Easy Facebook Ads Marketing Advertising Traffic

Beginner to Advanced in 4 Hours
Easy Facebook Ads Marketing Advertising Traffic
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Jun Wu - Social Media Influencer


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Easy Facebook Ads Marketing Advertising Traffic

What you’ll learn

Get your Ads up and Running in a Week or Less
How to Instantly Know if your Ads are Working or Not
From Beginner to Advanced in 4 hours
Advanced Targeting Options and Advanced Design/Copywriting Secrets
Build a Reliable and Simple way to Send Traffic to your Website
Build an Email list of High Quality Leads

Easy Facebook Ads Marketing Advertising Traffic


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Welcome to the easy Facebook ads academy, let me show you how to run ads the easy way!I hate courses that are 10 hours long or even 30 hours long. You don’t need a long course. It will only slow you down and you will start procrastinating. My goal in this course is to get your ads up and running in a week or less. Here, check this out.I basically condensed years of not only my own Facebook Ads experience but also the experience I had working with my clients and students down to this short and intensive course.Let me show you what I mean.If you have never run ads before… don’t worry, start at Week 1. This week.I will explain the psychology of the users on Facebook and how Facebook Ads are different than YouTube Ads.This will immediately get you up to speed on what will work and what won’t work when running ads on the platform.We will literally spend minutes, not hours setting up your Facebook page and your ads manager ready to run ads.If you are intimidated by the complicated looking dashboard of the ads manager, don’t be. I will do a fun Facebook Ads manager and explain the bare essentials, the only things that you need to know, to run ads.Because this is the Easy Facebook Ads academy, we are going to run ads the easy way. I will explain how to structure your campaigns in a way that will prevent any complications from ever happening. That’s how easy it will be.If you are not sure what kinds of ads to create and how to create it, then start at week 2.I call it the creative week. We’ll be creating your lead magnet, landing page, thank you page, and the ad all in a few days.But first, we will talk about how to avoid getting our ads rejected by the Facebook ad cop. The Facebook algorithm. It’s like a robot that is programed to seek out and reject ads based on certain parameters. Once you know what its looking for you will be able to fly under its radar.Then we’ll complete your 4 step customer pathway. So that your ad will get clicks, and those clicks will turn into leads and those leads will eventually turn into sales.If you already have your ads created and need a refresher on how to setup your campaigns the correct way then start at week 3.I will hold your hand and show you how to setup up everything step by step. How to install the Facebook Pixel, how to structure your campaign the easy way, and then show you with over the shoulder walk through tutorials how to setup your campaign, ad set, and ad. So all you need to do is to follow along.You will also learn the targeting options secret that my clients and I use to instantly find your ideal customers. We call it the 3 flavor ice cream targeting strategy and it will help you find people who are actually sincere about your niche and are the most likely to interact and buyAnd finally, if your ad is already running and you are having a trouble figuring out if it’s a winner or loser, than start at week 4.I will make data analysis simple, help you arrange your columns of data, show you what data points to look for and solutions to fix ads that are not performing as well as you would like.Then we will finish up with some advanced copy writing secrets, advanced targeting secrets, and even an email marketing mini-course so that you not only increase the quality of leads coming into your business but also start converting them into paying customers.And because the marketplace is always changing and the IOS update is always changing, I will be updating this course with new episodes even new strategies and tactics accordingly.How does that sound?See, I told you it was going to be an Adventure didn’t I.So pick a week and let’s get started.Let’s get your ads up and running ASAP so that your business will grow asap.After all, money love speed and there’s not a moment to lose. Let’s get started.I’ll see you in the next episode.


Section 1: WEEK 1 – Facebook Ads 101

Lecture 1 WEEK 1 – START HERE!

Lecture 2 16X your Business LIVE with AI this week

Lecture 3 How to use AI ChatGPT to Write Sales Copy For Beginners

Lecture 4 When to Run Facebook Ads Vs YouTube Ads

Lecture 5 Easy Facebook Page Setup

Lecture 6 Easy Facebook Ads Manager Setup

Lecture 7 Fun Facebook Ads Manager Tour

Lecture 8 Your Movie Studio – Easy Ad Campaign Structure

Lecture 9 4 Step Customer Pathway

Lecture 10 The Power of the Facebook Pixel

Section 2: WEEK 2 – Easy Ad Creation

Lecture 11 WEEK 2 – Easy Ad Creation

Lecture 12 Beware The Facebook Ad Cop

Lecture 13 Step 1 – Creating Your Quick Lead Magnet

Lecture 14 Step 2 – Creating Your Thank you Page

Lecture 15 Step 3 – Creating Your Landing Page

Lecture 16 Step 4 – Create Photo? Carousel? Video Ad?

Lecture 17 Step 4 – MAKE THEM PAUSE – Ad Visual Design Secrets

Lecture 18 Step 4 – MAKE THEM CLICK – Ad Copywriting Secrets

Section 3: WEEK 3 – Easy Ad Campaign Setup

Lecture 19 WEEK 3 – Easy Ad Campaign Setup

Lecture 20 IOS 14 Update

Lecture 21 BEST Facebook Pixel Plugin for WordPress

Lecture 22 Easy Facebook Pixel Setup

Lecture 23 Campaign Vs. Ad Sets Vs. Ads Review

Lecture 24 Easy Ad Campaign Setup

Lecture 25 Easy Ad Set Setup

Lecture 26 Easy Ad Setup

Section 4: WEEK 4 – Easy Data Analysis

Lecture 27 WEEK 4 – Easy Data Analysis

Lecture 28 How to Easily Find the Winners from the Losers

Lecture 29 Arranging Your Columns of Data

Lecture 30 Easy Data Analysis

Section 5: BONUS – Advanced Facebook Ads

Lecture 31 Advanced Copywriting Secrets – Lower Lead Costs

Lecture 32 Advanced Ads Setup

Lecture 33 Advanced Targeting Secrets – Lower Lead Costs

Lecture 34 How to Scale Correctly

Section 6: Mini YouTube Ads Course

Lecture 35 YouTube Ad Formats – What Google Didn’t Tell You

Lecture 36 Top Mistakes in YouTube Ads (1 of 2)

Lecture 37 Google Ads Account Setup

Lecture 38 Linking Google Ads to YouTube Channels

Lecture 39 Fun Google Ads Dashboard Tour

Lecture 40 8 Types of Targeting Options

Lecture 41 Keywords Campaign Speed Run

People who have never ran Ads before,People who had run Ads before but had poor results

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 36m | 6.36 GB
Created by: Jun Wu – Social Media Influencer

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