Electrical Power Equipment

Learn how electrical equipments operate and how they fit together into a network
Electrical Power Equipment
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Electrical Power Equipment

What you’ll learn

Understand why the electrical power network looks the way it does
Know all about the equipment used in the power network
Be able to design a basic electrical power network
Understand electrical clearances and how they are used to design equipments
Know how to calculate output voltages and currents using the transformer turns ratio
Know how electrical discrimination works and how it clears the fault by keeping the healthy electrical system connected
Know the difference between insulators and conductors
Understand how the circuit breaker types change as the voltages and currents increase
Understand how a transmission overhead line is designed using electrical clearances
Know how electrical power cables are designed, constructed and installed
Understand how the low voltage system in a house is connected
Identify the difference between grounded and ungrounded systems
Know the difference between touch potentials and step potentials

Electrical Power Equipment


Completion of the electrical power engineering principles course
You should be familiar with basic electrical knowledge of voltage, current & power


Electrical utilities around the world generate and transmit electrical energy that we all use for our everyday lives.
This course starts off covering some basic subjects which are needed so that you can understand how the electrical power equipment’s are designed, operated and installed.
We then go on to study all of the main equipment’s that go in to an electrical power system, before finally seeing how the power network itself is designed and operated.
The course consists of the following sections :-
At the end of the course you will understand all of the main elements within a power utilities network and understand how they operate together as one seamless system.


Section 1: Electrical Power Equipment

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Conductors & Insulators

Lecture 3 Circuit Breakers

Lecture 4 Grounding

Lecture 5 Network Design

Lecture 6 Low Voltage Systems

Lecture 7 Electrical Cables

Lecture 8 Overhead Lines

Lecture 9 Transformers

This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning about the electrical power networks that are used throughout the world,Electrical engineering graduates who are interested in getting some practical experience on how an electrical power network operates

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 18m | 694.24 MB
Created by: Stephen Brooks

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