Easy Virtual Network EVN by Arash Deljoo

Concepts , Configuration and Verification
Easy Virtual Network EVN by Arash Deljoo
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Easy Virtual Network EVN by Arash Deljoo

What you’ll learn

Easy Virtual Network (EVN) Introduction
Easy Virtual Network (EVN) benefits
Easy Virtual Network (EVN) configuration
Easy Virtual Network (EVN) verification

Easy Virtual Network EVN by Arash Deljoo


CCNA Routing knowledge


Deliver traffic separation and path isolation capabilities on a shared network infrastructure with Easy Virtual Network (EVN). An IP-based network virtualization solution, EVN takes advantage of existing Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF)-Lite technology to simplify Layer 3 network virtualization, improve support for shared services, and enhance management and troubleshooting.Easy Virtual Network (EVN) is an IP-based network virtualization solution that helps enable network administrators to provide traffic separation and path isolation on a shared network infrastructure. EVN uses existing Virtual Route Forwarding (VRF)-Lite technology to:Simplify Layer 3 network virtualizationImprove shared services supportEnhance management, troubleshooting, and usabilityWhat Problems Does It Help Solve?EVN reduces network virtualization configuration significantly across the entire network infrastructure with the Virtual Network Trunk. The traditional VRF-Lite solution requires creating one sub interface per VRF on all switches and routers involved in the data path, creating a lot of burden in configuration management.EVN removes the need of per VRF sub interface by using “vnet trunk” command. This helps reduce the amount provisioning across the network infrastructureEVN enhances network virtualization troubleshooting by making VRF-Lite easier to deploy, operate, and scale. A routing context command mode allows network operators to perform troubleshooting issues that pertain specifically within a VRF without specifying the VRF name in every command.


Section 1: Easy Virtual Network (EVN)

Lecture 1 EVN Basic Configuration and Verification

Lecture 2 Routing with RIPv2

Lecture 3 Routing with OSPFv2

Lecture 4 Routing with EIGRP

Lecture 5 Routing with BGP

Cisco Network Engineers

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Created by: Arash Deljoo

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