Editing Mastery How To Edit Writing To Perfection

The Deep Editing Secrets Of The World’s Best Editors
Editing Mastery How To Edit Writing To Perfection
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Shani Raja


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Editing Mastery How To Edit Writing To Perfection

What you’ll learn

You will receive an Editing Mastery Certificate of Completion after finishing the course.
You will discover how top editors create captivating copy for millions of readers every day.
You will learn how to professionally edit almost any type of nonfiction writing.
You will learn the tricks of the trade from an experienced ex-Wall Street Journal editor.
You will learn how to self-edit your writing to an immaculate standard.
You will discover how to effortlessly create spellbinding writing.
You will learn how to confidently improve the content, structure, style and presentation of a piece of nonfiction writing.
You will learn a method and tools that will set you apart from other editors.

Editing Mastery How To Edit Writing To Perfection


You will need a desktop computer or laptop to perform editing exercises
Having Adobe Acrobat will make doing editing exercises easier, since assignments are provided in PDF form.


FROM THE CREATOR OF THE BESTSELLING, Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer…Want to become an outstanding editor?Most editors do a fine job of fixing up the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typos in a piece of writing.It takes a different skill level to turn dry, disorganised, and clunky prose into writing that is beautifully organised and bursting with life and energy.Imagine having that power over your own writing. Enter, deep editingEditing Mastery introduces you to a technique the author calls deep editing, familiar only to an inner circle of exceptional editors.It offers a systematic way of editing that reliably transforms almost any piece of nonfiction writing into magnificent, sparkling prose.The deep editing technique forces you to consider every aspect of a document, ensuring that quality gets embedded into each and every pore of the writing. “It takes a genius to make the complex and difficult look exceedingly easy and simple and Shani Raja is one such case. I learned so much from him that even though I spent my life in journalism, I never learned as much from anyone as I did from him. Highly recommended…” — GLORIA LINDA ABELL, UDEMY STUDENT”I’m crafting better content than ever…” — PAULO ARMI, UDEMY STUDENT”The editing process is beautifully simplified…” — SUMAN PRABHU, UDEMY STUDENT”A remarkably simple and clear process to edit writing…” — JIM CANTONI, UDEMY STUDENT “Satisfies a writer’s hunger for certainty that his work will garner a five star ranking…” — GREG STONE, UDEMY STUDENT”The most professionally produced training I’ve seen on Udemy …” — DANIEL HARRIGAN, UDEMY STUDENT”My experience while doing this Deep Editing course has been one of sheer delight…” — ROSALIE PRINTER, UDEMY STUDENT”Every lesson is gold…” — MEGHAN BLOOD, UDEMY STUDENT”Excellent for anyone who wants to learn about clarity, simplicity, and elegance in writing…” — AGATA T SZCODRAK, UDEMY STUDENT”Half an hour into this course, and I am less overwhelmed…” — KATEY NIXON, UDEMY STUDENT”Simply awesome…” — GOPINATH CHANDRA, UDEMY STUDENT”Brilliant content and structure…” — JESS MELAS, UDEMY STUDENT”A very lean and methodical way to edit a document…” — DANA PETERSON, UDMEY STUDENT”A genius teacher…” — TRISH ELLIS, UDEMY STUDENT”Will help editors of every level…” — DSDAVIS, UDEMY STUDENT”A realistic perspective on different editing techniques…” — CHAE CLARK, UDEMY STUDENT”Very impressed…” — MICHAEL JORDAN, UDEMY STUDENT”Concise and practical…” — AUROSHREE MAJUMDAR, UDEMY STUDENT”A process we can follow for all our writing…” — JOAN SALANITRI — UDEMY STUDENT”Shani’s courses are simply the best when it comes to real life, practical, applicable writing…” — ALICIA ADAMS, UDEMY STUDENTThe deep editing method will set you apart from other editors — whether you’re editing a book, a blog, an essay, or business writing of some type.It will also help you self-edit your own writing to its full potential.Trade secrets Among the few who know how perform this sort of advanced surgery on writing are senior editors on top newspapers, who spend their days turning raw copy into captivating stories for millions of readers.I’ve worked for several such newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, where I was employed as a senior editor and writing coach for some years.Once you learn these deep editing secrets, you won’t just be a competent editor. You’ll become a masterful one.Having these skills will enhance your own writing exponentially, too, as you begin incorporating deep-editing techniques into your work naturally.Your books, blogs, essays, emails, or website copy will shine like never before. What is deep editing?The system basically has four stages. First, you edit the content of a piece of writing. Then you edit the structure. Next, you edit for style. And finally, you focus on the presentation. By concentrating on those layers one at a time, your edit will be thorough — and the writing as a result will look spectacularly polished.STAGE 1: THE CONTENT EDITYou make sure every point in a piece of writing is unique, makes perfect sense, is factually correct, and is worth keeping.STAGE 2: THE STRUCTURE EDITYou organise all the points into an orderly narrative that flows elegantly from start to finish.STAGE 3: THE STYLE EDITYou make sure all the ideas are expressed as simply, clearly, elegantly, and evocatively as possible.  STAGE 4: THE PRESENTATION EDITYou fix any mistakes and inconsistencies that create a bad look for any type of professional writing.In this premium course, I’ll guide you through each stage of a deep edit so the process becomes second nature to you. You’ll be editing a piece of writing right along with me. I chose this interactive method to help you get to the top of the learning curve of deep editing in the fastest possible time.The writing you’ll be working with will be very flawed and difficult to edit. But with my help, you’ll move step by step toward making it read brilliantly.Supreme confidence and competenceOnce you know how to deep edit, you’ll know how to make any type of writing reach its full potential.You’ll come out of this course a much more proficient and confident editor, as well as a much better writer.ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR Shani Raja is a veteran journalist who has edited for The Wall Street Journal and contributed to The Economist, the Financial Times, and Bloomberg News, among other top news organisations. He has trained dozens of prominent journalists in the craft of writing, including at The Wall Street Journal. Shani’s flagship course, Writing With Flair, has long been the bestselling writing course on Udemy, with many tens of thousands of passionate students learning how to become elite writers.


