eCommerce Website Shopify Dropshipping Amazon and more

Beginner Introduction to eCommerce through Shopify, dropshipping, Amazon, WooCommerce, AliBaba, and eBay eCommerce
eCommerce Website Shopify Dropshipping Amazon and more
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eCommerce Website Shopify Dropshipping Amazon and more

What you’ll learn

How to get started with eCommerce
Why now is the time to get started with eCommerce and position yourself for BIG profits!
How to find products that will sell like crazy
The best platform to use to setup your first eCommerce store… even if you don’t have any technical skills…
The fastest way to get traffic and start making money right away with your new eCommerce business
The insider trick to getting products to sell without having to store your own inventory
Plus, a whole lot more about eCommerce and dropshipping
Overview of Shopify, WooCommerce, Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and more ahead

eCommerce Website Shopify Dropshipping Amazon and more


This course is created for beginners who are looking to either get started with eCommerce or improve their existing eCommerce businesses.
There are no prerequisites needed for this course. You don’t need to have prior coding, design, or technical expertise.
This course gives you a blueprint you can follow to get started with the essential elements of eCommerce
This course starts with the basics of eCommerce, Dropshipping, Shopify, WooCommerce, Alibaba, Amazon, eBay and lead generation and casually touches on advanced methods.
You should have a strong desire to build a Passive Income Business through eCommerce
You must have the proper mindset and be willing to take action
No prior eCommerce experience needed
The desire and passion to learn all about eCommerce
A computer with an internet connection


