Effective use of Outlook 2010

Learn how to effectively use Microsoft Outlook 2010 to manage email, contacts, tasks and your calendar.
Effective use of Outlook 2010
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Ulrika Hedlund


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Effective use of Outlook 2010

What you’ll learn

By the end of this course you will know how to:
Take control of your inbox by following email management best practices
Set up a system to methodically categorize and prioritize your email and you will know how to use “Quick Steps” to automate manual steps
Navigate your email folders and use the tools in Outlook to quickly find what you are looking for
Use email as a business tool to communicate more effectively
Save time and become more organized by managing your calendar and your tasks
Keep your contacts updated and stay connected to social networks from within Outlook

Effective use of Outlook 2010


There are no requirements, however viewers who have Microsoft Outlook 2010 will benefit the most.


Do you wish you could save time by managing your email more
effectively? Do you wish you could become more organized and keep better track of all your
appointments and the things you need to do? Would you like to learn from a
business productivity expert how to get the most of Microsoft Outlook 2010 to
manage your email, calendar, tasks and contacts more effectively? If so, this
is the course for you!
In this course you will learn methods for how to take
control of your email. You will learn how to use the powerful tools in
Microsoft Outlook 2010 to clean up your inbox and how to save time by
automating manual tasks. You will learn how to manage your calendar and how to stay
on top of your tasks. Finally you will learn how to connect Microsoft Outlook
2010 to social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook to stay in the loop of
what is going on with the people in your network.
Instead of learning how to use Microsoft Outlook 2010
feature by feature, you will see how Microsoft Outlook 2010 is used in real
life by productivity expert Ulrika Hedlund.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Section 2: Managing email more effectively

Lecture 2 How to take control of your inbox

Lecture 3 Use the tools in Outlook to search and clean your inbox

Section 3: Using email as a communication tool

Lecture 4 Communicate properly using email

Lecture 5 Use Outlook 2010 to enrich your email messages

Section 4: Effective calendar management

Lecture 6 Calendar Management Recommendations

Lecture 7 Use the Outlook calendar to schedule your activities

Lecture 8 Share your Outlook calendar for easier scheduling

Section 5: Effective task management

Lecture 9 Use Outlook to keep track of your to-do list

Section 6: Manage your contacts

Lecture 10 Organize your contacts in Microsoft Outlook 2010

Lecture 11 Work effectively with your contacts

Lecture 12 Link your Outlook contacts with LinkedIn and facebook

Section 7: Closing

Lecture 13 Summary

This course is intended for all business professionals who use Microsoft Outlook but who want to learn better methods to work more effectively and who want guidance on how to get the most of Microsoft Outlook.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 22m | 1.30 GB
Created by: Ulrika Hedlund

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