Effective Leadership A Practical Guide

Adapt your Leadership Style. Delegate Effectively. Give Constructive Feedbacks. Motivate your Team members. Build trust.
Effective Leadership A Practical Guide
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Effective Leadership A Practical Guide

What you’ll learn

Identify the different leadership styles and understand how to adapt your style to different situations and team dynamics
Learn how to manage your own time and how to delegate tasks effectively
Learn how to give feedback and manage performance effectively
Develop techniques for motivating and inspiring team members
Develop your communication and interpersonal skills
Manage stress and conflicts in your team and resolve issues effectively
Create a positive and trustworthy work environment that is conducive to productivity, growth, and innovation
Develop strategies for effectively communicating goals to your team members
Understand the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership and learn strategies for improving your own

Effective Leadership A Practical Guide


No previous leadership training is required to enroll in this course
Be open to a perspective change
Download the ebooks included to enhance your learning experience
Taking notes is advised for the topics that call for self-reflection


Do you feel like you’re struggling to lead your team effectively? Are you facing challenges in motivating people, delegating tasks, managing conflict or stress, or providing constructive feedback?If so, you’re not alone. Leadership is an essential skill that is highly valued in today’s workplace that can enhance your career prospects. It isn’t an inherent trait, but rather a set of skills that can be learned and developed over time. However, without the right guidance, it can be challenging to develop.But what makes a good leader? Surely, you’ve heard it all about vision, charisma or decision-making ability. While these are important traits, effective leadership goes beyond them. In fact, it includes an array of practical skills that this course can help you apply to your specific workplace context.Inspired by the latest installments in organizational research, and with the help of the best practices of social psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, NLP and more, this course is designed to give you practical tools to:Understand the different leadership styles and when to use themLearn how to delegate effectivelyDevelop your communication and interpersonal skillsGive constructive feedbacks that help others achieve their potentialMotivate and engage your team membersCreate a positive and trustworthy work environment that is conducive to productivity, growth, and innovationManage stress and conflicts in your team and resolve issues effectivelySo if you’re ready to take your leadership skills to the next level and achieve your career goals, this course is for you. When you subscribe to this course, you’ll have immediate access to a comprehensive educational content that includes, in addition to the videos, multiple ebooks in pdf format). Perfect for busy professionals, you can complete it at your own pace and on your own time.See you in the first video!Credits: Picture: Infographic vector created by storyset on FreepikSong: Sappheiros – Embrace


Section 1: Introduction – Understanding Leadership

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is a Leader

Lecture 3 Defining your Style

Lecture 4 The Degrees of Control

Lecture 5 The Management Continuum

Lecture 6 The Emotional Leadership Model

Lecture 7 A New and Improved Model

Lecture 8 Finding Balance

Lecture 9 Action Centered Leadership

Lecture 10 Navigating a Team’s Development

Lecture 11 The Tuckman Model

Lecture 12 Section Wrap-Up

Section 2: Effective Delegation Tools

Lecture 13 Becoming a Self-Aware Leader

Lecture 14 Are you a Good Leader?

Lecture 15 Intentions Matter

Lecture 16 Join my Community!

Lecture 17 Adapting to your Team Members

Lecture 18 The Situational Leadership Model

Lecture 19 The Barriers to Delegating

Lecture 20 8 Steps to a Healthy Delegation

Lecture 21 The 8 Steps ebook

Lecture 22 Are you Picking the Right Person?

Lecture 23 Recruiting the Right People

Lecture 24 The Delegation Problem

Lecture 25 Setting Priorities Straight

Lecture 26 The Eisenhower Matrix

Lecture 27 The Degrees of Freedom

Section 3: Effective Communication Tools

Lecture 28 Communicating with and Monitoring your Team

Lecture 29 Feedback Training – Part 1

Lecture 30 Feedback Training – Part 2

Lecture 31 Feedback Training – ebook

Lecture 32 Empathy Training – Introduction

Lecture 33 Empathy Training – Become an Active Listener

Lecture 34 Dealing with Stress in your Team

Lecture 35 Dealing with Conflict in your Team

Lecture 36 The Perceptual Positions

Lecture 37 Assertiveness Training

Section 4: Motivation and Empowerment Tools

Lecture 38 The Four Leverages

Lecture 39 Assessing Personality

Lecture 40 Identifying your Team Members’ Needs

Lecture 41 The Empowerment Model

Lecture 42 The Locus of Control

Lecture 43 The Growth Mindset Model

Lecture 44 The Goal Setting Approach

Lecture 45 The Goal Setting ebook

Section 5: Conclusion

Lecture 46 Conclusion

Lecture 47 Share your thoughts!

Lecture 48 Bonus Session

Managers and supervisors who want to enhance their leadership skills and become more effective in leading their teams,Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to develop their leadership skills to grow their businesses and create a positive work environment,Team leaders who want to learn how to motivate their team members and achieve their goals,Aspiring leaders who want to develop the skills they need to move up in their careers and take on leadership roles,HR professionals who want to learn how to identify and develop leadership talent within their organisations,Executives and senior leaders who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in leadership development,Anyone who wants to learn how to lead with empathy, and authenticity

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Created by: Soufiane El Alaoui

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