Easy Local Server Setup for Web development

Explore how to setup your own custom local web development environment with 3 different options for local server
Easy Local Server Setup for Web development
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Easy Local Server Setup for Web development

What you’ll learn

setup and run a local server
have a comparative knowledge of what options are available to setup and run a local development environment.
setup custom web development environment

Easy Local Server Setup for Web development


basic computer skills
internet connectiojn
basic knowledge of computer web services


Explore 3 different options about setting up and configuring a local server to run on your computer.  Local web development environment within minutes customized and ready to go.
Course is presentation is on a Windows machine and the applications will be shown running on a windows machine, applications like XAMPP, AMPPS and Vagrant work across platforms and links and resources are provided.
Writing web code and trying it out on your own machine can save you time.   Setup and run a server that can simulate what your web users will see online.   This is amazingly easy to do and can save you time, and allow you to work more efficiency.  Without having to bother to upload content to try out server languages saves lots of time when building your applications.  Having a database that is easy to setup, use test and remove is an ideal solution for web developers writing code.  Try out your applications, debug your applications and whatever you want since its only on your computer.  Once its ready and working the way you envision then transfer it to your server for the world to see.
This course contains 3 simple ways to setup a web server and run it on your computer.  They all serve different needs, and this course allows you to explore your options.  Get the information you need to work more effectively.
Learn to setup XAMPP – a super popular option to get a web server up and running in minutes.   Learn about the XAMPP control panel and how to configure your install.   Customize you install to function that way you need it.   Learn about setting up XAMPP FTP.  All the resources and help you need about XAMPP in one place.   Explore the basic of PHPmyAdmin, see how to send mail from XAMPP.   If you want to run multiple projects on XAMPP let us show you how.  Everything about XAMPP to help you start using it in minutes.
Learn how to setup AMPPS – the ultimate local machine with over 300 ready to go apps like WordPress and almost any other popular PHP app you can imagine.  Its got information about the apps and they can be installed within a few clicks.  Trying out some new PHP apps, is made easy with AMPPS.  AMPPS has a lot to offer and this course will walk you through what you need to know to get started.   Explore the Admin Panel and the User Panel.  See how MySQL and PHPmyadmin works within AMPPS.   Information on more tools and options for database.  Setup FTP with AMPPS.  Create custom domains.  Setup WordPress in under 1 minute!!  Learn how to backup and restore your websites.
Vagrant Virtual Box localhost – this options gives you even more flexibility to run server side scripts.  Customize it all or use the default its up to you.   Setting up a Vagrant box is demonstrated in the course.   The possibilities are endless.  If the previous two options did not do what you need this one surely will.  Difficulty of the setup is increased over the other options which are more or less click and go.   This one takes some configuration but this course illustrates that it can be made easy.   We show you how to install a pre-configured box ready to go and develop on.   
Setup your local web development environment with the resources and information provided.  This can be made super easy and this course will show you how you to can setup your own local machine.   I’m here to help you learn about web development and ready to answer any questions you may have.


Section 1: Learn to setup a local web development environment

Lecture 1 Local Server Introduction

Section 2: XAMPP Local Server setup

Lecture 2 Learn more about localhost

Lecture 3 How to install XAMPP

Lecture 4 XAMPP Control Panel

Lecture 5 Customize your XAMPP install

Lecture 6 XAMPP FTP server setup

Lecture 7 More help and resources XAMPP

Lecture 8 Editors and Live View XAMPP

Lecture 9 Learn PHPmyAdmin MySQL database

Lecture 10 Source Code PHP connection

Lecture 11 Sending Mail via XAMPP

Lecture 12 Send Mail Script

Lecture 13 Multiple Projects on Local Machine

Lecture 14 Source Code Project Setup

Lecture 15 XAMPP Conclusion

Section 3: AMPPS Local Server setup

Lecture 16 AMPPS information

Lecture 17 How to setup and Install AMPPS

Lecture 18 Quick Launch AMPPS

Lecture 19 Explore AMPPS User Panel

Lecture 20 AMPPS Admin Panel

Lecture 21 MySQL with PHPmyAdmin AMPPS

Lecture 22 More tools and database options

Lecture 23 AMPPS Setup FTP

Lecture 24 Setting up custom local domains

Lecture 25 How to setup WordPress locally in under 1 minute

Lecture 26 How to backup and restore your websites

Lecture 27 AMPPS Conclusion

Lecture 28 AMPPS resources

Section 4: Local Server Github Virtual Box and Vagrant Install

Lecture 29 Introduction to Vagrant Oracle Virtual Box

Lecture 30 System Setup download resources and files needed

Lecture 31 Vagrant Quick Overview

Lecture 32 Install scotchBox

Lecture 33 Vagrant ssh

Lecture 34 Vagrant Resources

Section 5: Bonus Section

Lecture 35 Bonus Lecture

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Created by: Laurence Svekis

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