Electrolysis for college and universitstudents Unofficial

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Electrolysis for college and universitstudents Unofficial
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Cornelius Owaiye


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Electrolysis for college and universitstudents Unofficial

What you’ll learn

The easy ways to tackle calculations on electrolysis in all exams
Definition of electrolytes, electrolysis,
How to write ionic equators for half cell
Explain Faraday ‘ s first and second laws of ectryy
Worked examples on calculations involving Faraday ‘s laws
The study tips that simplifies all forms of calculations in electrolysis

Electrolysis for college and universitstudents Unofficial


Students to identify cathode and electrolyte in an electrolytic celll
Students have previously learned the structure of an atom
Students with a previous knowledge of electrovalent bonds


This course explains in details through videos ,downloaded  materials  and answers to a serves  of  evaluation  questions,the entire concepts of electrolysis. It is specially designed to address the challenges  faced by all categories of students  expecially those  who may assume that calculations in electrolysis will only be easier for a few students.Therefore,in proper clearity, the procedures that simplifies all kinds of evaluations  are  explained  in lecture two.Going by the objectives  in this course,it would be a sweat experience that will be long lasting  coming in to contact with such a course were study tipsthat cover certain areas of difficulty are  provided and taught  with utmost simplicity .In calculations, the students will  learn the basics. Where  ionic equation  is needed  or formulas are to be applied  to solve problems,the  illustrations are clearly given. Examples that brings the best of clearity  on these aspects of the course are well  illustrated There are also evaluation questions coming alongside  with reviews .The concepts are thenexplained  again. ined This is done with on of the methodologies  that suits the course.Virtual learner  will  find this course useful  and helpful at all categorises. Also there are useful downloadabls  course materials  to assist learners. There are contents that makes the entire concepts more simplified.For example  the memory tips that  helps in the  assimilation of the electrochemical  series  are contained in it.There are also present the importance of the electrolytic process.All university foundation  and college students ,IGCSE ,engineering and chemistry student’s   will find these srries of videos  and lectures  very  helpful to enhance their  performance.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Calculations involving Faraday ‘s first and second laws

Lecture 3 Electrochemical series

Lecture 4 The applications of electrochemical series

Lecture 5 The electrolytic cell

Lecture 6 Further calculations on electrolytic cells

Lecture 7 Course. review

Students preparing for IGCSE, A’level GCE, and high school science students,Students with a passion to earn a distinction grade in chemistry,Students who have some little challenges with solving calculations in electrolysis

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Udemy | English | 2h 58m | 3.50 GB
Created by: Cornelius Owaiye

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