Economics Market Forces of demand supply and equilibrium

Economics: Analyzing Demand, Supply, and Market Equilibrium with real life case studies.
Economics Market Forces of demand supply and equilibrium
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Economics Market Forces of demand supply and equilibrium

What you’ll learn

You will have a strong foundation on demand.
You will have a strong foundation on supply.
You will have a strong foundation on how equilibrium works in different situations.
You will be able to analyze any changes in any market forces in any specific market.

Economics Market Forces of demand supply and equilibrium


The desire and awareness to learn Economics
It is not required to have an Economics background.


In this digital age, things change overnight in the markets and it is far more important to be able to take fast and right action than ever before. If you’re wondering how an event or a policy would change the economy, you must first start analyzing how it will affect the behaviours of buyers and sellers and their interaction on the market. That’s why it is crucial to understand how market forces work.
This course is carefully designed and structured in the most simplest way to give you the understanding of how buyers and sellers behave by explaining markets, competition, demand, supply and market forces, the most important Economics concepts. It shows how prices are determined by buyers and sellers in a market economy and how prices change to adjust the allocation of scarce resources in the most efficient way.
In this course, real life case studies from different parts of the world are given. It shows step by step how to analyze changes in market forces through diagrams as well as tips to get you used to anlyze any change in any market.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Market Forces Course

Lecture 2 Introduction – Markets & Competition

Section 2: Chapter 1: Demand

Lecture 3 Quantity Demanded & Law of Demand

Lecture 4 Demand Schedule and Demand Curve

Lecture 5 Individual Demand & Market Demand

Lecture 6 Movement along the curve

Lecture 7 Shift in a demand curve and Factors of a shift

Lecture 8 An article on banning junk food marketing in schools

Lecture 9 CASE STUDY : “How to reduce obesity in the society?”

Section 3: Chapter 2: Supply

Lecture 10 Quantity Supplied and Law of Supply

Lecture 11 Supply Schedule and Supply Curve

Lecture 12 Individual Supply and Market Supply

Lecture 13 Movement along the curve

Lecture 14 Shift in a Supply curve and factors of a shift

Lecture 15 An article on price gouging

Lecture 16 CASE STUDY: “Shopping malls in Shanghai”

Section 4: Chapter 3: Equilibrium

Lecture 17 Equilibrium Price and Equilibrium Quantity

Lecture 18 Surplus & Shortage

Lecture 19 CASE STUDY 1: ” Bike sharing in China”

Lecture 20 CASE STUDY 2: “Orange juice market in Turkey”

Lecture 21 CASE STUDY 3: “Gasoline market after Huricane Harvey”

Section 5: Practice Section

Lecture 22 Exercises

Lecture 23 Case Study Questions

IB students,A Level and AP students,You can be a student in high school or university, an entreprenur, a lawyer, a banker, an engineer or even an astranout.,This course is designed for people who are not coming from economics background, or just started studying Economics or taking this course as a refresher.

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Created by: Evrim Kanbur

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