Effective iOS Android App Icon Design

In this course, learn how to design spectacular app launchers for both iOS & Android using Photoshop & Illustrator.
Effective iOS Android App Icon Design
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Gary Simon


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Effective iOS Android App Icon Design

What you’ll learn

Design & Deploy Effective App Launcher Icons
Design Android App Launchers
Design iOS App Launchers
Present App Launchers on 3D Phones
Understand Official iOS & Android App Launcher Specifications
Use Adobe Photoshop to Design App Launchers
Use Adobe Illustrator to Design App Launchers

Effective iOS Android App Icon Design


Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator


Design Beautiful iOS & Android App Launcher Icons Learn how to design effective app launcher icons for both iOS and Android. App launchers are the little icons that smartphone users click on to access an app. It’s absolutely important that you understand how to design these icons effectively so that they’re conceptually relevant, unique and stand out. Follow along as expert designer & course instructor Gary Simon takes you through two full app launcher design projects. The first project is an iOS app launcher for a fictional GPS app. You will use Adobe Illustrator to complete this project. In the second project, create a highly graphical Android app launcher for a fictional surveillance app. Adobe Photoshop will be used this time to create this project. You will also learn how to impose the app launcher graphics onto phones, which is great for presenting the icons to clients or showcasing on your portfolio! Who is this course for? Anyone who wants to take on the challenge of designing app launchers for either iOS and Android. Gary Simon teaches in such a way that a beginner can understand. Why Photoshop and Illustrator? You can use Photoshop or Illustrator to design app icons. Gary Simon has decided to include app launchers in both applications for those who might have access to only one application.


Section 1: iOS Icon Design in Adobe Illustrator

Lecture 1 iOS App Icon Specifications

Lecture 2 Setting up our Document

Lecture 3 Designing the Pin

Lecture 4 Finishing the Background

Lecture 5 Exporting our Icon

Section 2: Android Icon Design in Adobe Photoshop

Lecture 6 Android App Launcher Specifications

Lecture 7 Setting up our Document

Lecture 8 Designing the Lens (Part 2)

Lecture 9 Designing the Lens (Part 1)

Lecture 10 Glares & Reflections

Lecture 11 Exporting our Icon

Lecture 12 Presentation on a Phone

Section 3: Course Overview

Lecture 13 Overview

Beginner to Intermediate

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 12m | 366.74 MB
Created by: Gary Simon

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