If you’re looking to make money online, or even if you just want to increase the profits of your existing business; creating an eCommerce store is an excellent strategy. Scratch that: this is 100% the best way to make money online and that goes for hobbyists, entrepreneurs, bloggers and small businesses alike.Bold claim? Sure is! But read on to find out why we can be confident in making it.So just what is eCommerce? Of course, the term refers to online commerce: i.e. selling products online.But while eCommerce could mean selling an eBook from a landing page, it is most often used to refer more exclusively to online shops that sell multiple products and that have a particular layout and set-up. The most popular example of an eCommerce store is undoubtedly Amazon. This acts just like a high street store and allows you to browse products at your leisure and add them to a shopping cart. The only difference is that you can do all this from the comfort of your home and once you check out, the products are the simply delivered to you wherever you are.It’s a familiar concept, but what makes it so important?Why eCommerce is the Future#1 eCommerce is GrowingThe first thing you need to recognize is that eCommerce is growing. In the early days, people were uncertain about spending money online and found that it was daunting handing over their card details and trusting in a supplier that they couldn’t meet face to face.But now look at companies like Amazon and eBay. These are household names around the world and everyone from the young and tech savvy to the elderly are now happy to shop with them. These companies have helped many people to put aside any concerns they might have had regarding eCommerce and to trust in buying online.And eCommerce is growing as well doing massive business.For proof, you need look no further than stats from ‘Cyber Monday’. Cyber Monday is a national holiday of sorts where online retailers are anticipated to lower their prices. It follows Black Friday but these days it tends to do nearly as much business – and it’s growing rapidly.For example, in 2014 Cyber Monday created a total of $2.59 billion sales online. That’s no small number but in 2015 this was increased to $3.19 billion. That’s a huge increase. $2.28 billion of these were on desktop (versus $2.04 billion last year) while $838 million were through mobile devices (versus $548 million).Across all devices, Cyber Monday increased by 21%!Seeing as Amazon is probably the best known online retailer, how is its growth going? Well, the company sold a total of $107.01 billion worth of products in 2015. The company employees 230,800 and there are 304 million active Amazon customer accounts. The brand is worth $47.73 billion and this is only expected to continue to grow as well.The story is the same across the board. People are becoming more and more familiar with eCommerce and high-street stores are struggling. This is undoubtedly the future of selling and it’s easy to see why.#2 It’s ConvenientSo what is it that has led to such growth in eCommerce? Well, the simple fact of the matter is that online sales benefit everyone. The only reason online sales haven’t already dwarfed physical sales is probably the fact that some people still don’t trust shopping online or aren’t sure how to go about it. Over time this concern will be eroded more and more – while tools like PayPal will make it easier and safer than ever before.When you sell products online, it means that you don’t have to employ staff and you don’t have to rent the same amount of physical space. You’ll need somewhere to store your products (unless you’re drop shipping) but other than that, your only costs will be hosting, shipping and web design.Lower overheads mean more profit for you but they also mean lower prices for customers. Customers now have the ability to order products online conveniently but on top of that, they’ll be getting them for a much lower price.There’s also greater versatility in terms of what you can sell. With an eCommerce store you can sell physical products which will require some up-front investment. ButThere’s also a lot less up-front cost. If you wanted to set up a high-street store, then you would need to be willing to spend a large amount of money to rent the physical space, to invest in the stock and to manage staff etc.However, if you are setting up an online store then all you’re going to need is some inventory to sell (perhaps not if you are going to be selling digital products or acting as an affiliate) and a website. It takes just a few clicks to set up an eCommerce store and that means you can have one up and running in minutes for a negligible cost.#3 It’s the Best Way to Monetize a WebsiteThe last two examples explain why businesses should launch their own eCommerce stores and why you might consider launching an eCommerce store as your business. But you should also sit up and take notice if you run a blog or website already and you’re just looking for a way to monetize it.Why? Because it’s actually one of the most effective methods there is of making money from an eCommerce website.Until now, you likely have been relying on one of several methods to make money online. Perhaps you’re making ads from advertising on your website (Google AdSense for example) or maybe you’re making money by selling an affiliate product.In either of those scenarios, it’s important to recognize that you have placed yourself at the bottom of the ‘foodchain’. In other words, you’re being paid by those advertisers and product creators in order to send business their way. The fact that they’re happy to continue paying you, means that they’re making more money that that from you. In other words, they’re earning more from your visitors than you are! You’re getting a small share of their profit but they’re taking home the lion’s share. And in fact, you’re essentially doing their work for them!And that’s why you’ll typically earn about 1-50 cents per click on an advert. Meaning in turn that you’re going to need hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site a day to make any reasonable money. Compare this with selling your own products and making $20-50 each time. Of course, it’s much easier to get someone to click on an advert than it is to get them to buy something – but not as much easier as you think if you have decent products and you’re running your store well. The bottom line? You can make a living from a website with just a few hundred daily visitors instead.If you have an eCommerce website, then the buck stops with you. Now you’re making the maximum profit from your customers because you’re selling something to them and keeping the difference. What’s more, is that you’re keeping your visitors on your eCommerce website and engaged with your brand. You’re not sending them away, you’re keeping them right where you want them and making a real difference to the way they see you.Finally, selling eCommerce products is better than selling digital products or affiliate products because it’s something that anyone can appreciate. Only a very specific type of person buys eBooks about making money online. Phone cases and clothes though? That has a much broader appeal!Try putting an eCommerce website on your existing website and just see what a difference it makes to your profits. And the potential for growth is MASSIVE.What You’ll LearnSo with all that in mind then, it’s definitely worth learning how to create an eCommerce store so that you can start maximizing your online earnings. And potentially, so that you can turn your small website into your very own global brand selling products that get you really excited!That’s where this course comes in. Here, you will learn:How to run an eCommerce website and create an effective business modelHow to set up your own eCommerce website with one of several eCommerce platformsHow to find, create or buy products you can sell onlineHow to build an eCommerce website and social media presence to promote your storeHow to stock and design your eCommerce website to maximize salesHow to price your productsHow to choose products that will sell wellHow to use apps, plugins and more to get even more salesAnd much more!In short, you’ll learn how to create an eCommerce business or add eCommerce to your existing model in simple, easy steps. From there, you’ll then be shown multiple ways you can increase your profits and turn that business into a huge success.Learn the Blueprint for WooCommerce, Shopify, AliBaba, Amazon, and eBay.Are you ready? Let’s start selling online!


Section 1: eCommerce Empire

Lecture 1 Curriculum Overview

Lecture 2 Highly Important to read

Lecture 3 Introduction


Lecture 5 Creating Your Online Store Part One – Your Website

Lecture 6 WooCommerce Products Limitation Correction

Lecture 7 Creating Your Online Store Part Two – Ecommerce Store Platforms

Lecture 8 Creating a Shopify Site

Lecture 9 Creating a WooCommerce Store

Lecture 10 Designing a Store That Will Sell

Lecture 11 More Ways to Generate More Sales With Pricing and Persuasive Writing

Lecture 12 Marketing

Lecture 13 Starting Your eCommerce Business

Lecture 14 Supplementary Materials: eBook

Lecture 15 Supplementary Materials: Cheat Sheet

Lecture 16 Supplementary Materials: Resources Sheet

Lecture 17 Supplementary Materials: Mind Map

Lecture 18 4 Steps to Find the Perfect E-Commerce Niche on Amazon!

