Effective Business English for Service Staff

Your comprehensive guide to more effective English communication – for office administration, retail and hospitality!
Effective Business English for Service Staff
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Jacqueline Seidel


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Effective Business English for Service Staff

What you’ll learn

organise meetings – send invitations, contact participants, write the agenda and take the Minutes
meet and greet guests to your company, and engage in small talk
understand and use English business jargon – both written and spoken
describe your products and services, and engage in simple sales conversations with potential customers

Effective Business English for Service Staff


You should already be familiar with English (CEF A2 level), and ideally be working in an office or administrative environment.
You will ideally have access to a printer, as many lectures are accompanied by worksheets which are best printed and filled in. These worksheets support the learning in the lectures.


Do you organise in English-language meetings? Take phone calls from English-speaking clients? Need to send English emails? Attend trade fairs where English is spoken?And is English your second language?This course is for non-native English speakers needing frontline skills in:planning meetingspreparing meeting agendas and writing the minutestaking phone calls and messagesgreeting visitors to the companysending English emails about your company, products or servicestalking to clients or potential customers So if you work in administration or sales, and if you have lower-intermediate or intermediate English language skills then this course is for you!I’m a professional, qualified and experienced English trainer with over 9 years’ experience teaching business English to companies and individuals here in Germany. I base my training on many years’ experience working in the public and private sectors in Australia, and believe that learning by doing is the most effective way. In this course you’ll listen, watch, read, write and produce your own meeting Invitations, Agendas, Minutes and more! You’ll hear phone calls, take messages, write about your products and services. And – you’ll have direct contact with me, your teacher, and I’ll work with you every step of the way.By the end of this course you will be a confident and effective communicator in Business English!


Section 1: Introduction to Me And The Course

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course!

Lecture 2 What is the CEFR and where does this course fit in?

Lecture 3 What does it mean – English for Frontline Staff?

Section 2: Communicating with Customers and Clients

Lecture 4 Greetings and Salutations – Different Ways of Greeting People

Lecture 5 Offering Assistance

Lecture 6 Culture Point: Business English and First Names

Lecture 7 Activity – Starting Out

Section 3: Telephoning Skills for Frontline Staff

Lecture 8 Typical Telephoning Situations and How To Prepare For Them

Lecture 9 Answering the Phone and Directing Calls

Lecture 10 Answering the Phone and Taking Messages

Lecture 11 Dealing with Difficulties – Speed, Volume and Content

Lecture 12 Answering the Phone and Dealing With Problems Or Complaints

Section 4: Arranging Meetings

Lecture 13 Information: Understanding Cultural Differences

Lecture 14 Why Have Meetings?

Lecture 15 Sending Meeting Invitations

Lecture 16 Preparing and Sending Out The Agenda

Lecture 17 Taking The Minutes

Lecture 18 Exercise: Take the Minutes

Section 5: Business Correspondence for Frontline Staff

Lecture 19 Warm Up To Business Writing

Lecture 20 Why Tone Is So Important In Business Writing

Lecture 21 Writing Business Emails – Structuring Your Message

Lecture 22 Why Are You Writing? Defining The Purpose.

Lecture 23 Activity: Formality in Business English Emails

Lecture 24 Responding to Enquiries

Section 6: Sales Conversations for Frontline Staff

Lecture 25 Finding Out A Customer’s Needs

Lecture 26 Suggesting or Recommending A Product

Lecture 27 Describing a Product’s Features

Lecture 28 Explaining a Product’s Usage

Lecture 29 Activity: Handling Customer Dissatisfaction

Section 7: Hotel Conversations for Frontline Staff

Lecture 30 Checking Guests into the Hotel

Lecture 31 Managing Problems in the Hotel

Lecture 32 Checking Guests Out and Handling Payments

Section 8: Wrapping Things Up

Lecture 33 Commonly Used Business Jargon

Lecture 34 Thank You From Me!

Lecture 35 Bonus Lecture: Further English Learning Opportunities with me on Udemy!

This Business English course is for non-native English speakers with a pre-intermediate / intermediate level of English.,This course is probably not for advanced speakers of English, as it covers business topics at an intermediate level.,As this course has sections focused on the differences and similarities between German and English-speaking business cultures, it may not be relevant or interesting to learners outside those contexts.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 20m | 1.32 GB
Created by: Jacqueline Seidel

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