single parent with parenting stress alongside work : The knowledge from this course will 100% help in setting up your 10- 12 hour work day alongside your well rested baby or toddler.5. As a practicing physician, certified healthcare professional, certified sleep coaching professional and a mother with no extended family to help I empathize with most of the issues that parents today face.6. You will understand the scientific basis of infant sleep , why your child wakes up frequently and why your child does not nap – it is not rocket science but definitely is observational science.7. You will learn the techniques in detail for sleep coaching which is in indeed letting your child be an independent person and not an extension of you .8. Understanding that parenting comes with added responsibilities and understanding of a mostly nonverbal complete human being and thus learning to understand their nonverbal cues.


Section 1: JUMP right in!

Lecture 1 What is sleep coaching ?

Lecture 2 Why we do sleep coaching ?

Lecture 3 How we do sleep coaching? Part #1 for Infants

Lecture 4 How we do Sleep Coaching Part # 2 for older infants and toddlers

Lecture 5 “Firm” methods of Sleep coaching for parents who are ready.

Being a parent or to-be parent, pregnant mothers

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