Section 2: Shopify Overview

Lecture 19 Shopify Overview

Lecture 20 Starting Your Free-Trial with Shopify

Lecture 21 Shopify General Settings

Lecture 22 Shopify Payments Providers

Lecture 23 Shopify Customer Checkout Options

Lecture 24 Thrivecart Integration + Customer Shipping Options

Lecture 25 Tax Calculation and Collection + PayPal

Lecture 26 Customize Notifications

Lecture 27 Account Administration

Lecture 28 Legal Policy Pages

Lecture 29 Products setting and testing

Lecture 30 Customer Research & Discounts

Section 3: Shopify Pro Store

Lecture 31 Introduction

Lecture 32 How to Install Themes to Shopify

Lecture 33 How To Add & Edit Products

Lecture 34 How To Create Collections

Lecture 35 How to Create a Navigation Menu Part 01

Lecture 36 How to Create a Navigation Menu Part 02

Lecture 37 How to Create a Footer

Lecture 38 Lookbook setup

Lecture 39 Product Collections Breadcrumb

Lecture 40 How to Create a Split Banner

Lecture 41 How To Create a Blog

Lecture 42 Sales Proof Motivator

Lecture 43 How To Create A Hero Banner

Lecture 44 15 Product Page Layout Customisation

Lecture 45 Summary of What’s Been Done

Section 4: WooCommerce

Lecture 46 Introduction

Lecture 47 Themes

Lecture 48 Product Settings Overview

Lecture 49 Product Organization

Lecture 50 Product Attributes

Lecture 51 Expansion

Lecture 52 WooCommerce Automation

Section 5: Dropshipping

Lecture 53 What is Dropshipping?

Lecture 54 The Big Advantages of Dropshipping

Lecture 55 The Challenge of Dropshipping

Lecture 56 Choosing a Niche and an Industry

Lecture 57 Choosing the Perfect Product

Lecture 58 Creating Your Brand and Building Your Audience

Lecture 59 Building an Ecommerce Store and Making Your Products Fly Off the Digital Shelves

Lecture 60 Persuasive Writing for Increasing Sales

Lecture 61 Supplementary Materials: eBook

Lecture 62 Supplementary Materials: Cheat Sheet

Lecture 63 Supplementary Materials: Resource Sheet

Lecture 64 Supplementary Materials: Mind Map

Section 6: ِAlibaba

Lecture 65 Overview

Lecture 66 Setting Up Your Alibaba Account and Trade Assurance

Lecture 67 Finding A Product To Sell

Lecture 68 How To Reduce Your Risk As A Buyer

Lecture 69 Getting Started Contacting Suppliers

Lecture 70 Testing Your Samples

Lecture 71 Moving Forward With An Order Once Your Sample Checks Out

Lecture 72 Placing Your Order Using The Online Order Form From Alibaba

Lecture 73 Making Payment

Lecture 74 Having Your Products Shipped

Lecture 75 When Your Product Arrives

Lecture 76 What’s A Good Product

Lecture 77 Finding Marketable Products On Alibaba

Lecture 78 Best Practices On The Search For Great Products

Lecture 79 Narrowing Down Your Good Product Ideas

Lecture 80 How Experienced Sellers Find Suppliers On Alibaba

Lecture 81 Approach To Successfully Selling Your Product On Any Exchange

Lecture 82 Selling Your Alibaba Sourced Product In The Store Model

Lecture 83 Sell Your Alibaba sourced Product Using an Advertising Model

Lecture 84 Testing Then Scaling Up An Offer Or Walking Away

Section 7: Ebay

Lecture 85 eBay

Lecture 86 eBay Store

Lecture 87 Selling Products

Lecture 88 Vendor Tools

Lecture 89 Source Items

Lecture 90 Selling

Lecture 91 Shipping

Lecture 92 Pricing

Lecture 93 Traffic

Lecture 94 eBay Business

Section 8: Amazon

Lecture 95 Amazon Affiliate

Lecture 96 Amazon Affiliate Program

Lecture 97 Affiliate Approval

Lecture 98 Bestsellers

Lecture 99 Keywords

Lecture 100 Blueprint

Lecture 101 Formula

Lecture 102 Traffic

Lecture 103 Landing Page

Lecture 104 Amazon Affiliate Business

Section 9: Starting Your Own eCommerce Business

Lecture 105 Social Media

Lecture 106 Traffic

Lecture 107 Mailing List

Lecture 108 Affiliates

Lecture 109 Retargeting Marketing

Lecture 110 Logistics

Lecture 111 O To O

Lecture 112 Boosting

Section 10: Wrap-UP

Lecture 113 Bonus Lecture

Beginners who wants to make passive, recurring income online through building an eCommerce business,Anyone willing to put in the work and reap the rewards of starting an eCommerce business,Bloggers, business owners, sport trainers , coaches, consultants, speakers, authors and anyone with the desire to learn about eCommerce,9-5 workers who want to make side income from eCommerce,Anyone who is interested in learning an effective way to start earning money online through eCommerce.

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Udemy | English | 10h 28m | 5.12 GB
Created by: OMG – Mastermind

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