Effective Leadership

How to Develop Your Leadership Skills and Impact
Effective Leadership
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Dr Neil Thompson


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Effective Leadership

What you’ll learn

More fully understand the relationship between management and leadership
Appreciate the importance of effective leadership for organizational success
Explore ways of developing leadership skills
Be more confident in carrying out leadership activities

Effective Leadership


All that is needed is an interest in developing your leadership capabilities.


Leadership is a topic that attracts a great deal of attention, with much of it being over-hyped. In this course, internationally renowned author Dr Neil Thompson presents a clear and down-to-earth introduction to what leadership is all about.Neil has decades of experience of running effective workshops around leadership and related matters and has also provided consultancy services to a range of organizations to enable leaders at all levels to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in making a positive difference to the people they lead.Unfortunately, leadership is a topic that has been dealt with in highly oversimplified ways in many instances, thereby leaving leaders ill-equipped to rise to the challenges involved. This course shows an appreciation of the complexities involved and provides an important foundation of understanding for current and aspiring leaders to build on as they grow and develop over time.If you are new to leadership or you are struggling to establish yourself as an effective leader, this course is for you. It will give you a clear picture of what leadership is all about and point you in the right direction in terms of developing your own leadership style and approach with a view to making you as effective and influential as possible.


Section 1: Effective Leadership

Lecture 1 Prologue

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 Module Companion E-Workbook

Lecture 4 Part 1 – Leaders and managers

Lecture 5 Part 2 – Principles of good practice

Lecture 6 Part 3 – Obstacles and pitfalls

Lecture 7 Conclusion

Current and aspiring leaders across all sectors

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Created by: Dr Neil Thompson

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