Section 1: The Magic Of Deep Editing

Lecture 1 What is deep editing?

Lecture 2 The deep editing framework

Lecture 3 How this is going to work

Section 2: The Content Edit

Lecture 4 What is the territory of the piece?

Lecture 5 Sample article

Lecture 6 What is its ultimate purpose?

Lecture 7 What are the individual points?

Lecture 8 DEMONSTRATION: Breaking up the points

Lecture 9 Does every point make sense?

Lecture 10 DEMONSTRATION: Making sense of each point

Lecture 11 Is every point relevant?

Lecture 12 DEMONSTRATION: Deleting irrelevant points

Lecture 13 Is every point worthwhile?

Lecture 14 DEMONSTRATION: Eliminating rambling

Lecture 15 Is every point unique?

Lecture 16 DEMONSTRATION: Getting rid of repetition

Lecture 17 Are all the “facts” correct?

Lecture 18 DEMONSTRATION: Verifying the “facts”

Lecture 19 Is anything missing?

Lecture 20 DEMONSTRATION: Adding in missing information

Section 3: The Structure Edit

Lecture 21 What is the ”angle”?

Lecture 22 DEMONSTRATION: Choosing your angle

Lecture 23 What are the key sections?

Lecture 24 DEMONSTRATION: Creating categories

Lecture 25 What is the narrative structure?

Lecture 26 DEMONSTRATION: Creating a narrative

Lecture 27 Are the points ordered elegantly?

Lecture 28 DEMONSTRATION: Ordering points within sections

Section 4: The Style Edit

Lecture 29 Is there narrative definition?

Lecture 30 DEMONSTRATION: Creating narrative “turns”

Lecture 31 Does it read well?

Lecture 32 DEMONSTRATION: Making the piece read well

Lecture 33 Is there any clutter?

Lecture 34 DEMONSTRATION: Clearing up the clutter

Lecture 35 Are the paragraphs in good shape?

Lecture 36 DEMONSTRATION: Arranging paragraphs

Lecture 37 Could it start better?

Lecture 38 DEMONSTRATION: Creating a jazzy intro

Lecture 39 Could it end better?

Lecture 40 DEMONSTRATION: Creating a snazzy ending

Lecture 41 Can we make it more evocative?

Lecture 42 DEMONSTRATION: Adding colour to the narrative

Lecture 43 Is every person and entity correctly introduced?

Lecture 44 DEMONSTRATION: Tidy references

Section 5: The Presentation Edit

Lecture 45 Is the spelling, grammar, punctuation respectable?

Lecture 46 DEMONSTRATION: Taking care of the basics

Lecture 47 Do the headlines and text square up?

Lecture 48 DEMONSTRATION: Title matching

Lecture 49 Is everything consistent?

Lecture 50 DEMONSTRATION: Fixing inconsistencies

Lecture 51 Read out loud

Lecture 52 DEMONSTRATION: Addressing trip-ups

Section 6: Conclusion And Bonuses

Lecture 53 Congratulations! You are an elite editor!

Lecture 54 Where Next?

Lecture 55 Some final exercises

Lecture 56 BONUS VIDEO: My 9-Step Quick Editing System

Lecture 57 BONUS VIDEO: How To Edit For Simplicity, Clarity & Elegance

Lecture 58 BONUS LECTURE: The Importance of Clarifying Your Intent

Lecture 59 Bonus Lecture: Time Magazine Article

Anyone who wants to become a professional editor,Anyone who is already an editor and wants to raise their game,Anyone who wants to dramatically enhance their own writing by self-editing

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 33m | 5.23 GB
Created by: Shani Raja

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